Thursday, March 14

Charity Poker

1) Yes, this is the correct page if you are joining the poker game on March 16th for the Wave of Absurdity and I did not make some horrendous blunder directing you to my defunct blog.
2) My apologies to the handful of people that have this post pop up in their feed and are possibly expecting inkblots.

I must stress that if you HAVE NOT EMAILED ME ABOUT PLAYING then do not donate just yet!  Email me ( to make sure there is still a slot available.  Otherwise, if you are just here to throw a few bucks in for the sake of charity, go right ahead.  Charity selected:  Doctors Without Borders

Once again, sorry to the still-active bloggers (I don't know how you do it) if this is in your feed.  I intend to delete the post after the event.

Wednesday, October 17

Official Death Knell

Hello!  If you are reading this, then you have probably been directed by a video or some text in a video.  This used to be a blog about inkblots and what people saw in them.  My inability to coerce new people in to drawing on inkblots and failure to maintain any sort of updates ("because of puppets" seems like a really odd excuse) certainly pulled the plug on this idea.

Still, I encourage you to poke around.  When I was more active about this, quite a few different people left an impression.  The Total Redemption part was my favorite.  That's there on your right, sorted (for some reason) in chapters.  The Power of Suggestion is just code for Most Recently Popular Posts, so I wouldn't trust that too much past the date on this post.

On your left you will see the other highlight of this blog, the Sensory Overloads.  Think of it as a condensed version of the Interpretations Page, which contains a chronological list of who submitted what in the past.  Oh wait, what is that underneath it?  A DONATE BUTTON?

Yes, this post will also serve as a landing page of sorts.

Since there is no method or widget currently in place for the YouTube page nor the Facebook page, I would like to highlight my solicitation here.

All donations would be kept track of on the Facebook page in some documentation which would also show where that money is going (cameras, props, puppets, etc...) so hopefully I will have made that page if anyone ever donates.  It will be a great place to give kudos to those that contributed to a venture based entirely off of an almost-discarded dog puppet.  Venture?  I should make that...ADVENTURE!

I realize that some of you reading this are reading it because it came up in your blog feed.  You will already know what is going on, and your activities will live on in the Of Interest: part of this blog located quite handily at the far bottom-right!

If anyone is still reading this and has never been here, take a look around in the archive.  There were some messed up people here.  I had a lot of fun with this and met some interesting people.  I learned that I am not a blogger.  And hey!  We had those contests and helped raise money for people and libraries and such.

I have a feeling I will be back.  Nothing epic, just to fix a few typos or something.  And that is not counting the times I will come back here to reflect on things personally, as this pareidolia shit can get addictive.

I am highly accessible there.  Hope to hear from some of y'all.

Monday, August 13

It Ain't Easy Being Green

"Not sure how to feel about this."
Interpretation by Anonymous

I know what you are thinking.  "Is Phil intentionally trying to irritate people by not cropping his scans properly?"

To those that I think are thinking that, I think back to you: Ha!  Look where you are thinking.  You completely missed the fact that someone drew two people with different animals as breasts.

Actually, now that I preview it, you can't really make out the tapered sliver of a pin on the bottom.  I can't focus, is that a rhinoceros?  This is cosmic.

I feel I have been overstaying my welcome at /i/ so I am just going to let that fade away for now.  I haven't actively pursued anyone recently to draw, but if you know someone, or you yourself ever get bored, there are plenty of inkblots in The Collection for you to go to town on and mail to me at

I always wanted a "celebrity interpretation," but how would you even start that fan letter?

By Anonymous.
Looks biblical.

I just want to warn you about the next one.  Well, I guess that is kind of silly.  Even if I did have something massively insightful to say about it, you would have already seen it by now, because it is in your face.  Right down there.  With the two penises passing gas romantically.

This is called "Fart-heart" by Tiptoeing dicks, which I believe
is not the author's real name.

So what do you think?  Does green bring out the crazies?  Should I make a lame Irish joke?  Holy Horrifying Christ On A Kangaroo, what is up with Fart-heart?

Wednesday, May 30

Multiple Personality Order

Not a typo!  Complete Order going on here.  The dog and fox were an evolution of this page and my attempt to peer in to the imagination of others.  I never should have sent them away.  No reason they can't co-exist with the test material.  It's like...part of their natural habitat.  And look!  A video that has nothing to do with them!

Jump to 2:08 for the inkblot montage:

I intend to make a more comprehensive video without me flipping coins in the begging.  (Which is an ongoing challenge, I might add.)

I know a large portion of the followers of this blog will see this pop up in their feed and not know what the hell I am talking about.  Sorry.  I'll clarify as soon as I figure out what I want this page to look like.

Friday, April 13

Sensory Overload (Part Eleven)

As usual, quick thanks to the folk at /i/; I am just going to jump right in to it.  There is only one blot I am focusing on here:
Original Blot

All interpretations are anonymous and any text in the thread post was included in quotes at the bottom of the picture.  Click an image used to simply enlarge it, but they changed that.  Still, it is worth checking these out in their natural format.

"Oh uh, he has comically tiny arms."

"Big guy with necklace or something."

Devil bird thing eating somebody's
heart through their ribcage.

"Woo, that was fun"
by Hrimfaxi

"Creature with a boner in his pants and a creature
with boobs and a cloak are about to hug,
when they see something above them."

"Close enough"

"I saw someone maybe, leaning with bloody knees and
feet over a body or pile of blood or soil and
trying to scoop it up but having it crumble/
sift between their fingers."

"It's totally a dragon."

"I got bored half-way through"

No description (not really needed, is it?)

A bit more graphic version of the one above
titled Close Enough

"Saggy tits in a loose, summer blouse, right?

This is one of my favorite collections.  Hats off to all you folk.  I hope we can continue doing this without actually talking about it, because frankly I don't know who on /i/ bothers checking this blog out!  I'll be putting this on Facebook, 'cause I know some of you will want to share some of these awesome bits of art.

Tuesday, March 20

Interpretations From /x/

I know usually /i/ is the place to be for interpretations, but on occasion, there are some artistic types floating about on /x/ (paranormal board) that will do requests.  I figured I'd save up a few before I post them.  I have tried to include the name they posted under if there was one.

Original Inkblot

By Anonymous

I am almost positive that the name the person posted
under was "083" and that the number is not just
some file name.  Almost positive.

By Pixelman

By lolcraft

Original Inkblot (Remember this?)
Pretty wild.  And signed.  (I wish more
people would do that!)
Another by Pixelman
By Cannibal

Also by Cannibal, I forget why there are
two, or which one came first.

Surprised?  I mean it is a paranormal discussion board.  If you are on there, then you most likely have some spooky thoughts bouncing around in your cranium, so it stands to reason that most of the interpretations are demon-esq or slightly alien/Slenderman-ish.

I always enjoy any interpretation, so if you drew these in your threads or whenever an inkblot popped up in your discussion, and I forgot to thank you for your time, I'm sorry, and thanks.  One thing before I go:  Who drew this, and what was it an interpretation to?

Monday, February 13

An Actual Article

Click To Enlarge
You need to read/skim it.

I'm positive that since Izzy was soliciting, he or she would not mind me posting that screenshot.  The images are either mine (submissions) or public domain (Hermann's cards). Here is the article that Izzy produced:

Rorschach Tests: Tainted Testing Tool or Ingenious Inkblot Interrogations?

The Rorschach Test has fallen victim to a lot of slating over the years. Numerous experts in the field of mental health have said the test has little or no validity. Although a report from 2003 admits it has some usefulness, it is not exactly praised either: “Though falling woefully short of the claims made by proponents, [the test] nevertheless possesses validity greater than chance.”
So the question is – is Rorschach a bunch of phoney baloney or does it really work?

Cold Reading

Part of the controversy surrounding the test is the idea that during a session the tester may actually be conducting a form of cold reading. Awareness of cold reading has grown over recent years, with a number of celebrity magicians and illusionists demonstrating their ability to use this technique to mimic the readings offered by psychics and mediums. An experienced cold reader can discover a significant amount of information by studying their subjects body language, speech characteristics, gender, age, religious beliefs, etc. By analysing  someone in this way, a cold reader can reflect back to the person details which give the impression that the reader has mind reading abilities, or that they are able to communicate with dead loved ones. However, these are also things which a skilled therapist would be able to pick up on easily in their clients.

You say Tomato…

Another criticism is that the therapists subjective judgement and interpretation of a patients responses makes the results unreliable. For example, when someone has seen the image of a bra in an inkblot, male psychologists have considered this response as a ‘sex’ response, whereas female psychologists would class it as a ‘clothing’ response. Such varying interpretations mean that patients seeing the same picture will be analysed differently depending on who is doing the testing. And this doesn’t even take into account the natural cultural differences in responses to images.

Yet despite the criticisms, the test is still widely considered an accurate method of evaluation by many. Among clinical psychologists involved in assessment services it is used 80% of the time. Its uses range from detecting personality disorders to evaluating patients that might need alcohol intervention programs. But with so many arguments against it – including its inability to diagnose a wide range of psychological disorders and the difficulty in producing a test ‘norm’ – what has the Rorschach actually got going for it?

Brain Biology

Research has found that one particular inkblot, card III of the 10 original images created by Hermann Rorschach in 1921, shows that people with larger amygdala’s give more unique responses. If you’re not familiar with your amygdala, it’s the part of the brain which processes and stores memories of emotional events. It’s both a useful and pesky piece of biological engineering, both helping us learn how to deal with situations and creating fear programming.  As researchers have found a higher frequency of unique responses from artistic types, this suggests that enlarged amygdala’s might be related to creativity. The test is also widely accepted as a valuable tool in assessing thought disorders in schizophrenics.

What’s in a word?

The test has also been useful in highlighting the variety of thinking patterns found from culture to culture. For example, Japanese participants will often see a ‘musical instrument’ in card VI, whereas other cultures will see an animal hide. Even when patients see a similar creature in the image, the word they choose to describe the creature is unique to their language. Scandinavian’s might see a ‘troll’ where the French will see an ‘ogre’. Whilst at first glance it might be tempting to think these words mean the same thing, each word carries its own connotations. On the one hand, this language difference could be used as an example of the tests vulnerability to interpretation, but it also serves as vital evidence of how the language we grow up using can determine how we process ideas. 

The Ironic Conclusion

Ironically the validity of the Rorschach test is in itself determined by interpretation. This isn’t rare in psychology. Many evaluation tests have both fans and critics alike, as do various types of therapies and theories. The definitions of mental illnesses themselves, and ideas about what creates mental wellness, differ depending on who you speak to. The answer to the question of whether Rorschach is a tainted testing tool or ingenious inkblot interrogation is much like the nature of the ink blobs  - it’s in the eye of the beholder.