Saturday, October 29

Sensory Overload: Part Ten

"It's a man giving birth while being held down by
various tiny animals, the large-eared anteater
 at the end is the doctor."
By 4.4, from this inkblot.

Here is another batch of interpretations from Oekaki.  The first inkblot is not mine, but the more the merrier.  There is some excellent work for it.  All of which is by Anonymous, unless noted in the captions, which is generally just the text associated with the image.  As you can see up there, 4.4 is floating around here and there, and Nadia doesn't exactly go by that name anymore, but I have my suspicions!


Posted Inkblot

Two monstrous skulls - pp

"Adult attack! Adult attack!"

"Some kind of red headed, horned gangster.
Lookit them gang signs."

"Hey you! Yes, you. Stop walking on two legs, you're rats,
not humans. And take off your trenchcoats,
they don't even fit you."

The next inkblot got a good round of interpretations.  I'm stuck with goat-head and his four arms protruding from his small rib cage.  Do not forget that you can Click To Enlarge.

Original Inkblot

"A masquerade party."

"Moon" - Black Eyes


"An Asian man sucking his cheeks in."

"Ghost throwing up emotions."

This one was the inkblot leading the thread, and those tend to get the most interpretations:

Original Inkblot

"A zombie monkey does tricks."

"I don't even know what the fuck..."

"World wresting champion triumphing over villianous evil and corruption."

"Dual-pistol-wielding cybernetically enhanced cowboy
rides atop robot with arm-mounted hydraulic blades."


"Wind-up toy"

"A king of jesters."

"Headless skater with stupid anatomy and huge triceps."

And these two interesting and somewhat genitalia-conflicting interpretations serve to highlight the phrase, "It's all in your head."
Of course, we aren't exactly looking at that end in either of these, are we?

"Dat ass."

Original Inkblot

Weird Chandelier

Original Inkblot (It's ember, not brown, I swear!)

Original Inkblot

Original Inkblot

"About to lift a statue."

This *has* to be 4.4.  I recognize her aliens.

Hooker monster at her gynecologists',
having her monthly vaginal examination.
Gynecologists sits cross-legged with hands on his knees,
but it's hard to see from the back.

Many thanks to the people that shared their art and interpretations with us. Pretty fantastic stuff there. Any problems or questions or comments, feel free to email me at!


  1. Face down, ass up. I'm actually a little shocked I didn't see that one on my own...

  2. huh, i guess i should have known :)

  3. The wasp and the angel look so damn good. Beautiful!

  4. "Hooker monster at her gynecologists" omg hahahaha

  5. so different and creative. :D

  6. I saw a variation of the last one: Hooker monster shitting a cupcake.

  7. Sure was an awful lot of genitals this time around. Still, Dat ass...

  8. The Bee and Fairy one is awesome... Some how though all I can think about is Dat Ass...What a way to start the morning.


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