Sunday, July 31

Unlimited Ammo

I like quirky comics.  I especially like catching them in the beginning of their evolution.  I did a "fan blot" for Endless Origami once, and the users contributed some fancy artwork in there.

So Unlimited Ammo is a web comic.  It *IS* quirky.  The storyline is odd, to say the least, but I find it particularly engendering since the author(s) is(are) two people.  Possibly in one body.  So if you like web comics, give them a try.  View their blog, or hit up their Facebook page to read all the comics in a more handy format.

And now, a vertical.  Sure, I used a comic without their permission, but I hope they will let that slide when they realize it is in honor of, and not absolute theft for profit.  I pointed out the blot to them before when I posted it here but made no mention (to anyone really) about my intention.

The whole universe, is like, connected, man. I like that one of the end products was a party with upside down people. Order in chaos! Thanks to the anonymous people that drew those interpretations.

I also owe a bit of an apology to Zombie, since I acted like a petulent little girl about something I am probably also guilty of. Sorry man! No reason to single you out.
Go and entertain your delicious brains at ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!

Friday, July 29

Inkblot Of The Day

Might have to bust out the drawpad for this one.  She tickles my brain.

After telling us what you see in that inkblot, don't forget to go and vote on the Most Sane for Session Two.

Normally this doesn't bother me too much, but COME ON MAN!  THERE WERE FOUR IMAGES WITH THEIR NAMES BELOW THEM!  Please learn to blog-skim properly.  /rant

Busy weekend coming up.  I still hope to get a post in, or at the least check out some of my favorite blogs.  I feel so out of touch.

Thursday, July 28

Open To Interpretation: Session 2

The recording got screwed up.  My fault (although it is still a mystery what want wrong.)  I don't know how I am getting worse at this instead of better.  My apologies to Jack, Chelsea and 4.4; I hope this doesn't sully your Skype experience.  Actually, the people most involved in this are not regulars of the blog, so I wonder if they will see that!

Well, that milk is all over the floor and nothing can be done about it, so I will mop it up as best I can.

Quick Note: the Wounded Warrior Project is in no way behind this game, or associated with it.  They are merely the recipients of your charity.   

After one week and 16 votes, Steve is in the lead.  DIRTY SECRETS: Chelsea can't remember if she voted, and Jack claims he never did in any of these games and I have no reason to doubt him at this time.  4.4 admitted to voting for herself, but apparently someone else did too.  (I always voted for myself in Season One...)

Original Blot

And now the blots for Session Two, along with some bullet points to lessen the blow (for me) of not having a video:

Jack's Mask
  • Jack was up first, and there is always discussion about the order of images and how that might influence a viewers vote.
  • The file name said "mask" but despite Jack's protests, we could not help but see some sort of angry cow god with it's nose cut off.
  • Many puns were made ("Cow Of Udder Destruction")

4.4's BJD On Display
  • 4.4 drew this BJD on top of a chupacbra-type thing in front of some weird dude or panda
  • Lots of WTF? to be had
  • Turns out BJD stands for Ball-Jointed Doll
  • Turns out BJD also stands for Bovine Johne's Disease, a clinical condition characterized by profuse, watery diarrhea and weight loss.  We decide this is what Jack's cow had.  ("It's not a cow, it's a mask.")

Anonymous Bookcase
  • Through no machinations on my part, Anonymous also drew a doll.  
  • Anonymous had lamented about not drawing them at a tea party.  
  • Anonymous can get pretty picky with his own work!
  • Discussion about cryptic markings on books.

Steve' below.
"Some sort of sun god amongst the clouds with 2 duck/swan creatures guarding him. Then 2 hilariously drawn women are putting pineapples on a rocket towards to sun god in order to please him. Oh and for some reason the women are stood on bananas." - Steve via email
  • Chelsea guesses like, 70% of what is going on before I read the description.
  • Entire mythology contained in one drawing.  (What would be the name of the religion?)
  • Duck swans = Duans or Swuks, Guardian of the Sun God
  • Fruit-based culture with low fuel supplies
  • If their god was a cow, we already have a mask for them.

So many thanks to them all for their submissions.  Please keep on voting, and of course if you can make a donation, that would be great.  Click here for a quick reminder of the prizes!

Tuesday, July 26


Original Inkblot

Interpretation from Anonymous
(who made these portals possible)
Stencil from Google Images that I stole/applied afterwards.
I really thought this was funny.  Debating posting...
Ok, so maybe a viewpoint from inside goatse looking out the stretched orifice to someone trying to enter ("Let me in, let me in!"  "NO! Let me out, let me out!") isn't the best way to engage the community, but associating any inkblots with body parts or bodily functions is par for the course.
You will have to take my word on that.

Sunday, July 24

Open Invitation

If you thought the title said "Open To Interpretation" then you must let me know.

Sunday nights @ 9:30pm (EST) is when we try and get our Skype on.  If you are insanely bored and want to listen to a 90-minute version of things that can be whittled down to under 10 minutes, then we have what you are looking for.

Otherwise, Four Point Four (Text or numbers?  YOU DECIDE!) did a 2MIADC (2-Minute Interpretation And Drawing Challenge) a while back.  Since this is her recording, there is no annoying commentary.  There is also no music, which (to me) is an ABORATION OF HIDEOUS PROPORTIONS TO THE A/V WORLD.  You can always pop on over to D4's place.  I bet that somewhere in the past several days he has blogged about music you will like (or maybe have heard, but forgot about.) I will eat my own nail clippings if I am wrong.
EDIT: The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) is a pretty humorous tune for an accompaniment.  

Enhanced Finished Product

Thanks for the ride, 4.4.  Your folder of interpretations is growing steadily.

Oh yeah, maybe I should mention how to get to us on Skype.  Look for Skimbosh (USA) and send a request.  While I highly doubt any particular response, please note that after 9pm I probably will turn off any Skype notifications, so don't take it personally.
EDIT: Further note, be aware that if you want to see what is going on, we use Mikogo.  (It requires you to download a little proggy.)

Also, I think it is high time to have another Redemption, and I think Jack has slipped under that radar for far too long.

Saturday, July 23

Philanthropy and Interpretations

I just want to thank Andrei for his generous donation.  He was a donor in Season One, and a self-confessed "video-watcher, not blog-reader" which makes me glad I didn't scrap the whole video thing.

Thanks Andrei, for your contributions.

In glossing over the Picasa Web Album (where all the blog pics are 'hosted') it occurred to me that I never posted the interpretations from a previous incarnation of inkblot-related videos, when I was getting the "game show host" part out of my system.

And now, the remedy (speaking of Kindness of Others: all interpretations are from the Oekaki or Paranormal forums with a sprinkling of people I harassed personally.)

Original Blot

Two Kids Hugging A Snowman

Puppy Love

(In case you didn't Click To Enlarge:
It's a Mouse Wearing A Jetpack)

Butterfly w/Butterfly Panda (insert)

Exquisite Butterfly (heart of klecksography)

I can't believe I showed this to a psychologist;
No wonder he didn't want to have anything
to do with me.  ("But I didn't draw it!")


Man About To Hurl In Sink

Imma...ah, nevemrind.

Don't forget to vote for this Session's most sane interpretation!

Friday, July 22

Inkblot Of The Day

Anyone else?  The humidity makes me feel trapped.  Trapped I tells ya.

Wednesday, July 20

Open To Interpretation: S2E1

Ok, "season" is a lofty term, but it is simply the best way to separate the timeline.  For any newcomers, click on the Charity/Contest tab on the menu above, or if you follow your words with your mouse, simply click here.  Still, a summary is in order.

Make sure you read about how to win this prize!
Charity: Wounded Warrior Project
Goal: $100
Prizes: 1-yr Gold Xbox Live, Inkblot Coffee Table Book V2

My apologies to Jack and Chelsea, who were patient enough to put up with all the recording follies and such (and yet I still somehow messed up the quality of the recording) and reading a whole bunch of things that I asked them to that I never used.

I already voted, just to make sure the poll-thingy worked.  Don't let it go to your head, Steve.

As usual, we don't expect everyone to view the entirety of the video (which, with 4 contestants, was impossible to keep under 5 minutes length.  Trust me, keeping it under 8 was an achievement) so the blots will be posted here also.

PLEASE VOTE!  Donate if you can.  Comment on anything and everything.  Thanks for checking this out.

Original Blot
Steve's Rat-Flown Helicopter Raining
Missiles and Bullets Down On Us

Anonymous's Courage and Katz (with Slime Monster)

Jack's Eviscerated Humanoid Thing

4.4's Raccoon-Being-Ripped-

Remember, it's not about the art, it's about the interpretation!  Go vote!  Leave a comment and let us know you care.  (Are you suffering from acute sensory overload due to previous brainwashing?  We'd like to hear about it!)

Tuesday, July 19

Inkblot Of The Day + Caption Request

Not to be confused with the inkblot used for the images below.

4.4 upped her own ante (what a remarkably dirty-sounding poker term) by taking her original interpretation from a few days ago...

...and adding more detail and color, along with some specific species-notes as voiced by the fancy bear.  No green eggs and ham here, as some may have erroneously assumed from the above photo.

I can't believe I paid $40 for this hat!

If ever there was a time when you, fellow bloggers or readers, should try and come up with a caption or title, it is now.

Sunday, July 17

Will They Say Penis?: Full Test

I thought this time around (aka Sunday Posts Drain Me Of Life) I would just show a current 'typical' walk-through of the WTSP 'test.'  I use those words loosely.

I don't think he realized what was going on with the aluminum thing, but he didn't squint, and wasn't masturbating, so all was well.

Friday, July 15

4.4, Rob Steal, and...uh..?

Ooops!  Unplanned absence was unplanned.  Odd things are afoot, but I assure you there will be no more pictures of trains or anything like that.  This blog is for inkblots, and people don't come here to read about my personal problems.  Before I gloss over that completely, let me just say I appreciate the emails asking what was up, and I apologize if I was abrupt and cryptic in my responses.  I'm just a little (probably unnecessarily) paranoid.

NOTE: Our friend Jack (who has been around since the early days) was in a car accident.  He stopped for a felled tree on the road and got smashed by a tow truck from behind.  He's relatively OK, but I figured I would harass him about 55% less to continue recording for Open To Interpretation 2, so that is on a bit of a pause for now.  
Wish him well!

So, moving right along (doog-a-doon doog-a-doon,) I'm just going to share these interpretations and try to get back in the swing of things.  I hope you enjoy being baffled and entertained by them.  If you are up to it, leave a quick Thank You to the kind folk that take the time to draw these things for us!

Guess what?  Click Any Image To Enlarge

It's all fun and games until the water reaches it's boiling point.
Courtesy of 4.4

"It's a dog bringing home some gifts for it's master this time kinda like
how cats bring mice into the house, instead of eating them." - 4.4
This is actually another version from a 2 Minute Interpretation that he did,
which we shall see in the future. - Phil

Hmm, I better just put a screen cap for this one:

No particular description from 4.4 on this one, but maybe this mad cat has
a fancy hat that needs ladies to attend to it.
And this is embarrassing...I don't know where this next one came from?
Who shall claim it?

Tuesday, July 5

Inkblot Of The Day (Tuesday)

I know in the beginning of this blog's life it was all about the Inkblot Of The Day, and then several months ago I vowed to do five inkblots a week...

I get caught up in the videos.  Some of you longer-term readers know I would like for this to be more of a video blog than anything else, but it wouldn't be ANYTHING without Inkblots of the Day (and support and drawings from awesome people like yourself.)

Speaking of videos, we got Session One recorded on Sunday, and despite my technical mistakes, it should all start (I think) on Friday.  Have the weekend to kick off some votes for who is The Most Sane.  Since there are four contestants instead of three this time around, the vids will be a tad longer (more like 6 to 8 minutes.)

But we will need those votes!  And of course, donations.  Not to us, but we will be collecting for (confirmed) the Wounded Warrior Project.  You'll know it when you see the ChipIn widget appear.
Don't forget that there are some awesome prizes for those that donate!

We look forward to your participation.

Sunday, July 3

Will They Say Penis: 005

FINALLY! YouTube selected a nice still shot (out of the 3) that represents the thoughtfulness of staring at penis-shaped inkblots.

Also, the whole Ten/Tin/Aluminum thing is a VERY OLD trick that I thought I would use to make people a little more inquisitive and less suspect of my motives. It also turns out that the "literally says penis" blot has another word attached to it. Hope you watch long enough to enjoy it!

Sorry for the quick editing. For now we will just refer to it as "holiday editing."

Hope everyone is enjoying whatever holiday they might be celebrating.

Friday, July 1

Proof, Info, Teases, Prizes, Prices And An Inkblot Of The Day

Dustee sent a picture of the spoils of the donator's raffle from Season One of Open To Interpretation.  Take note: The cool felt zombie dolls are hers.  They were not prizes.  She makes them and other unique crafts you can get at Sweet Tart Art.

But what's this "Season One" business I speak of?  Does that not imply a Season Two?  Yes, and (fingers crossed) the first recording should be done over the weekend.

Contestents fighting for bragging rights and their name on the donation PLUS a special book (think of it as a keepsake) printed of all the art and blots and notes from the game:
  • Jack - The winner and most sane (barely) from Season One.
  • Nadia - Yes, Nadia: Interpretation Machine.
  • Rats - Former blogger, traveler, and consistent scorer on the Sanity scale.
  • 4.4 - Our own Anonymous Interpreter With The High Score.
Nadia and 4.4 are both from the Oekaki forums and are quite skilled.  Rats has the same drawing ability as I do (which is the same as a diseased elephant with one eye and a pencil tied to its trunk) and Jack has been showing some skills lately, so this should be interesting.

Since we are raising money (I know I listed Fox Chase Cancer Center before, but now that is up in the air.  It might be the Wounded Warrior Project,) there will be raffles for donators.  Plural.  Two tiers.  Any donation under $15 gets you in a raffle for the Coffee Table Book V2.  It's a good conversation starter.  Any donation over $15 gets you in the raffle for this:

I thought the card would look cooler on top of the inkblot stuff.
$15 is an odd threshold, I know.  But look at it this way: if we don't get more than $60 in donations, then I'll feel pretty stupid sending out a gift that costs more than the money a charity is getting.  We were only $3 away from our target last time, so I hope this prize inspires some more generosity.

There is a poll on the right to help me figure out what to do with the Book Of Nadia.  Help us by voting.  We already appreciate your responses and "market research."

Go on...

And of course the pulsating heart of this blog in all it's gooey goodness:

Click to Enlarge