Sunday, July 17

Will They Say Penis?: Full Test

I thought this time around (aka Sunday Posts Drain Me Of Life) I would just show a current 'typical' walk-through of the WTSP 'test.'  I use those words loosely.

I don't think he realized what was going on with the aluminum thing, but he didn't squint, and wasn't masturbating, so all was well.


  1. Always hilarious; Definitely would've gotten me with the 'Do Not Squint' piece.

  2. I like the squint thing. I was deeply amused. How do you come up with these? Do the very test-ee's ever give suggestions?

  3. They are just little tricks I remember from my youth, probably in some library book. Their origins are unknown to me.

  4. LOL you got me with the "do not squint"


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