Thursday, November 18

So Much Stuff

I have much to put here, but SOME PEOPLE (honest people) made me feel like I might have an excessively long post here and there.

Are you on Facebook?  Because there is an application by Cédric Bozzi for inkblots.  It's got 10 BEAUTIFUL and original Photoshop created blots for you to interpret and share with friends.  PLUS, it asks what you see in two very important ways, which I have been authorized to steal for use in the future.  I encourage you to check it out and have some fun with your Facebook friends because it will compare your answers to people you know.

After some shameless whoring for interpretations for yesterday's blot, we had a pretty good bunch sent in.  They are all like snowflakes: not only are they unique and different, but if you have to many at one time your body goes cold and your car won't start.
I think in order to use the space here better, I am going to list the submitters and comments (in order received) and then post the images. 
(A MASSIVE Thank You to all of you for taking the time to draw these out.)

1st) Ziggeh - Getting in to the Xmas spirit
2nd) Angry Vegetarian - If someone could accurately title this, you are the Master Title-Maker
3rd) Anonymous - "It's an explosion, duh!"
4th) Colin B - Giving A-Veg a run for his money in sheer volume of items seen in one blot
5th) Dalek - Eh, uh...I'll just have to paste the text from his email.
6th) Bav - She ALMOST drew a maypole scene (you can dance if you want to) but then there was that dog barfing
7th) Dan - Hmm, I'll have to paste his text too...

The most wonderful time of the year!

??? (Caption Needed)

Of course!

Note in email: "Sorry about all the arrows."

"It's some kind of Chinese demon summoning ritual.  There's the head
priest guy in the back and he's all "中国废话" and the two other guys and
holding hands and staffs to concentrate their energy and are all
"让我们牵手" and then there's fire to the sides of the head priest guy and
it's all "裂纹和怒吼" and then there's the offering bucket thing and it's
full of blood and stuff and it's all "沉默".

"I see some sort of celebration / cult ritual. Some little guy in the center is preaching to the Oktoberfest wearing women that like to hold hands. They are entering a cave or something. Or a cathedral."

I can't stress enough (for you people doing a quick glance) that these were from yesterday's blot, not today! 
Not every post will have a comparison, since I don't want to have doubles of my images cloggin' up the bloggin'.

I also should of started something a long time ago, and that is My Favorite Text Answer from the previous blot.  It goes to Uncle Nihilio for stating simply:  "Duck Tea Party"

And maybe for those that don't see anything on a particular blot, perhaps you could add a colorful caption to one of the wonders that other's send in?  (I'm looking at Dan's and A-Veg's pics when I say this...)



  1. I love when you describe the other sorts of things people see. It makes me feel less crazy haha.

  2. I see an oliphant carrying 2 soldiers. They are high fiving cause they are victorious. The oliphant has war paint and a split trunk.
    There are people on the ground in front that crapped themselves after dying by the machine guns mounted on the oliphant.

  3. The Anonymous one was by "Kagamine".

  4. 1 picture and so many thoughts..
    great also i can't see anything this time o.O

  5. Protip: Break it down into shapes. Look at it and wait for your eyes to break it apart.

  6. Angry Vegetarian: Bill the plumber and his pals decided to go to a gay bar on "Voodoo Night".

  7. Wow, those are some good ones for yesterday (minus mine, obviously). I swear, every time I see some of the submissions it makes me wish I was better with drawing and the related programs. At this point I'm just going to stick with a paint program and my childish outlines and lines. It suits me.

    I like the way you handled the multiple entires, too. With the person submitting and what they said, then the images. Nice. On the outside of them is a guy's head with (I'm sorry, but once again.....) a penis and scrotum.

    I hardly ever use facebook anymore, but if I do I'll definitely check that out.

    For the blot of the day. There are two ET creatures (I think this is the second time I've seen an ET) about to bro-fist. Below them are gorillas getting ready to throw feces while holding/protecting chimps.

  8. That have inflamed desire in my breast. Following!

  9. looks like the mushroom of a big nuke to me

  10. I think it looks like a skull...

  11. i'm really bad at analyzing these

  12. I love looking at these. These are probably some of my favorites from you, keep it up!!

  13. The new one looks like a crab with its eyes on top.


What do you see?