Friday, November 19

Inkblot Of The Day (Friday)


Much laughter was had from the email submissions for yesterday's blot.  In order received:

1st) Dan. "I see an oliphant carrying 2 soldiers. They are high fiving cause they are victorious. The oliphant has war paint and a split trunk.
There are people on the ground in front that crapped themselves after dying by the machine guns mounted on the oliphant."   
2nd) Dalek.  It *IS* quite a cool warrior's mask.
3rd) Ziggeh.  Now with a proper link.  If you don't laugh at "unicoodles", then you are dead inside.
4th) Colin B.  Shoving his imagination aside (no small feat), he highlights a way that some of you drawing-challenged individuals might get your interpretations across. 

Thank you, people!

Deleted scene from LOTR
Self-Portrait?  Warrior Ancestors?
Somewhere, someone's childhood is ruined.
Sit Ubu, sit!

I'm going to be putting up pages of individual galleries of regulars here, so that their brain stuffs will forever be on digital record.  There might be goofy links and broken gadgets until I get that in order, so please be patient.  (And if you are a regular here, you probably ARE a patient!  AhahaHHHHAHhahaaasorry.)


  1. That was a really shitty joke.

  2. I see Jesus with his crown of thorns I'm not religious in the least and honestly I don't know how I feel about what I have seen in todays inkblot.

  3. WTH Fairuza i saw jesus the first time i saw it too

  4. I see the face of jesus with those thorns on his head O.o ..but where is the cross? ;P

  5. I see a man in a helmet. With some twigs for camouflage.

  6. i see a crying lady with makeup drooping

  7. I see Jesus. Just like Fairuza >.<

    Except his crown of thorns is actually made of raspberry bushes and the little drops are all raspberries!

    No drawing today, sorry. My art skills will be back tomorrow :D

  8. The background seriously influences that pic to be Jesus with a vegetative crown.

  9. I also see Jesus. A sad, anime style Jesus. Weird. I don't think I could really outline Jesus that well with this one. I'm going to do my "drawing" for the blot on Thursday on Monday, along with anything else I miss for today or tomorrow. So be expecting an email with a few masterpieces.

    The unicoodles taking a poo made me laugh.

  10. It's obviously a grumpy man with a spotty collar, really messy hair and two earphones hanging from his hair...

  11. It's interesting (and very amusing) to see other people's reactions to these. I'll have to fire up MSPaint some time an contribute more.

    By the way, I see a bored looking-lobster knitting something.


What do you see?