Saturday, April 23

Total Redemption (Chapter Eight)

Not sure which one is the less impressive one.

I like LoneIslander, not just because he sends in his interpretations with a picture-in-a-picture of the original blot he selected, but because I think we have mothers cut from the same cloth.  Fortunately, that sense of brotherhood won't make it difficult for me to put him up for Redemption.  I doubt he will have any psychological hang-ups should we rate him on the Scale, but before going there, take a look at more from him:

Reminds me of something out of Labyrinth.

Quite a few Kirbys for this blot.

and from an earlier email:

Original Blot

"I don't know what it is, but it's what I saw.  Only angrier." - LoneIslander

So let him know how much you appreciate him sharing with us, and let him know how you REALLY feel by rating him on a scale of 1 to 5, where one equals "Crazy enough to email an inkblot interpretation to a stranger" and five equals "Crazy enough to email an inkblot interpretation to a stranger while standing naked in a sea of discarded flesh from my victims."

Don't be shy!  Let's get some numbers!  Will he join the "4+" crowd which isn't a crowd at all but simply a room with Colin B in it?  Or do you think this is all quite normal and don't see him ranking too high on the ol' Insanity scale?

Quick side note: I am waiting until PayPal verifies the account before I can accept donations.  Kudos to The Angry Lurker for his as-of-yet-unregistered donation!


  1. I don't find those disturbing, nor do I think he stirs bat shit in his morning cup of infant spinal fluid. They are very straightforward and, to me, somewhat nice. That last read thing looks like a monster that lives in the water. He was masturbating with a dead fish and some guy just caught him. He doesn't mean to do wrong or to offend anyone, he was just caught at the wrong time.

    I give LoneIslander a rating of 1.5. Can I do that? Do it piss you off when people do _.2 or _.7? If so, I'll wash your car.

  2. I mean the donation isn't showing up in the widget.

  3. it's so cold and lonely in this room

    i don't know, i mean, seeing characters from video games and such is understandable, so i have to go with a 1.37

  4. I'm with Jay. This is a 2 to me. Slightly disturbing, but nothing to be alarmed about.

  5. Bwhahaha, the Kirby is hilarious. Mohawk, moustache. Perfect!

  6. I give him a 1.2

  7. I'd say he's a 1...2 tops. Not too insane.

  8. I'm down with that Kirby. I'd give a 3/5 for the N64 nostalgia.

  9. Pretty sure everyone on here is INSANE.

  10. love your blog! keep up the quality posts!


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