Friday, April 22

Inkblots For Good

I forgot to add this yesterday.

EDIT: Until the PayPal account gets verified, the donations will not show up.  Hopefully in the next 24-48 hours!  Thanks to The Angry Lurker for breaking our donation cherry with his generosity!

My troll wife said that she thought my wording yesterday was confusing.  I am not paying for votes.  The donations are a completely separate affair that will require the passing of a philandering philanthropist or two.  I should also point out that I really don't expect a lot in the donation department.  I'm not trying to be an ass, just realistic.

Nevertheless, some charity somewhere is going to get at least $10 via PayPal from me on Friday the 13th.  When I say "me" I mean "the winner of the contest" which will obviously be "me" because I am the Master Of Sane Interpretations and I totally expect to win.  So if you would be so kind as to suggest some charities?  While the winner will have the final say, it would be nice to have a small list of user-suggested places.  Preferably somewhere with easy electronic transfer software such as the Network For Good.

So if you have not done so yet, please vote for the interpretation (in the widget on the bar on the right) that you can bring yourself to agree with the most:

Original Blot

Did you see Jack's samurai?

Or perhaps an image of a skill with horns?

Or are you batshit insane and see something
like General Failure's Mantis Man?

Ok, so I can't harp on this forever.  Two days in a row isn't bad.  I think.  For the record:

Tomorrow we Redeem LoneIslander and his multiple submissions.  Why not look at the Scale and prepare yourself to pass judgement on him?


  1. I see what looks like the firebird emblem on the hood of an old Pontiac Trans Am...

  2. "come at me, bra!" is what i'm seeing.

  3. I voted for the mantis just to disrupt the voting


  4. I see a sandwich, I think I'm just hungry.

  5. I see one of the asgard from Stargate driving something?

  6. Some... strange bird-like creature... D:|

  7. All I can see is that damn samurai now. I'm also seeing another moose monster. I think this is the second time I've seen some sort of weird moose creature. Wait, have I seen this blot before??


What do you see?