Monday, February 28

48 Hours

Sorry for the rush here, but I'm sure you are all aware and have (or will) suffer through the "OMG where did all my blogging time go?" syndrome.  So enter the contest, if you have not already, and in the meantime enjoy another interpretation from Nadia:

Original Blot (which was a horrible mish-mash)
A burly man with angel wings and a skinned
 deer atop his head, holding nun-chucks.
I'm impressed!

Friday, February 25

Omegle Inkblot Trifecta

I think they are on to me.  Gotta love the dude with the big ol' headphones.

Thursday, February 24


A lot of people online found Yakoi's interpretation somewhat deranged.  I asked two people in person, and one said (despite being told what it really was) that it was "cute."  My response of course was:  Really?  REALLY?

Still, it's the new "top score."  3.7 (Rounding off)

So, a big thanks to her for letting us Redeem her and add her to the list of people that are "most likely to hear strange voices" before their killing spree.

Want to be Redeemed?  Pick an inkblot, draw on it, send it in to

Get in on the hot tabletop action!  That is, if you haven't emailed some random guy (me) your address, then you will not be in the raffle to win an awesome calendar-like flip-book with some really cool interpretations in it.
It's a conversation starter AND it just might save your table from nasty cup-shaped rings.

How To Enter:
Send your address to  That's it.  Doesn't matter where.  All information is confidential.
Five have entered so far...

Contest Details:
Winner will be selected randomly (via the ol' names-in-a-hat method.)
One address per...uh, address.
Contest ends Tuesday, March 1st at 11:59 pm.


Episode Ten (Part 3 of 3)

Perhaps I let too much time go by between these.  I seem to be getting worse at the various things like recording, finding said recordings, score-keeping, staying on track, editing, screen-size ratio, etc...
If you are new and haven't seen any of these before, then, well...just have a look at some of the nice transitions!

Make sure you view the interpretations in all their full-size glory:

"Bonus" blot (Ok, it was just an old one from this blog)

Thanks, Nadia.  I wish I still had the text for this.

Inkblot interpretations for gay rights?  Why not.

Tuesday, February 22

Do You Want Something Interesting On Your Coffee Table?

Sexy Music Not Included

EDIT:  Please note that all I did was make the inkblots, not the art (which was generally submitted through this site, directly through me, or on public forums.)  I never thought about the 'ownership' of the interpretations; I feel I am merely sharing what is already available digitally.

So, I had some of these printed out, one of which is on this PLATINUM CARD STOCK WITH SILVER BINDING.  Alright, maybe not but it's shiny.  I put these together for my own pleasure, with some of my personal favorite interpretations, and I think it turned out pretty well.

I had a poll up (I think) before about whether you would be willing to send me your address if you won a prize or a giveaway, so this will be the test.  No contest, no entry qualifications.  This, I guess, is just a test.

Do you want something interesting on your coffee table?  Then just email me your address at and be automatically entered in to the raffle.
I promise not to share your information in any way.

Just think though, most likely you will be the ONLY person sending in your information, so you will most likely receive this calendar-like, professionaly printed booklet valued at $30.00!!  Un-freaking-real!

We'll get back to Total Redemption next time, so feel free to go back a post and rate the most recent entry (which is pretty disturbing.)

Sunday, February 20

Total Redemption (Chapter Two)

Erroneous Gives A #2

Suciô Sanchez has a lot going for him, but that could all change once this gets forwarded to the appropriate medical staff.  My thanks to him for not necessarily objecting to being part of this!   He is the new "score to beat" (or lose to?) with 3.4, which is .4 less sane than Snicklesox.  Eventually we will have enough scores to make a leader board.

Speaking of not necessarily objecting, we have Yakoi, who sent in this interpretation.  I had no fucking clue what it was.  When I mentioned this to her, she replied, "Phil, I have no idea what it is.  I saw a Siamese twin blow job thing going on...idk."
Will you Redeem her?


You be the judge.  I'll go over the scale one more time: 

1 to 5, with 1 being relatively sane, and 5 being chock full of nuts.  Allowance is there for one decimal point (but no score shall exceed 5).  Keep in mind that this means 2.5 is not "middle ground," but more so "I wear clown outfits three sizes too big and go to the mall to throw shoes at the elderly."

Many thanks to all participants; please check out their blogs, and please feel free to doodle on any blot in this blog (check out any Inkblot Of The Day, or go to the Collection page and MSPaint your little crazy heart out) and send it to me at
You might not be as crazy as you think!  (Doubtful, but I feel I should say something nice like that.)

Thursday, February 17

Sensory Overload (Part Three)

I did not draw these, so try not to compliment (or insult?) me on them in the comments.  Also, the original blot is the same as Part One.

"OMG run to the mountains it's a bull dragon XD" - Rika

Send In The (Creepy) Clowns - that1guyfromthat1time


"A mutated hamster/teddy bear being chased by a
 mutated giant insect. Also, MS Paint FTL." - Anonymous

Knight.  -  Anonymous

Here is one by Anonymous that I believe is self-explanatory.

"Boss battle, anyone?" - Anonymous

Face - Anonymous
Ok, so there are way more interpretations than I expected on the Oekaki board.  Hence the overload bit.  Not that I am complaining.  My thanks to all who drew these.
Expect more!

Next post will continue the Total Redemption.  Feel free to go back a post and rate the last submission!

Tuesday, February 15

Total Redemption (Chapter One)

Ok, so Snicklesox got 11 people offering up some scores, and has been Redeemed at an average score of 3.0, which is actually pretty high on the "crazy scale."  (Remember, the scale is only from 1 to 5.) 
Big round of applause for Snicks for being the guinea pig for this endeavor, and officially "setting the bar" for future submissions.

Have a memento.

Suciô Sanchez up next, and I didn't ask him if I could do this, so we will see how this goes.  The scale is 1 to 5, with 1 being Not Insane, and 5 being Ed Gein On Crack After Several Head Injuries.

So 2.5 doesn't mean "in the middle," but more like a "few speakers short of Surround Sound."  If you don't think there is anything wrong with the interpretation, then 1 is the number you want.  I don't want to tell you how to vote, but save those 5s for when you mean it.  Then again, Mr. Sanchez might be just the candidate for it..

Original Blot

And his interpretation:
"It's a trap!"

Go on then, judge him.  In numeric format.  Hopefully I won't get an email from him asking me just what the hell do I think I am doing.

Since him and Snicks have been such good sports (so far :D) why don't you check out their blogs?  In case you didn't notice, their bold names above are links.

Would you like to be Redeemed?  Judged by strangers?  Pick an inkblot (from the Collection or any Inkblot Of The Day entry) and draw your crazy little brain out, then send it to!

EDIT:  Help me out people, I need some numbers!  Please include in your response a rating for the work above!  I am counting on you all to help me Redeem our fellow bloggers!

Sunday, February 13

Sensory Overload (Part Two)

Original Blot

"Mama Is Coming To The Party" - Nadia

Muscle Hug - Anonymous


So, uh...yeah, still in that Oekaki thread.  That is where these came from.  Do the non-symmetrical blots inspire more images and/or interpretations?  Who knows.  Just stay away from the monkeys.

We'll be back to Total Redemption in the next post, so don't be afraid to go back a page and rate a stranger's interpretations.  

Thank you very much to Anonymous for their time and effort; I hope we never meet in a dark alley.

Friday, February 11

Total Redemption (Preface)

Ok, I know I am in the middle of a multi-part Oekaki saga, but what the hell, eh?  I figured since I am keeping the blog name, I better explain myself.  And by "explain myself" I mean lifting someone else's words:

There is your redemption.  I can't say that others will not make fun of you (Angry Vegetarian *IS* responsible for some clown penis...) but I thought we'd see what any (and all) of the other users might think about someone's interpretations.
I am going to post one person's work, and based off of that work, I would like for you, in the comments, to assign a number from 1 to 5, where 1 means, "Meh, you're fine," to 5, which is "Holy godz, you are batshit insane."

Feel free to use one decimal point in the process.  (1.0 up to 5.0, with 2.5 being the absolute in between of sanity and insanity.)

We've done this on Skype (without too much success and/or coherence) in the past, but it would be a waste of a blog to not get the community's say on such a thing.  For example:

Snicklesox (one word, now I know) was fooli..err, kind enough to volunteer for this.  Over the past 7 or 8 days he has sent in three interpretations.  Without insinuating anything to cloud your judgement about this schizo, I will now present the images for your consideration...

"So, I introduce you to (my wife named him) George.
It's Frank's unsuccessful fat uncle. He is a bit more
evil, as the eyes proclaim, but he is constantly depressed
after losing his one true love. He also can not take
care of his teeth, and the evil inside him makes
them rot at a more orange pace." - Snicklesox 
Naked, maybe?
"Go die in a fire, Snicklesox"

Click to enlarge all images, then cast your vote in the comments, along with any personal observations you may have had.  1.0 = "Sunshine and lollipops!," 2.5 = "You are no more or less insane than the rest of us," and 5.0 = "Lobotomy Required."

Thanks again to Snicklesox, and as long as I am highlighting links, check out his collaborative project,  the BlogWav Podcast, which is quite a handy show to have playing in the background while checking out/working on blogs. 

Reminder to previous submitters!:  I have your stuff!  Don't think I forgot about you! 
Reminder to new submitters!:  Fear nothing, and send any interpretations of any blots (see Collection or any Inkblot Of The Day) to

Wednesday, February 9

Sensory Overload (Part One)

Original Blot
An angry crab monster charges two guards. - Nadia
A bald eagle dives into a lake to catch a salmon,
seen from below the surface.  -  Anonymous
All of these courtesy of the Oekaki board.  They've busted out quite a few, so expect more.  Not to mention the ones that were mailed in.  A bit of sensory overload.  For me anyway.  
I have this other one here, but I have no clue where it came from.

Many thanks to everyone that takes the time to draw these out.  I hope you all get the help you need.

As always, feel free to mail anything and everything to

Tuesday, February 8

You Are All So Strange

Some new takes on old blots.

The next one requires that you see the original blot again:

During sanity...
Long after sanity has left.
Thanks to anonymous for taking the time to do these.

Allow me to reiterate something: I have other submissions.  If you sent one to me directly through email and I have not responded, I apologize.  There are people that need to be added to the Regulars page/section too, which is more for my benefit than yours (but if you are new to the blog, go check it out.)
You will be redeemed by your peers soon enough.  
I'll explain myself better later.

Monday, February 7

Inkblot Of The Day (Monday)

I think in the future I will avoid the silver ink.  It looks purdy until it dries.  This oddball blue ink is bottomless.

Saving up some interpretations for a larger post, so don't think I don't appreciate the ones sent in.  
Still on the fence about changing the name of the blog; I have received a few emails and comments for keeping it, and a few with some pretty good suggestions.
Still not sure what is being "redeemed" here.

Saturday, February 5

Inkblot Of The Day (Saturday)

A bit spartan, yes?  Inkblot Of The Day on Saturday?  Sure, why not.  I'll reset my blogorhythm again on Monday.

ERGH!  Now I am having second thoughts about renaming the blog.  I appreciate all the suggestions.  I just can't get this one thing out of my head though:  Who (or what) is doing/being redeemed? 

Wednesday, February 2

Inkblot Of The Day (Wednesday)

Too bad I wasn't messing with the images back on Halloween.  This would of fit in nicely.  I feel like in the top right there is a little glowing-eyed demon peeking out of "the clouds."  Sorry if that influences you.  Actually, not sure if this is the best to be drawn on, but I thought it looked cool and wanted to share.

Changes up ahead.  At the very least (most?) is a name change; I think it is safe to say I am straying, just a tad, from what Hermann had intended to do with inkblots.  I feel weird when people refer to me as Rorschach.  It seemed like a good angle at the time.
The thing is, I have no clue what to change it to.  While I am leaning towards a certain phrase that still has to do with inkblots, I am sure it will suck under peer review, and I am completely open to suggestions via blog or email.

I believe I will also split the difference of the votes, and go back to the inkblot-per-weekday, but just save up the interpretations to spill out over the weekend.  Please let me know if that sounds horrible.