The Scale

Original Sample Blot
The Scale is this blog's tool for measuring a volunteer's craziness.

The biggest problem (so far) has been that people assume the 1 to 5 scale means 1 is "mundane or boring" and 5 is "full tilt" with 2.5 meaning a nice normal average.  Incorrect!

It is important to take in to consideration:

  • Art Vs. Interpretation - Ignoring the fact that the drawing skills might be those of a demented man-child (or on the other end of the spectrum, a goddamn Rembrandt) is the first step in applying true Redemption.
  • Can You See What They See? - Admitting that there are images and ideas outside of your own little mental universe can greatly affect the score you give.
  • Is It Cool? - No one wants to hitch their wagon to a dying horse.  Are other people giving it bad numbers?  You better follow the trends so you don't stand out.

Sanity Level 1 (One)

Two rabbits kissing?  You can understand how the person saw this.  It would be strange to see anything different.  It feels safe to identify with this interpretation.

Sanity Level 2 (Two)

A small stretch of the imagination is required, and because of that, you feel that nothing should inhibit anyone's ability (or desire) to see two rabbits kissing instead of some happy weeabo shit.

Sanity Level 3 (Three)

The mind's eye is a funny thing, and while nothing is right or wrong in the inkblot world, you are sure that "normal" people don't see this.


Sanity Level 4 (Four)

You wonder if that person enjoys leading the FBI on a perverse, guided tour of all their previous murder locations OR they decided to draw something as messed up as they could, because it is funny.

Sanity Level 5 (Five)

Batshit insane.  Or a genius?  You cannot comprehend how someone could see this, and then draw it, and then send it to some stranger with some blog.