Tuesday, August 30

Open To Interpretation: Winners

Damnit.  Didn't know about the .75 from MissionFish

The winner-via-donation is Andre, our one and only (two-timer) donator for this season.  His $20 came in very early and without competition, he was a shoe-in for the $60 Xbox Live Gold Membership.  But get this: He doesn't want it.  He doesn't even have an Xbox.  Charity for the sake of charity?  Well alright!  Always good to see.  Makes me feel bad though, that I didn't see any place to put the donation in his name, which is what the volunteers (that I spoke to) agreed would be a good idea to highlight his niceness.  So while that didn't happen, you will always be immortalized here, Andre!

Here were the scores for the last Session:

I'm never using blogpoll again.

So now we have our final scores, to figure out who among those brave four turned out to be the sanest, by popular opinion:

                      4.4: 10 
Anonymous: 17
                 Jack: 22
               Steve: 17

Goddamnit Jack...I mean, congrats on winning two times in a row!  That should not make anyone suspicious, I am sure.  We'll have to talk about where I am sending your book.  (And yes, Hermann, this means yours will be going out in the mail too!)

Chelsea, Jack...I appreciate your effort and patience.  While I feel bad that the handful of people interested in our videos did not get to see them, I feel a tad worse that you might think I was wasting your time!

Megathanks to the volunteers who sent in their interpretations: 4.4, Anonymous, Steve, and Jack.  I know it was a long time ago that you sent those in, but quite a few of us enjoyed looking at what you shared with us.  We appreciate it.  I want to say something like, "You are all winners!" but I hate to give false hope to crazy people.

Jokes and slanders aside, and last but not least, thank you to anyone here that took the time to vote.  If you can, in your comments, share a little love for the people listed above.  (You don't need to rhyme anything like I do.)

Friday, August 26

Will They Say Penis: Rubberneck

I'll just copy and paste from the YouTube description:

"Whenever someone jerking off appears, I feel compelled to make THEM click 'Next'. It's like a little battle, except I am the only one wearing pants.

I still have a few clips from WTSP left. I thought this guy deserved his own little mashup.

I apologize to my wife. Not for skipping out on those dinners, but because you will find out about this probably AFTER hurricanes ravage our property. Haha! Internet!"

Thursday, August 25

Open To Interpretation: Session 4

Blot from...7 months ago?

Ok, so Season 2 was a little cursed.  My apologies to Chelsea and Jack; they had nothing to do with my problems.  Nor did any of the volunteers.

While I didn't really speak to the interpreters, I am sure they won't mind if I put the donation in Andre's name, since he was the only one to donate.  We will still have to see (through votes) who is the most sane because you will still win your personal copy of the printouts from this Season.  I suppose I will leave the donate button up just in case, but I hope to wrap this up by the end of the week-end.

So who didn't go first yet?  Four Point Four.  I feel that if I just put her as '4.4' then some people get confused with 'D4'.

4.4's Spider Creature of Death
There was much speculation as to why the spider-crab thing is holding a rabbit and turtle.  The best we could come up with was some sort of horrible twist on an Aesop's fable.  ("Silly turtle!  You will never win the race, for I am as fleet as a...OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT?  RUN!  RUN FOR YOURAARrghhbllee..")
"Did I step on your parents!?!
I'm sooo sorry!"

Sorry.  But yes, it is some sort of spider creature
(first time drawing a spider, she said) killing people.

Personally, I thought it looked like the spider accidentally stepped on some people and was apologizing to the kids or something.

I think it is safe to say that after a round of this game, 4.4 has a problem with pandas, spiders, racoons and other various vermin.

Getting all Robert Frost on us, Jack used the opportunity to show us his battle of Fire vs. Ice:

Jack's 'Fire & Ice' Battle

Who will win this battle of the elements?  Hell, I didn't even realize they were fighting until the second time I looked at it.  Both Jack and Chelsea started quoting Frost and I felt illiterate so I drew some penises on it.
I was really tempted to draw penises in there.  I don't know why.  I mean, I know it is because I am immature, but I don't know why it would be penises and not, say...a roll of quarters (which is the average size [and worth, ha!] of a small penis.)

Anonymous (look, most of us know it's Nadia, he just went anonymous in his life after the first recording) had already drawn one some time ago:

Anonymous's Santa Dragging Dead Reindeer

Almost in time for the holidays, this scene illustrates what a man, even a man like Santa, must do when accidents happen.  If you were to crash on an island with all that venison, what would you do?
If you look hard enough you can see certain words hidden in the foliage.

Steve didn't go anywhere near as grim as his fellow interpreters.  He drew EXACTLY what I would expect someone with his sexual fetishes to draw:

Lesbian Scorpions Near Lucky Horseshoe

No, no we are pretty sure those are not penis arms that those women are about to...embrace? each other with.  I didn't realize scorpions were superstitious, nor did I think they had bright clown noses.  But hey, what are the chances of one penis-armed, bulbous-nosed, same-sex-havin' scorpion finding another with only slightly different hair?

NOW IT IS TIME TO VOTE.  It's crunch time.  Realistically, it's only Steve and Jack in the lead, unless some sort of miracle happens.  Voting will end soon!  Still a chance to donate and win a prize!

Friday, August 12

First Annual Anouncement Of Nothing New

Inkblot Of The Day

If you have been around for awhile, you might remember some work by someone going by the identifier of 'pp' would pop in to the inkblot threads and offer his skilled interpretations.  (He has two in this Sensory Overload)  Something of his usually ends up in any of the "must print" books.  He did a number on what a lot of us consider the "gas mask/frog blot"

As if this wasn't detailed enough...

 Thanks, pp!  Very stunning.

Don't let yesterday's post fool you, it wasn't from yesterday.

Haha!  What a relevant joke to my subject matter!  As Wednesday's post highlighted, I have my head up my ass a bit and it is (and continuing) to be a very busy and fulfilling week.  I know that me not posting for days is nothing new, but I thought this time I would try and be bloggingly formal about it.  So I'll get back to some semblance of structure on Monday or Tuesday.

Plus, this will give you time to go to the Collection, pick a blot (or use the one from today,) and draw on it.  I haven't seen any submissions in awhile (not counting my whoring in Oekaki) and some may say this is because I don't put as many new inkblots up as I did before, or that I am not exactly Mr. Blog Promoter.   Perhaps I can remedy that by doing something with your interpretations.  If you send me one (at st.inkblots@gmail.com) I will give you a 'reading' based on your drawing.  

So after the weekend I'll pop back with the last session for OTI, so if you have not voted for Session 3, go do so.  I realize I have made a train wreck of things there, but there will be closure!  You can still donate if the mood strikes you.

Take care.

Wednesday, August 10

Inkblot Of The Day (Thursday)

DO NOT: Have rabbits on the brain.  Definitely not a rabbit sitting
in the throne of his slain snake enemies.

For those interested in Open To Interpretation: All is not lost!  While I screwed up the majority of things, there is a quick Session 4 video, which will be up (hopefully) tomorrow, and I would feel silly not seeing how the battle of the Volunteers pans out.  I apologize for my lackluster (or complete lack of) presentation and promoting skills.

I'd like to quickly highlight the ending segment of the recording because it feels kind of..."full circle" with Jack (no homo) who confessed he only really looks at the blog on weekends.  In the first season he inadvertently named the series, and now he closes off with what he has gained from his unique (volunteer interpreter and presenter) participation:

For the blog by fillupthe3rd

For some reason, I guesstimated on the short side for the duration of the donations.  The ChipIn widget does not allow extensions.  Live and learn.   

DONATIONS ARE STILL OPEN.  You can win stuff.

Any concerns or questions?  As always just email me at st.inkblots@gmail.com with any thoughts.

Tuesday, August 9

Inkblot Of The Day

DON'T READ THIS: The image is a frog with it's mouth open 
about to shoot it's tongue out to nab the fly (with eye stalks) above him.

Sunday, August 7

Failure Leads To Innovation

They didn't like my ending.  I thought of another one, which I included, and hope it becomes a new Safe For Work Title that the whole family can enjoy.

Also, I think we might all be able to agree that at one point they saw a penis, and then saw two penises right after that.

Thursday, August 4

Open To Interpretation: Session 3

Just a quick reminder that if you donate to our charity of choice (in this case the Wounded Warrior Project) you could very well win a year's subscription to Xbox Live.  Or this book.  For specific details and information pertaining to this contest, click here.

Look at this blot.  Do you see anything in it?  Yes?  No?  Well, we know four people that did, and they were kind enough to send in their interpretations for us to look at.  We would like for you to vote on which one you think is the most sane or which one you can bring yourself to agree with the most.

Before jumping right in to it, there has been some brief discussion about the order in which they are presented.  More specifically, some have stated that they have a hard time unseeing the first image displayed for them.  Well, nothing to be done about that this season!  I can only say that since there are four contestants and only four sessions, each person will have a chance to be at the front, as it were.  Let's start with Anonymous:

"Our Finest Meat" by Anonymous

So it's a pig, doing what pigs do.  And sweating.  And what does it say on it's ear tag?  MYSTERIES!  I have a personal "unsee" moment for this, and I haven't played PoP in awhile.  I don't recall this is any scene either, but it's what *I* saw in the interpretation, not the blot.  Weird.  A pig eating the Prince of Persia.

Next up is Jack.  Once again, if it were not for the file name, this would have appeared as just a mild mannered rabbit:

Jack's Rabbit of Caerbannog

Click To Enlarge Derpiness

If you are not familiar with said rabbit, it's from here.  I never knew it had a name.  It was always just the killer rabbit to me.  Sorry Jack, your interpretation doesn't look rabid enough.  Where are the "nasty, big, pointy teeth!" and "vicious streak a mile wide?"

I'm afraid in your absence I had to alter your image slightly to fit what I thought it represented before I even looked anything up on the wiki.  The thumbnail does it no justice.

Moving right along, we have Steve's interpretation.  The bastard thought he could try and get me to join a cult.  "It's an evil goat overload raining meteorites down because it's Armageddon."

Steve's Goat Overlord and Meteorites

SATAN MUCH, STEVE?  I was a little suspicious of things so I sent this image down to the boys in the optics department (yes, we have one of those) and after they ran things "through a few filters" they found your subliminal imaging.  We had to remove the words.  While this is not a "family blog" I certainly don't want to encourage that...filth.  Still, without the text, it's pretty disturbing:

If anyone experiences any nausea or nosebleeds, blame Steve.  Blame him to hell.

Last but not least is 4.4.   It's a "panda rage flipping a table at some snotty customers. (they were insulting her elderly Pringles man)"

4.4's Panda Rage

She might be trying to play the "panda card" to get some votes.  I'm just making that up, but we all know everyone sees pandas.  Pringles Guy is getting old.  I don't know if I like this establishment.

So there you have it.  Now go and vote!  Maybe find it in your heart and wallet to make a donation.  At least I hope the donations exceed the gift card price, because I would feel stupid giving a charity less than the cost of the prize.  Oh well! A deal is a deal and this is a learning process for most of us.
We appreciate all the comments and votes.

Wednesday, August 3

Sensory Overload (Part Eight)

It's a big one.  All from Oekaki, and all from Anonymous unless otherwise noted.  I tried to save what I could (description-wise) from the thread before it 404'd, but I don't think I did too well.  If you drew any of these, please let me know!

Otherwise, enjoy these rather awesome interpretations...

Yellow blot?  Why not?

Schoolgirl with a ridiculous hairstyle on a motorbike
(not pictured), heading out of town.

Red always brings out the best in people:

Blood-splattered four-armed monster rides a horse in battle.

"Phase Two" Original Blot

Thank gods for labels!

Cool guy coming through.

Deformed guy forced to blow himself by slave gnomes
to great pleasure of a kitty monolith behind.

This was the lead image for the thread so interpretations would still crop up for it from time to time:

Wanting to lose weight, she carries the sage and plows the land.

And from "Phase One":

I'm not sure why I made the blot on a vertical fold:

She's floating over your bed at night.

Upside-down blot!  (I know, no one can tell)

Old man playing with PEZ

A sorcerer gets his halo from angels at the blessing of devils.

Some random bits that need to be seen:

Necrophiliac Ninjas Get Lucky

A Reuniclus and Boldore vs Audino. Out of fright, Audino
exaggerates Reuniclus look making Reuniclus
look more scary than it actually is.
If you know anyone that might like inkblots and interpretations, please use this page to get them to join us.  (As opposed to something like, oh, I don't know, Will They Say Penis?)

Anyway, many thanks to the artists that did these.  We appreciate it.

Which one did you like the most?

Monday, August 1

Indecent Exposure (LP Test 2)

There will be an interpretation by Anonymous that has a penis in it.  Nothing new right?  Well, I don't want to go scaring off the handful of new people that have appeared over the past month, so this is your warning.

I'm also curious if it is something that YouTube would deem not appropriate for general consumption.  I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure Anonymous doesn't think so.  After all this, it will probably be quite anticlimactic for most of you.  Sorry.  I'm hoping that over the weeks I can make more Liquid Pareidolias and find more willing artists so I can string them together for a nice eyecandy combo.

Please leave your thoughts or opinions on the subject (or even off subject, why not?)