Friday, June 10

2 Minutes

I was curious if there would be anyone that would like to try out our new challenge: 2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. Oh no, wait, that's Iron Maiden. This is the 2 MINUTE INTERPRETATION AND DRAWING CHALLENGE or 2MIADC. Ok, so there is no official name for it yet, but it was pretty fun:

We were on Skype and using a free whiteboard/screensharing program, in case you were curious. All free. If you are up for the challenge, let me know here, or email me, or open your front door and to the tune of starving millions, make a better kind of gun.
Sorry, Iron Maiden again.

Who knows? Perhaps an adventurous soul will do the challenge and, just for participating, win a copy of the Coffee Table Inkblot Book V2, which I took the liberty of filming me flipping through here:

Speaking of Coffee Table Books, D4 emailed me (timestamped!) with the correct answer to the question: What the hell is the printing error in the V1 book? Who else will solve the mystery? Is there any error in V2? (I don't think so...)

Redeeming is still open for these people if you have not done so!:

Also the interpretation submissions are beginning to trickle down. This makes me sad, but I suppose it is because of the lack of new inkblots?

0o0o, I almost forgot.
It's not mine!



  2. Sweet, now you have two forms of game to play, Will They Say Penis? and 2MIADC. You are well on your way to some sort of screwed up internet Rorschach game show.

  3. ...I can't draw under pressure. At all. >.<

  4. I'll be willing to watch at least when I have free time (even though I really want to win that dam book)

  5. PeaceLovveandSharpies, you have got talent, you can do it! There's no wrong way to try.

    Damn straight it's timestamped. Was a grand occasion. I'm also jealous of that V2 book. And I don't have a mouse, but maybe some day in the future when I have less stuff pending, cough, I'll do one o' those challenge things.

  6. ME! Pick me! I'd totally do that, and I got my computer back. Not sure what will happen with 2 mins but it will be interesting. My Jelly Bean drawing took 1 and a half mins.

  7. O wait, I don't have a webcam... I don't need that do I? Have XStream so can pass my Screen to you but you won't see my face.

  8. good vids very interesting =D

  9. Nice one. Another brilliant concept.

  10. Oh man, what an amateur.


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