Saturday, July 23

Philanthropy and Interpretations

I just want to thank Andrei for his generous donation.  He was a donor in Season One, and a self-confessed "video-watcher, not blog-reader" which makes me glad I didn't scrap the whole video thing.

Thanks Andrei, for your contributions.

In glossing over the Picasa Web Album (where all the blog pics are 'hosted') it occurred to me that I never posted the interpretations from a previous incarnation of inkblot-related videos, when I was getting the "game show host" part out of my system.

And now, the remedy (speaking of Kindness of Others: all interpretations are from the Oekaki or Paranormal forums with a sprinkling of people I harassed personally.)

Original Blot

Two Kids Hugging A Snowman

Puppy Love

(In case you didn't Click To Enlarge:
It's a Mouse Wearing A Jetpack)

Butterfly w/Butterfly Panda (insert)

Exquisite Butterfly (heart of klecksography)

I can't believe I showed this to a psychologist;
No wonder he didn't want to have anything
to do with me.  ("But I didn't draw it!")


Man About To Hurl In Sink

Imma...ah, nevemrind.

Don't forget to vote for this Session's most sane interpretation!


  1. I love these. The last few are like, great. The man about to hurl? Didn't see it until I read it, that one's creative.

    Also, the farting naked man is a bit disturbing, init?

  2. People come up with some creative designs for these. If I had the spare time/artistic ability, I would jump on /i/ or /x/ and attempt an interpretation.

  3. I'm most fond of the Mouse wearing a jetpack.


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