Wednesday, March 2

There Is No Correct Answer

A Miltank sits on a Herdiers back. - Nadia
When Blogger feeds a post in to the Facebook fan page, it goes with the first image.  What can I say?  I thought Nadia's interpretation was incredibly colorful and pornographic, despite his further words: "I saw one of those mustache dogs and a cat sitting on its back with it's back legs up, but made this instead."

We had a small text-exchange after that concerning what this might look like without a caption, but I am not sure how often he peruses this blog, and I'd hate to shoot myself in the foot when it comes to his awesome and frequent work.

Those other chaps and chapettes on the Oekaki forum are also full of surprises...but before I continue I have been told (by Mrs. Rorschach) that I should put the original blot up for side-by-side comparison, even if it was only yesterday that you saw it.

I bet Hermann never had his wife be so critical about
the placement of his inkblots.
I say, "Screw that, you can all scroll up and down to see the comparisons."

Not to be outdone by mere drawings, I must share MRanthrope's response, for it made me smile and realize how much I enjoy the user-interaction of this blog:

A few responses yesterday involved the negative space, AND our Lord Satan the King of Lies (my words, not yours.)  Apparently so did this Anon:

Demons be praised.
As long as we are being supernatural, let us not forget about aliens.  Alien cowboys.  Alien cowboys on cow-horses.

Alien-thing in boots riding a horse-thing. The grey is dust just
 because I can't see shit in the actual blot. - Anonymous

Thanks to everyone that responded and in particular to those of you that take the time to draw things out.  I'm sure I am not the only one that is entertained.

So the contest is over (15 entries, I am impressed!) and the drawing will be tonight, with the results displayed tomorrow.  Good luck!

EDIT:  Please forgive the giant garish Facebook box below, I already blew the page up (you should all go back up your stuff now) and restored it; now I just want to leave it alone for a little bit while I cry.  If I can't get it looking less obtrusive by the end of the week I will destroy it.  Feel free to use it though!


  1. wow your right, it does look like that!!! wow!

  2. You are right that top one is pornographic to some but damn good.

  3. That is some explosive looking sex happening up the top. Also, cowboy aliens are total win.
    Totally excited about the contest.

  4. Love it. I couldn't see until I saw the rendered photo.

  5. Good luck to all those that entered!

  6. Awesome stuff, was having some trouble loading some pics tho :(

  7. Haha, that's hilarious, love the first pic! Herdier doesn't deserve 100% of the hate he gets though.

  8. haha, glad I amused you there. I had a good laugh myself when I first looked at it!

  9. I got stuck half way between snakes and a mustachioed goat.

  10. Some amazing interpretations there! Also, I drew that wall of eyes of yours, Phil!


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