Wednesday, October 17

Official Death Knell

Hello!  If you are reading this, then you have probably been directed by a video or some text in a video.  This used to be a blog about inkblots and what people saw in them.  My inability to coerce new people in to drawing on inkblots and failure to maintain any sort of updates ("because of puppets" seems like a really odd excuse) certainly pulled the plug on this idea.

Still, I encourage you to poke around.  When I was more active about this, quite a few different people left an impression.  The Total Redemption part was my favorite.  That's there on your right, sorted (for some reason) in chapters.  The Power of Suggestion is just code for Most Recently Popular Posts, so I wouldn't trust that too much past the date on this post.

On your left you will see the other highlight of this blog, the Sensory Overloads.  Think of it as a condensed version of the Interpretations Page, which contains a chronological list of who submitted what in the past.  Oh wait, what is that underneath it?  A DONATE BUTTON?

Yes, this post will also serve as a landing page of sorts.

Since there is no method or widget currently in place for the YouTube page nor the Facebook page, I would like to highlight my solicitation here.

All donations would be kept track of on the Facebook page in some documentation which would also show where that money is going (cameras, props, puppets, etc...) so hopefully I will have made that page if anyone ever donates.  It will be a great place to give kudos to those that contributed to a venture based entirely off of an almost-discarded dog puppet.  Venture?  I should make that...ADVENTURE!

I realize that some of you reading this are reading it because it came up in your blog feed.  You will already know what is going on, and your activities will live on in the Of Interest: part of this blog located quite handily at the far bottom-right!

If anyone is still reading this and has never been here, take a look around in the archive.  There were some messed up people here.  I had a lot of fun with this and met some interesting people.  I learned that I am not a blogger.  And hey!  We had those contests and helped raise money for people and libraries and such.

I have a feeling I will be back.  Nothing epic, just to fix a few typos or something.  And that is not counting the times I will come back here to reflect on things personally, as this pareidolia shit can get addictive.

I am highly accessible there.  Hope to hear from some of y'all.