Thursday, September 29

This Blows

It's got pointy bits.

Not too shabby, eh?  I'm trying to find a nice balance between "keeping it real" and photoshopping.  This one turned out OK, considering I was trying out the Blow-The-Ink-Through-A-Straw Technique.  Well, I used a can of air duster, but it's the same premise.  Considering the original had a...well, a penis in it, I opted to try out some digital shenanigans, because the last thing I want to do is blow a penis and then put it on my blog.


Now, I realize that it's only a penis because *I* thought it was one (and I go to any lengths to pull out a big penis joke if it's not too hard) and I hate to influence your brainwaves since my edited version looks less phallic, but thems the breaks.  Gods know there is not enough mentioning of genitalia on this blog.

Completely unrelated to any of that:

I'm glad it didn't get folded or licked.

I sent one of the Coffee Table Books (I forget which version!) to Hermann in Norway because: 1) His name is Hermann, and that was a sign to be sure, and 2) He said nice things about me on Facebook.

I told him taking a picture of it near something particularly Norwegian would be nice, but not a stipulation of receiving it.  I did not at any point say, "Take a picture of it with a coffee cup on it near a national landmark."

He did admit to not following the instructions I had printed on the back, so unless he figures out what the poison was, it's going to cost you Hermann!  One picture = antidote.

If you are still with us, why don't you tell us what you see in the inkblot?  If you have not done so already, please go back one post and rate my wife's sanity.  It's the only way we can tell.

Wednesday, September 28

Rate My Wife, Please (#2)

"Belly Flop"

Original Blot
No, no, not my second wife.  Second rating of the first wife.  Once again, I am sorry if you are here because you were looking for swingers or 'dogging' sites on Google.  Lets just leave it at that.

My wife, a troll in a state of personal denial, sent these in at the beginning of September with no provocation on my part.  That's right, "sent these in."  I guess it would be weird to see her doodling away at home like some female John Wayne Gacy intent on recreating the opening scene of Children Of The Corn with the skin-puppets she thinks I don't know she has in her nightstand.

But I kid!  I have a very loving and supportive wife who is remarkable in her imagination and her ability to generate alibis when confronted by police about her whereabouts.

Keeping in mind her innocent exterior, why not rate her Sanity?  Its easy to do.  Just view her multiple interpretations below, completely ignore her scores from her previous Redemption, then assign her brainpan a numerical score from 1 to 5, where 1 equals, "No thanks, I just want lettuce and tomatoes in my salad!" and 5 equals, "No thanks, I just want lettuce and tomatoes in my hollowed out 'corpsesicles' that have been in the freezer for the past several weeks.  Croutons?  Blech!  No way!  What are you, crazy?"

I must say I find the above image of the giraffe rather entertaining in its imagination, and the jugglers below a pleasant new take on an old blot, even if it does reinforce the whole John Wayne Gacy thing.  (Link for him included because my wife doesn't keep up on her predecessors.)

Rat Spider
She is also big on the Show The Original Inkblot When Doing These Things, Dammit.  I'm not on that boat.

So give her a rating and go ahead and use a decimal if you feel like it.  If you need some help, view one of the older Redemptions, and be sure to check out the standings on The Scale.

Tuesday, September 27

Sensory Overload: Part Nine

Click Images To Enlarge

Thoughtful Hamster King Is Thoughtful

Hidden Hamster
(click to enlarge)
Do I need to describe what the Sensory Overloads are?  I don't think I ever actually stated why I call them that, but as far as this blog goes it is just a phrase that is synonymous with "lots of interpretations that are almost always from the Oekaki forum."

This is Number Nine now, so I think we can go ahead and just enjoy the art and imagination.

As usual, if a description was posted, I will add it in quotes.  If it's not in quotes then it is just me babbling. Also, everything is by anonymous folk, except where noted.  (I know Nadia is in here, he just prefers being anonymous now.  In fact, I think he is responsible for the Thoughtful Hamster King up there...)

So, in no particular order:

Original Blot
Swamp monsters will remind us where these came from.
(Nice use of negative space.)
"Robot? Being a bit distracted for the time.
Am watching Day[9] playing D3 beta." - pp
When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it was
a moose wearing armor and carrying a spear.

Some of you that have been around may recall the next inkblot, as it has popped up here and there.  When I show it to people online, 75% of the time they say "a gas mask."  It's always amazing to see things that other people saw and were able to convey through drawing.  It's almost like you can taste their brains:

Original Blot

From Sucio
"Don't tell me I am the only one that saw this..."
This is actually one of my rare interpretations.  It's uh,
Garfield, obviously.  In a wizard's hat.  Pooping on a mutated
and winged slug.
I had shown this work by pp before but I wanted to make
sure it got in to the Sensory Overloads.  Most excellent work!
"Some dude listening to some music on the weirdest
 headphones in the world"
"Crocodile sea horses and a lobster."
"A cult member with a goat head and a cape walking
down the rather well-lit alley."

I think the next three are by the same person.  I think.  My apologies if that is not the case.

Original Blot

Add caption

"Dinner Party"

Original Blot

Stepping on someone."

Monday, September 26

2 Minute Interpretation: Slendy

People getting used to the whiteboard's interface.
Yes, that is a Mr. Peanut with testicles instead of feet (a nut's nuts?) and
apparently she loves dat guy.
There is something odd about conversing online with people that you don't really know.

Well, OK, that's not too odd; it is 2011.  But you throw in a whiteboard and some inkblots...let's just say that the image above conveys the exact type of 'odd' I am trying to define here.

This video is Mrs. Slendy's third go after getting used to the whiteboard.  This video also contains my trademark skill and finesse that you are used to, including my masterful techniques of Intermittent Snippets of Conversation and my favorite, Record Spam While Using The Wrong Frame Size For Screensharing.

It could be worse, I could be represented as a red squiggly line like Jack, but instead I got to be the unicorn with the penis on it's chin.  Thanks Slendy!  Always interesting.

I'm always looking for complete strangers to do this.  Can't offer too much.  Maybe alleviate your boredom for a half-hour?  Email if you can spare the time and sanity.  Perhaps you can redefine 'odd' for us.

Friday, September 23

Inkblot Of The Day

I know it is heavily cropped, but I just wanted to focus on the center.  What do you see?

Thursday, September 22

Inkblot Haiku

I usually don't like to post other people's inkblots (since they are so easy to produce there should be no reason to not have them,) but I make exceptions when things are like, educational, man.

Justinus Kerner was a doctor popular in both medicine and poetry.  He wrote a book of poems called Kleksographien well before our man Hermann Rorschach was on the scene, and apparently those poems were inspired by accidental inkblots.

I'm no poet (and I realize it) but upon going through one of Germany's digital archives of Kerner's work I was moved to write a little haiku for the image above.

No! An alien!
Harvesting human organs!
Quick! Run for your life!

If you have the time, perhaps leave your interpretation for this blot in some form of poetry or prose.

Tuesday, September 20

I'm Very Mature For My Age

I know these vids aren't exactly getting me back in to the swing of things, so I apologize.  In an effort to keep them short, like some of the very penises out there on the random chats, I have butchered them up.  Hmm, possibly not the best phrases to mix and match there.

All hail The Nordic Joker.  He did NOT ask me why I was so serious.  Seriously.

Ah, Sundays.

This guy started playing his own little game when he couldn't hear me (and I didn't figure it out very quickly) and it got a little weird. We actually made it through the whole test; I just wanted to highlight the whole Pearl Jam thing. (Plus, just mentioning that might intrigue you enough to watch it.)

Friday, September 16

WTSP: Sinep

Can't figure out if he was playing with me or not.

Thursday, September 8

2 Minute Interpretation with Jack & D4

Hah!  I lied!  It's actually 5 minutes, but sped up to be shown in only 2.

D4 offered to do a 2 Minute Interpretation when he had the time, so he popped in on Skype the other night with me and Jack and did one or two.  Then we switched to co-op mode and the two of them produced...well, you will see.  Let me get my apologies to D4 and Jack (not that he will see it) out of the way as they were on Skype and the whiteboard for a half-hour putting up with my Would You Rather...? questions.

Following on a trend of me screwing up everything audio/video related, I didn't have the computer recording the whole audio mix, so my parts of the conversation were not recorded, leaving the final product sounding like Jack and D4 developing a case of schizophrenia as they answer questions you can't hear (I was trying to distract them while they were drawing.)

Pity, because D4 was quite sociable and the conversations flowed AND you would know exactly what it was they ended up drawing.

Side Note: It's nice to have a video that doesn't need a NSFW warning.

Thanks again, D-balls.  I'm sure most of the people that come here know about your music blog, but if you don't, go check it out.

Now tell us, just what do you think the final product is?

Wednesday, September 7

Inkblot Of The Day

Click to Enlarge

I shared this on Facebook (not even on the fan page, but my personal page, for some reason) and I like it so much I shall share it here.  Not to put images in your heads, but if you can see something other than a winged creature, more power to you.

I wish I remember what filters I used. 

And hey, 50 likes on Facebook.  I know that is small potatoes to most of you, but having it sit there at an uneven 49 was tearing my eyeballs apart.  Sorry if you came here from Facebook and are going, "WTF?  I just saw this."

Tuesday, September 6


As I was going through the blog to get all the links/images for the Submissions page, I noticed that the first non-episodic interpretation that I shared was done by Mrs. Slendy.  As coincidence would have it, she sent another one today using the blot from yesterday.

I like it when the descriptions are built in.  Very handy.  Nice work, Mrs. Slendy.  Thanks, you insane freak!

Still mulling things over about the contest and trying to get that Submissions page up.  It's kind of sad to note that a lot of cool bloggers have fallen by the wayside.  Now go and get some toothpaste that is strong enough for a Predator,but made for a 5 billion year-old entity from the Isop galaxy.

Monday, September 5

Inkblot Of The Day

Let your mind wander...

I think the contest to win the Andre Card (12 month XBOX Live Membership) must start soon.  I think the winner will have to be selected by popular vote.  I want it to be The Most Imaginative Interpretation; I don't want people scribbling a few lines just to get an entry although I don't want to exclude people that can't draw, but still have a good imagination.

On the other hand, perhaps I should just ask my fellow non-artists to take a backseat for awhile and let us try and find some really good eyecandy by giving the Card to The Most Eye-Popping Interpretation...

Thoughts?  Should I exclude?

Friday, September 2

2 Minute Intepretation

Some of you may think that I have spent an amount of inkblot-time on a certain part of the male anatomy.

Some, in fact, would say I have a proclivity towards pestering people with penises I personally perpetrated to please my preoccupations.

That is not the case in this video, I swear.  I just like messing with Jack.

We were just getting adjusted and testing out the new Mikogo, and really before Jack had any idea how to use the shared imageboard feature he let me throw up an inkblot for him to get his challenge on.  His interpretation is fine, but the quick art is crude, and when I screw up (this was while recording during the curse) I seem to fall back on something familiar...

Also, I tried to leave out most of the horrible Russian accents that happened.  That is all on Jack's head.

Thursday, September 1

Inkblot Of The Day

I'm going to be making a page that has a listing of all interpretations submitted to this blog.
While I was perusing the past posts and previous prattle, I realized that I am not very good at tagging.  I really should have been tagging the posts with the people's names that submitted something and then you would be able to search for them by name.  Hopefully this will be remedied.  I didn't realize just how many submissions there were.  I'm sure I will make a point of pointing it out when I put it up; it's a bit of a herculean task for someone with my blogging habits.

If you are reading this and not just stopping by to share what it is you see today, please know that the following questions are not entirely rhetorical and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

  • I still have this Xbox Live Gold membership (The Andre Card) and I think I should like to have a different contest to lure more interpretations out of people.  Nothing as convoluted as Open To Interpretation, something simple.  Or maybe try and get the boys and girls from /i/ to try and draw their most fantastic vision on a blot?  I don't know if I should go for quantity over eyecandy, as 'quality' is kind of subjective in the inkblot world.
  • Where *do* I find more artist?
  • I have a draw pad.  I should use that more, despite not being able to draw, since I tell people that is not a prerequisite to submitting interpretations.  
  • Should I do retro-Redemptions? People like Jack or Dalek, or A-Veg.  It's just that a lot of people who were Regulars have disappeared.
  • I think I want to try and get more people to do those 2 Minute Interpretations.  Hmm...
  • I should probably go work on that Submission page.
Things to ponder.

REMEMBER!: If you have just started blogging, don't neglect those tags!  They are important for attracting the right people to your blog...