Thursday, September 1

Inkblot Of The Day

I'm going to be making a page that has a listing of all interpretations submitted to this blog.
While I was perusing the past posts and previous prattle, I realized that I am not very good at tagging.  I really should have been tagging the posts with the people's names that submitted something and then you would be able to search for them by name.  Hopefully this will be remedied.  I didn't realize just how many submissions there were.  I'm sure I will make a point of pointing it out when I put it up; it's a bit of a herculean task for someone with my blogging habits.

If you are reading this and not just stopping by to share what it is you see today, please know that the following questions are not entirely rhetorical and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

  • I still have this Xbox Live Gold membership (The Andre Card) and I think I should like to have a different contest to lure more interpretations out of people.  Nothing as convoluted as Open To Interpretation, something simple.  Or maybe try and get the boys and girls from /i/ to try and draw their most fantastic vision on a blot?  I don't know if I should go for quantity over eyecandy, as 'quality' is kind of subjective in the inkblot world.
  • Where *do* I find more artist?
  • I have a draw pad.  I should use that more, despite not being able to draw, since I tell people that is not a prerequisite to submitting interpretations.  
  • Should I do retro-Redemptions? People like Jack or Dalek, or A-Veg.  It's just that a lot of people who were Regulars have disappeared.
  • I think I want to try and get more people to do those 2 Minute Interpretations.  Hmm...
  • I should probably go work on that Submission page.
Things to ponder.

REMEMBER!: If you have just started blogging, don't neglect those tags!  They are important for attracting the right people to your blog...


  1. In my opinion I say you should do more of those 2 minute Interpretations!

    by the way, this one looks like a surprised frog in a chili pepper plant.

  2. This looks like Anub'arak, The Nerubian Assassin

  3. I see the face of a giant CGI/Pixar ant who is morbidly obese and has a mouthful of food.

  4. Two bananas sitting with their backs toward a bolder.

  5. I see the owl from the classic tootsie pop commercials. "Ah-one, ah-two, ah-three".

    You can tag multiple posts at once, it really doesn't have to be hard. You can find the one's all done by a specific person by filling it into the search, selecting the posts you want to add tags to and adding a tag in bulk. Google it if you're new to it.

    Yes, use the card on future contest things. If you go for eye candy, name the files after what they are. Image search can be huge when you use the right words. Though quantity allows anybody to just start..

    This third one isn't a question, but yes, do.

    Retro Redemption has a ring to it..

    I'm game for a 2 minute redemption if you're ever looking. The time and day might need some scheduling, though.

    Last one isn't a question either, but you should.

  6. Oh also, there's sites to promote contests and stuff, I think copyboy has one on his blog.

    And sorry for the wall of text.

  7. Looks like a giant monster shoving his fists into his mouth.

  8. rat in vagina....

    ...don't need an inkblot to picture that one....


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