Monday, March 21

Total Redemption (Chapter Four)

"A semi-transvestite devil-man. Who's a little sad or afraid. Not sure which."

Original Blot

Allan sent this in about a week ago.  I follow a handful of artists' blogs because I enjoy watching the evolution of certain people's style.  Also (just like inkblots,) sometimes you see things that you would never expect to see.

Several people saw some sort of demon or devil; no one articulated anything about it's mood, OR it's potential sexual proclivities.  (Semi-transvestite?  Is that because of the eyelashes?)


Last...chapter saw Hannah getting a 3.1 for her particular malady the other day.  Yes, I double checked my maths.  The Angry Vegetarian is responsible!


Getting back to Allan:

What do you think?  A pretty straight forward drawing?  Or does the fact that his "demon" is betraying any emotion ratchet up the score?  Perhaps because his interpretation stems largely from the negative space of that blot you might be compelled to think differently.  Did you see the being?  Or did you see two snakes?

After leaving a comment and/or score, go check out +1 Internets, of which Allan is a part of.  Many thanks to you, sir, for sending in your interpretation.  We appreciate it.


  1. I like it, it's believable, I give it a 3.6

  2. I give it a 1.5
    What I saw in it looked dead and soul-less. This is kinda cute.


    also, i give it a 1.3, i saw a cat with horns

  4. That was a great interpretation. I think I read too much into things because I saw something that looked like an old Super Nintendo game or something with in the bottom center an Asian dude in a traditional costume fighting two large snakes on either side and the mothman up above. Hmm... Perhaps I need to simply my interpretive skills.

  5. We'll be sure to give them the credits as well; Glad you gave us the heads up.

    Also, we've been messin' around with some editing equipment, and we're coming up with unofficial logos for all of our affiliates. You can find that new one we did on the side of the blog.

    We'll get to crackin' on fixing that track A.S.A.P. though!

  6. I really like the concept of this blog. Having seen yours first, I of course saw a gay devil. But keep it up, following.

  7. The one you linked to, the presidents as dinosaurs and wolves; pretty badass.

  8. hahahaha he shure looks semi transvestite

  9. dude, it's totally the gay Satan from South Park.

  10. hahaha, that transvestite devil-man made me lol. It's like he was caught doing something nasty, then the person who caught him did something nasty back to him. I actually had an example all typed out for what that nasty thing was but then realized I didn't want to actually have that text anywhere on your blog.

    Pervert devil-man, or Allan, gets a 2.5 from me

  11. Seems I'm not off the charts crazy then! :)

  12. Sanity Level 3 (Three) for me; I can´t stop thinking about this this picture right here though.


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