Thursday, March 14

Charity Poker

1) Yes, this is the correct page if you are joining the poker game on March 16th for the Wave of Absurdity and I did not make some horrendous blunder directing you to my defunct blog.
2) My apologies to the handful of people that have this post pop up in their feed and are possibly expecting inkblots.

I must stress that if you HAVE NOT EMAILED ME ABOUT PLAYING then do not donate just yet!  Email me ( to make sure there is still a slot available.  Otherwise, if you are just here to throw a few bucks in for the sake of charity, go right ahead.  Charity selected:  Doctors Without Borders

Once again, sorry to the still-active bloggers (I don't know how you do it) if this is in your feed.  I intend to delete the post after the event.