Wednesday, June 29

The Book Of Nadia

Not going to be the official cover.

So after hashing a few things over with Nadia, he agreed to let me try and sell a collection of his interpretations (with the corresponding blots) in a 50/50 venture.

Thirty-seven pages of mind bending imagination and versatile drawings!  Most of you that follow this blog are aware of Nadia and his inkblot interpretations.  This would be the current Holy Grail of Inkblot Coffee Table Books.

So I made a few mock-ups.  A few rough ideas of presentation.  Ok, so they turned out like the other coffee table books, but check out the difference in size!

That's how you use a binder.

Now comes the icky part: price. Getting these printed (double-sided, on medium stock paper) is rather pricey. Hand-assembled by my troll wife.  Current price to be able to produce more:

Plus you have to pay shipping which would probably be like
$5 in the states and over $15 for anything outside the USA.
It's a heavy book.  Oh, and I can only accept PayPal for now.

Is it worth it?  I don't know.  Bit of an experiment, I guess.  Since we only have three here, and they are void of proper covers and interesting notes; perhaps we can entice you to get one (of the first three) because we will mark you down as an extra-special fan and let you get a FREE copy of the eBook when it comes out, which will have words and stuff in it along with more images from Nadia.

Too much?  Never going to sell?  If you are interested in a copy, email me at  Remember, PayPal only for now.  There is no store or Etsy or anything like that yet.  Just trying to gauge interest.

Any comments, suggestions, recommendations or complaints about this or anything related are always welcome!

Monday, June 27

Inkblot Of The Day (Monday)

Yeah, I was trying to make another "it literally says penis" blot but it didn't work out. Still looks pretty neat though.

Also, I have changed my blogger user name to Phil S. I realize most of you are stuck on calling me Rorscach or RR, which is no big deal, but I am slowly changing things like the profile and Facebook and YouTube and such. Trying to be more "accessible".

Also check out my new profile pic (About Me, on the right) as I tried to avoid the whole Watchmen Rorschach thing and instead ended up with the whole Scary Voodoo Inkblot Person Thing.  Not bad for a photo of my ugly mug along shooped in with one of my favorite blots.

Saturday, June 25

Will They Say Penis: The List

Saturday blog entry?  Inconceivable! 

Wow. I had a really good run with WTSP today. Never really tried on a Saturday before. I should have enough for a proper game or two instead of all these 'specials'.
This guy is no D.B., but he'll do for my test run.

Just trying to kill some time before the start of Open To Interpretation Season 2. It will hopefully start in the beginning of July.  I'll tease you with the prizes for the donator raffle later on in the week.  New to the blog? Go check out the Charity area and set aside $5 to help us donate a big gob of cash to the Fox Chase Cancer Research Center.

Thursday, June 23

Sensory Overload (Part Seven)

After the previous six, I think you know what is going on by now. All interpretations are by Anonymous from the Oekaki board unless otherwise noted. Any associated text is from the person that submitted it.


Original Blot

Princess Tenae does a curtsy for her husband to be in a first meeting.

Mom falls off swing and tries to adjust herself
so her son doesn't see her boobies.
- Nadia

Space dude with spaceship behind him, Sci-Fi book cover style.

Man in cowboy hat makes stew. - Nadia

Terror strikes Camp Fat Camp's fat campers' illicit midnight feast.

Mech Looking Thing - Zenith
Original Blot

A giraffe wearing a seal mask with a crab pinching its face while two men riding the giraffe can't make up their mind which way they want to go. The giraffe is kinda shy though and doesn't want to go either way though since it's being stared at by 2 intimidating Micky's. In the meantime the men are sending off their magical slugs to probe the area that they wish to go to. The porpoises are there for the purpose of filling space.

Wow. Yeah?  Check out the Facebook link for more from Part One.

Wednesday, June 22

Inkblot Of The Day (Wednesday)

This one hurts my eyes.

Perhaps I should draw on this one.  It unnerves me.  It was blue, too.  I don't think this laptop likes me today.  Let's just move on to those open Redemptions.

RATS GOT THE SAME SCORE.  That has to mean something.  Or nothing, which would be something anyway.

Well, at least I don't have to change his score on the Scale.

Runewake2 got a 3.6 which puts him in the deeper end of the crazy pool, where there are no lifeguards but plenty of floating bandages.

Balls indeed.  I still have to slap runewake2 on the chart.  As soon as I get home.  Also:

I know it didn't get any votes, but I *am* working on the Facebook page. It's easier to maintain all the interpretations. I'd link to an example, but I don't have any bookmarks on this yet..

Monday, June 20

Will They Say Penis: Scraps

Part WTSP/Part Video Blog.  If you have never seen a Will They Say Penis, then this will make even less sense.

I know it is on the longer side (7 minutes) and that most people don't watch the videos, but for the people that do, I hope you enjoy it.

I haven't forgotten about D.B., err...Toby.  Going to send him a message in a bit. I think he agreed to do some interpretations.   Perhaps answer your questions.  It wasn't a troll yesterday, I have separate confirmation from the Vocaroo he left.

Saturday, June 18

His Name Is Toby. I think.

Quick!  Ask some more questions.  Toby, you don't have to have a gmail account to post on here, but we will be requiring some voice verification...

If you could answer this question using Vocaroo, that would be great: What do you think of some of the comments from yesterday's post, and would you be willing to doodle on an inkblot or three so we could judge and Redeem you?  There are no prizes or payments or benefits.  You can just see where you are on the ol' Sanity scale.  You don't need to be an artist.  Just look at some of these things.

Let's see if we can get a little banter going.  (After voice verification to avoid serious trollings.)

Thursday, June 16

Will They Say Penis: D.B.

At the time of editing (11:30pm to 11:47pm) the music made it seem a lot more surreal to me.  As if we needed help.  Take note that the video ends at 3:30; I just had some sort of editing snafu.  I guess.

Here's to you, D.B. I hope that these comments are filled with nothing but love and serious inquiry to your mental health. And because it makes us laugh:


Wednesday, June 15

Gotta Start Somewhere

I know, I know, it's a photo.
Having a small difficulty in getting back in the saddle.  I don't think anyone that follows this blog is in the know about that little "problem in the woods" I was referring to a week or two ago.  Got a little wrapped up in it.

I do have some stuff for you, but I figured I should parcel it out instead of making one more giant hodgepodge of audio and video and images.

For now, just tell us what you see in this orange inkblot.

Friday, June 10

2 Minutes

I was curious if there would be anyone that would like to try out our new challenge: 2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. Oh no, wait, that's Iron Maiden. This is the 2 MINUTE INTERPRETATION AND DRAWING CHALLENGE or 2MIADC. Ok, so there is no official name for it yet, but it was pretty fun:

We were on Skype and using a free whiteboard/screensharing program, in case you were curious. All free. If you are up for the challenge, let me know here, or email me, or open your front door and to the tune of starving millions, make a better kind of gun.
Sorry, Iron Maiden again.

Who knows? Perhaps an adventurous soul will do the challenge and, just for participating, win a copy of the Coffee Table Inkblot Book V2, which I took the liberty of filming me flipping through here:

Speaking of Coffee Table Books, D4 emailed me (timestamped!) with the correct answer to the question: What the hell is the printing error in the V1 book? Who else will solve the mystery? Is there any error in V2? (I don't think so...)

Redeeming is still open for these people if you have not done so!:

Also the interpretation submissions are beginning to trickle down. This makes me sad, but I suppose it is because of the lack of new inkblots?

0o0o, I almost forgot.
It's not mine!

Thursday, June 9

Mystery of the Coffee Table Book

There is a printing error that, so far, none of the three recipients has taken notice to.  Will you join them,  OR PUT THEM TO SHAME?  (No audio in this vid.)

Still some Redeeming to do: just go back one day.

Wednesday, June 8

Total Redemption: Chapter Eleven

Someone likes Mudkips

No, this blog isn't going bankrupt.  If you got here because your corporation is going under, I'm sorry to hear that.  Still, as you sit there smoking your last Partagas, you might consider reviewing this post while shredding those documents.  It might help you with your perspective on things.

Note To Actual Blog Readers: Certain entries are not Chapters, but 'inserts.' (See sidebar [it's on the side.])

Runewake2 is like the rest of us.  He does what is expected of him, puts on his 'mask of sanity' when needed, and is always sure to have a chainsaw and a 50 gallon drum of lye to help his guests feel comfortable.  He puts his pants on one leg at a time, except for those days when he forgets to remove the previous occupants legs.   He's the salt of the earth, bottled from the finest pillars in Sodom.  You know that scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Ferris dives in to the water to save Cameron?  There is absolutley nothing in that scene that has anything in common with runewake2.

Ok, ok.  Sorry.  I thought I would try to match some of his comment skills before putting up the rest of his images for you to Redeem him.  As is is my (current) policy, I am not pairing any of the drawings up with the original blots.

"Two Jelly Beans doing the Salsa!"
You did ask to see what I saw? It's too late to go back on that. 
A pity my computer is down or I could have added some cool effects 
or something. Also, this can be viewed upside down 
(or downside up/leftside right/rightside left etc). If you do it is a cat eating
 a yellow man standing on a picture of himself getting eaten on a picture 
of himself getting eaten on a picture of himself etc.
I included a dick just for you! Consider it a present. 
You can do whatever you want with it. 
I just ask that you share it if someone asks.
Dog wearing glasses plans to eat Humpty Dumpty and his cool suit.
Two rabbits shit themselves as dog appears before hopping away.
 Dog is bleeding from the last egg he ate which
 ripped his intestines out and left only the top half of his body
behind (razor egg shells, designed to prevent exactly that).
The smiley faces got rid of a few extra dots that I had afterwards.
Oh yeah, humpty dumpty is wearing a special golden amulet
thing that was super glued to his head.

Now here is a first: He made an interpretation based off part of the background of this blog.  Now THAT'S how you pareidolia!

It's the bi-polar bear in the upper right corner of your blogs background.
(Tip:  You gotta do a little mental rotating and such.)

Some of you might be new here, so I encourage you to look at The Scale, as it is our rating system for people's sanity as they send in their mind's eye.  The first response to this post should (hopefully) be my rating, which should give you an idea.  For you regulars, you know I normally ask you only to use the images as the criteria for the score you give, but I think I'll make an exception this time around.  Go nuts!

On the positive note: It's all fun and games until a polygon pokes your eye out.  Be Square: A Basic Gameplay Demo is something runesy2 (hmm...) is working on for a contest he had a little while back.  Please help him by checking things out and giving him some input.  I can verify that the Mediafire download is legit.

I always hated geometry.

I feel a large portion of Bloggers and blog readers are gamers, so it would behoove us to better our blogger brother's blossoming programming prowess as he progresses in his personal PC pursuits.  And it's only 2 megs and runs fine.  You also might want to check out this post of his if you own a GPS or have ever used Google Maps.

One final note unrelated to Runewalawala2: Rat's Redemption is still open and in need of another score or two, so help a brother out.

Now, don't be shy.  Let's see some numbers...

Tuesday, June 7

Disaster: Averted

Wow.  Almost lost it all!  It was worse than just not having a scanner.  All on the eve of the first session of Open To Interpretation 2, too.  I do have everything back to normal: Properly functioning PCs, scanners, mics and recorders.  Now I just have to get back in to the swing of things.  I'll be seeing you.  Until then, enjoy these screen shots that I took for some reason.

EDIT:  I'm afraid you will have to (GASP) click to enlarge.

I feel bad for this person when they got to this blog.
Not what they were looking for, I am sure.

Frosty has been pretty consistent with his humor, the bastard.
Not sure if that was a statement or a question?  (No one will ever call me by my name.  I know this.)
Thanks.  THAT WAS ME.

Possibly one of the more vivid interpretations via text.
Glad you feel that way, 'cause you gettin' Redeemed tomorrow!

Thursday, June 2

Hodgepodge the Third

Daggers!  My old PC, the one I use for secretly recording all my Skype and phone calls and for scanning inkblots, finally went south.  A decade is a good run for a PC that never had any maintenance.  While I didn't really loose any data, my ancient-ass scanner (some might remember this unlisted vid) does not get any support for Windows 7.

Now, I do have this laptop which I plan on having two OSs on, so hopefully that will take care of that problem.  Worst case scenario: I'll take photos of the blots instead of scanning.  Boo-hoo me, right?  First World problem and all that.

Speaking of photos:

I like binders.

I finally got organized and put all the blots (which were actually starting to fade a little) in to these handy binders.  A few more than I realized.  And yes, in the center there is the new Coffee Table Book V2.  Not sure how that is going to get dispenced.

Hey look, Colin B got his (V1) Coffee Table Book.  I wonder if he noticed any errors.  Maybe him and D4 and Dustee can figure out what my little production snafu was.

Colin also put his other 'prizes' to good use:

More shenanigans are located here
 Hopefully we'll get a picture from Dustee with her prizes.  They are not just for my personal enjoyment, but help serve as proof that I am not gathering addresses to hunt people down and force them to stare at inkblots while I slowly peel their skin off.  Completley unrelated: I cleaned our office!  And my phone does mosaic pictures...

Hopefully I won't forget to put up the poll after I submit this post.  I need guidance from anyone that is paying attention to this blog.  We are spending time getting Open To Interpretation 2 going (no really, it takes some time!) so my 'other' computer time is limited.  Vote on what you think I should be doing with that time.

As always, let us know what you see in the inkblot (or any of them) and send in your drawings/interpretations/comments to

Wednesday, June 1

Sensory Overload (Part Six)

You know the drill.  Awesome art and insane imagination originating from the Oekaki forums and forming a framework for my affinity towards alliteration and inkblot interpretation.  Feeling bold?  Record yourself silly-ly saying those first two lines (try Vocaroo) and I promise I won't do anything silly or unholy with it.

So, yes, you know the drill.  For me, when the pareidolias kicks in, it's this type of sensory overload that helps me stop seeing faces in the shower curtains.

Original Blot

After running away from home, Princess Armalia
of The Rosa Kingdom meets two individuals. - Nadia

A fat ginger head. Ginger cuz freckles. - Anonymous

I'd apologize to any gingers, but it's not like I drew it and we all know gingers are pretty much genetic defects and can't read well anyway.
I don't know where that came from.  Sorry.  The next blot I was sure people were going to see some sort of aircraft.  The interpretations from Nadia and pp literally stunned me for a few moments:

Original Blot

A dog blasts forward on skis going through a pile of sticks and rocks. - Nadia

I just saw a dragon head, so I drew it. - pp
In the next one, there are two takes on one interpretation (Cirque du Soleil, eat your heart out) and I am almost positive it is our own Anonymous Artist.  Could be horribly wrong.  I'll find out.  It's followed up by pp's explosive LSD fit and then Nadia wraps it up with his brand of strangeness:

Original Blot

I'd buy a ticket based on this kind of flyer, I would.
(Dancers aren't small, they're further away. Perspective up in this bitch, yo)
- Anonymous

Take 2 (from above image) - Anonymous

I dunno. - pp
(I don't know if I want to know. - Phil)
(It's still awesome.)

Aliens on frogs, I guess.. - Nadia
You guess?!? If you're not sure, then how am I supposed
to figure out if those are boxing gloves hanging down? - Phil
It's boxing gloves and snowmen hanging
from those things in baby's cribs. - Nadia

Some might recognize this blot.  Some might not.  I can't wait to print out the interpretations here, because they are great, and they are not penises:

Original Blot
(You didn't think it was a penis, did you? - Phil)

No text. - Nadia

Qurupeco - Anonymous
(I had to look it up. - Phil)

So who am I kidding?  Now I am seeing more than just faces, on more than just shower curtains!  Once again, thanks to Anonymous (plural) and Nadia and pp.  You've been entertaining us for some time.

Show them some love people, show them some love.  It may be some sort of art exercise to them; perhaps a bit of fun.  Without them though, I'd have to do my own sensory overload, and I'm running out of curtain.