Wednesday, June 29

The Book Of Nadia

Not going to be the official cover.

So after hashing a few things over with Nadia, he agreed to let me try and sell a collection of his interpretations (with the corresponding blots) in a 50/50 venture.

Thirty-seven pages of mind bending imagination and versatile drawings!  Most of you that follow this blog are aware of Nadia and his inkblot interpretations.  This would be the current Holy Grail of Inkblot Coffee Table Books.

So I made a few mock-ups.  A few rough ideas of presentation.  Ok, so they turned out like the other coffee table books, but check out the difference in size!

That's how you use a binder.

Now comes the icky part: price. Getting these printed (double-sided, on medium stock paper) is rather pricey. Hand-assembled by my troll wife.  Current price to be able to produce more:

Plus you have to pay shipping which would probably be like
$5 in the states and over $15 for anything outside the USA.
It's a heavy book.  Oh, and I can only accept PayPal for now.

Is it worth it?  I don't know.  Bit of an experiment, I guess.  Since we only have three here, and they are void of proper covers and interesting notes; perhaps we can entice you to get one (of the first three) because we will mark you down as an extra-special fan and let you get a FREE copy of the eBook when it comes out, which will have words and stuff in it along with more images from Nadia.

Too much?  Never going to sell?  If you are interested in a copy, email me at  Remember, PayPal only for now.  There is no store or Etsy or anything like that yet.  Just trying to gauge interest.

Any comments, suggestions, recommendations or complaints about this or anything related are always welcome!


  1. I think it's a fair price considering the artwork and effort put into it, definitely. Now, whether or not you've got the right audience to buy this yet, I dunno. The key word is yet, though.

  2. indeed, considering this is hand-made it is very fair-priced.

    now if i just had a credit card.

  3. I think it's a fair price, considering what similar things sell for in bookstores. If I had the extra cash I would look at buying one. Perhaps in the future.

  4. how cool!Free books are always awesome!! :)

  5. sounds exciting! good luck with your venture! :D

  6. who wants to let me borrow their credit card?? hmmm... yeah, i dont think that one is gonna work... darn

  7. I think the price is fair considering the large amount of content but I do also believe I'm entitled to a free copy. Or at least a trade for a bottle of liquor.

  8. I think it's fine. You pay more for less these days.

  9. This is a cool idea. You guys should setup a store or something and offer individual prints as well.

  10. The price is reasonable but........not at the moment I'm afraid, wargaming disasters have hit hard.

  11. wow, the creation of this booklet is epic indeed.

  12. It's a fair price, no worries there. I want to get a copy but I still have nothing on me. Soon though, soon.

  13. Nice post, I like your blog!

  14. I want one. You ship to box 3800 North Pole, right?


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