Friday, July 1

Proof, Info, Teases, Prizes, Prices And An Inkblot Of The Day

Dustee sent a picture of the spoils of the donator's raffle from Season One of Open To Interpretation.  Take note: The cool felt zombie dolls are hers.  They were not prizes.  She makes them and other unique crafts you can get at Sweet Tart Art.

But what's this "Season One" business I speak of?  Does that not imply a Season Two?  Yes, and (fingers crossed) the first recording should be done over the weekend.

Contestents fighting for bragging rights and their name on the donation PLUS a special book (think of it as a keepsake) printed of all the art and blots and notes from the game:
  • Jack - The winner and most sane (barely) from Season One.
  • Nadia - Yes, Nadia: Interpretation Machine.
  • Rats - Former blogger, traveler, and consistent scorer on the Sanity scale.
  • 4.4 - Our own Anonymous Interpreter With The High Score.
Nadia and 4.4 are both from the Oekaki forums and are quite skilled.  Rats has the same drawing ability as I do (which is the same as a diseased elephant with one eye and a pencil tied to its trunk) and Jack has been showing some skills lately, so this should be interesting.

Since we are raising money (I know I listed Fox Chase Cancer Center before, but now that is up in the air.  It might be the Wounded Warrior Project,) there will be raffles for donators.  Plural.  Two tiers.  Any donation under $15 gets you in a raffle for the Coffee Table Book V2.  It's a good conversation starter.  Any donation over $15 gets you in the raffle for this:

I thought the card would look cooler on top of the inkblot stuff.
$15 is an odd threshold, I know.  But look at it this way: if we don't get more than $60 in donations, then I'll feel pretty stupid sending out a gift that costs more than the money a charity is getting.  We were only $3 away from our target last time, so I hope this prize inspires some more generosity.

There is a poll on the right to help me figure out what to do with the Book Of Nadia.  Help us by voting.  We already appreciate your responses and "market research."

Go on...

And of course the pulsating heart of this blog in all it's gooey goodness:

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  1. Nice post, I love your blog.

  2. Oh GOD.
    I could turn this into something amazing...

  3. Dustee's crafts look so awesome.

  4. It looks like a frog, but the head got stepped on and it all oozed out... and thank you RR and MR :) sorry it took so long to get the pic. love haveing a RR coffee table book though. :)

  5. Wow those Zombie dolls are cool. I'd rather have one of those than Xbox points.

  6. Hermann H. HansenJuly 2, 2011 at 5:55 AM

    It's my birthday today,yay.
    i just gotta say, on the poll, i voted; Tidy It Up. Don't Want Prototype. because i felt it was the nicest answer. i think it's perfect as it is right now. if i had some money id donate the shit outta your site.

  7. Looks like a Cloud playing cards.

  8. You've had so much success with ink blots! Epic win, bro.

  9. this is so awesome, gonna check those two blogs you linked also!


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