Sunday, July 3

Will They Say Penis: 005

FINALLY! YouTube selected a nice still shot (out of the 3) that represents the thoughtfulness of staring at penis-shaped inkblots.

Also, the whole Ten/Tin/Aluminum thing is a VERY OLD trick that I thought I would use to make people a little more inquisitive and less suspect of my motives. It also turns out that the "literally says penis" blot has another word attached to it. Hope you watch long enough to enjoy it!

Sorry for the quick editing. For now we will just refer to it as "holiday editing."

Hope everyone is enjoying whatever holiday they might be celebrating.


  1. Great stuff as usual, I laughed pretty hard at the aluminum thing.

  2. Rorsch', hilarious stuff; probably the funniest video I've seen in a while.

    Oh, I may have missed a post or two, but what're the details on this "Book of Nadia"?

  3. I make my aluminum can's out of tin. WTF is your problem?

    I don't know why, but I really enjoy these. It must be my inner pervert.

  4. Yeah nice one with the aluminum, reminds me of the "what do cows drink?" trick.

  5. Oh SIN. Oh. Wow I'm a dirty mofo. I also like that aluminum trick. I'm going to use that. It reminds me of the very long boring sentence that ends with "And now tell me what color was napoleons white horse". First time I got asked that, I said purple. Purple!


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