Sunday, April 3

Total Redemption (Chapter Five)

God's message is: I Hate Dogs and have
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mad Maxine - starring Sinead O'Conner (my description,
not Dustee's.)

These were sent in over a period of time by Dustee, who I kind of cajoled (oh good, I spelled that right the first time) in to doing more than one.  She is one of the handful of Regulars that are still around.  Now is the time for her Redemption.

For those of you unfamiliar with the process, simply rate her sanity on a scale of 1 to 5.  Feel free to add a decimal if you are getting numerically claustrophobic.

Feel free to explain your score if you so choose.  Please keep in mind that this is for fun and general time-wasting; there is absolutely no way we can confirm she is the reincarnation of Anna Maria Zwanziger at this time.

After summing up the state of her brain-pan in one tidy number, go and check out these kick-ass rabbits she is making.  Get some before Easter and put them in someone's Easter basket.  Or just sit them in a chair by someone's bed while they are sleeping so when they wake up it is the first thing they see.


  1. Those are some great interpretations

  2. oh god wat
    I felt she was worthy of a 4 until I saw that fairy. Pffft.
    I'll leave her at 3. >:[

  3. o_o Uh. 3.5. The first one was really, well, interesting. Had it been the first one alone it would've gone over the 4's, but the rest of them lower the scores quite a bit.

  4. I'd say 3.5. Nuttier than the average bear but not certifiable by any means.

  5. these are awesome looking. Also 3.

  6. The first one definitely makes me go 4/5

  7. Man I wish there was a way to confirm reincarnations.

    I don't even believe in that kind of stuff but at least it would prevent a lot of crazy people from acting even crazier.

  8. The first thing I see in the first image is the fact that she is trying to deliver to us "God's message." Messiah complex much?

    I put her at a 3.5

  9. Your work on this blog is great! keep it up!

  10. haha great blog, the bottom one looks like a cross section of the female reproductive system!

  11. 3.6 for the sheer effort and amount.


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