Sunday, October 17

Episode Seven (Part 2 of 2)

I got an email from ElChristo about his interpretation of Friday's blot:

I see the pokemon Exeggutor, holding some guns :)

That's right.  With guns, bitches.  I know a few of y'all didn't see too much in that blot, but getting this image made me glad I didn't trash it before posting it.   Thanks, ElChristo!

Before I post Part 2 (not that it won't be showing just under this text) I feel compelled to tell you that I am a pretty realistic guy, and that I know a large percentage of you are not watching the videos, or only watching a small part of it.  'Tis cool; I know they are long and the blot-morphings (which is my favorite part) are few and far between. 
That being said, I implore you: if you only watch one part of the video, please make it 3:41, listen for a few moments, then comment here on what you think the tagline would be for that image if it were a movie.

I'm glad some of you can fall asleep to my voice.  I'll take that as a compliment, for now.  :)

"Don't forget to watch part one. Chelsea continues to get a kick out of guns and Ben continues to not be from the UK.

Who is in the lead? Who cares, because of two words: Lightning Round."

Music: 'Cloudwalk' by transient. Yes, I am recycling some music because I lost a ton of bookmarks. Besides, this one is great!

NOTE: I haven't gotten around to my fellow bloggers as much as I wanted to this weekend.  You all know how it is.  It's just a time thing.  I should return to form tomorrow.
FURTHER NOTE:  Anyone else having a hard time editing/posting with the blogger this weekend?


  1. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!

  2. yea a little bit actually, its kinda lagging

  3. Gotta go with Family Guy
    "Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify this!"

  4. Also, thanks for the shoutout :P
    Exeggutor, the executor

  5. I love the videos, man. Listening to it right now as I type this. It's a bit different than just posting some long ass video, too. You're actually making these videos. They're funny, interesting, and you can actually get involved with them. I'll always.k.kj3a.kjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    Oh, sorry. I fell asleep.

    I'll always watch them!

  6. Oh, and the tagline for the image?

    Thou Shalt Not Fucketh With Me

    And I'm also having an assload of problems with posting, replying, and editing.

  7. that's exactly what i saw. well, not a pokemon.

  8. it's a panda bear!

  9. hmmm how about "Attack of the Killer Pandas?"

    Everyone loves pandas nowadays, i'm surprised they haven't made any more movies since Kung Fu Panda, which was also a pretty kick ass movie.

  10. Holy shit that's fuckin' rad. Dualies. Fuck Psychic, he has guns.

  11. Hahahhahaha that pokemon always was the shit!

  12. D) obviously its a panda, sorry fell asleep after that

  13. Would it be too lame to comment on this 'inkblot' by saying:

    Omg, what a colorful inkblot today, it almosts looks like this Pokemon called Executor ??

  14. that's a good way of interpreting that

  15. I like the illustration of what he thought it was

  16. hahaha love the eggsecute pic.

    no problems for me~

  17. Another funny video, man. I dig your style of hosting your little game show.

  18. That exeggutor holding creepy.


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