Monday, November 29

Inkblot Of The Day (Monday)

Since running out of needles that I borrowed from the hospital, I thought maybe if I crumpled the paper up before blotting it would create a bunch of crevasses for the ink to flow around when I shook the paper before folding.  While it does not match the needle's ability to finely spread ink, it certainly had an impact.

From Friday we have Mr. Bouchard again...TWO video game interpretations in a row?  

Lin Kuei Inkblot?

Dalek serves up a Double Llama for us.  (It would make a good drink name.)  Never go to the zoo with this man.  P.S. - It startled me when I opened it full size:

Are you man enough to Click Image To Enlarge?

Favorite Text Answer:  "To be perfectly honest, the first thing I saw was two guys thrusting into each other and smacking their testicles together." 
You know it's going to be good when someone starts it off with, "To be perfectly honest..." and The Cockshiner (who has submitted images in the past) possibly is living up to his moniker.  If it makes you feel any better, I sort of saw it, but without outlining any...thing, we will never be sure.  :D

Thank you to everyone that sent something in and left a response, and I appreciate the patience with my blog-construction problems.  Oh yes, hippilazma, I received nothing in my mail, at, so don't think I was ignoring you!


  1. a llama within a llama? Sounds like Inception all over again! I can see some stuff but nothing special.. I'll go play some videogames and come back to see if I see something! haha

  2. I see a clown exposing his penis! I like this blot. Not because I like clown penis, though. But since I can't figure out why I like this one so much I guess you can just say it IS because I like clown penis :(

  3. Oh god, the new one really looks like a sumo wrestler with bat ears or something.

  4. I see trumpets bursting out of a cake on a table. I'd like to draw that, but I'm too damn busy at the moment.

  5. A Robot/Devil/Santa. Which also sums up my feelings on X-Mas. :)

  6. The first one looks like some kind of Reaverbot out of Megaman Legends.

  7. I see the main character from Clayfighter 63 1/3.

    I think it is a snowman?

    Too many video games for me!


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