Tuesday, February 15

Total Redemption (Chapter One)

Ok, so Snicklesox got 11 people offering up some scores, and has been Redeemed at an average score of 3.0, which is actually pretty high on the "crazy scale."  (Remember, the scale is only from 1 to 5.) 
Big round of applause for Snicks for being the guinea pig for this endeavor, and officially "setting the bar" for future submissions.

Have a memento.

Suciô Sanchez up next, and I didn't ask him if I could do this, so we will see how this goes.  The scale is 1 to 5, with 1 being Not Insane, and 5 being Ed Gein On Crack After Several Head Injuries.

So 2.5 doesn't mean "in the middle," but more like a "few speakers short of Surround Sound."  If you don't think there is anything wrong with the interpretation, then 1 is the number you want.  I don't want to tell you how to vote, but save those 5s for when you mean it.  Then again, Mr. Sanchez might be just the candidate for it..

Original Blot

And his interpretation:
"It's a trap!"

Go on then, judge him.  In numeric format.  Hopefully I won't get an email from him asking me just what the hell do I think I am doing.

Since him and Snicks have been such good sports (so far :D) why don't you check out their blogs?  In case you didn't notice, their bold names above are links.

Would you like to be Redeemed?  Judged by strangers?  Pick an inkblot (from the Collection or any Inkblot Of The Day entry) and draw your crazy little brain out, then send it to st.inkblots@gmail.com!

EDIT:  Help me out people, I need some numbers!  Please include in your response a rating for the work above!  I am counting on you all to help me Redeem our fellow bloggers!


  1. OK..I need something new..tell me how I do the inkblog..how do I draw?

    Thank you for reading my words. You flatter me:-)

  2. LOL Sanchez! I give you a 3 because I know from whence you came!!! ;)

  3. I saw the famous fallout t-51b helmet.

  4. C'mon people, let's see some #s. Tell us what you see, of course, whenever you feel like it, but I am counting on you all to help me establish whether this man is crazy or not! :D

  5. This is my favorite blot interpretation so far!

    Mr. Sanchez gets a #2

    I think you know why. Hehehehe. hehe.

  6. I am gonna go ahead and say 3. He would have gotten a 4 but I can see the Greedo head. Would have gotten a 2 but I can NOT see the fat woman's rack.

  7. ha lotta folks see greedo. I give you a 3.

  8. definetly 4.5/5 on that sweaty alien man xD Crazy stuff

  9. 4. That man needs a straight jacket.

  10. That is very crazy IMO

  11. I rate that a 1. I don't think that's even close to being a nutty. Sucio is extremely creative, that's a perfect example of it. If you were to spend some time on his blog, however, he'd get a 5 from me.

  12. its a trap! haha I love these so much :x cant wait for more

  13. Creative translation. I heartily lol'd. :)



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