Monday, January 31

Interpretations From (Various)

Click to Enlarge.  Do it.
Quite an eye-catcher from anonymous on the Oekaki board at 420chan.  A LOT going on in this one.  Definitely going in the "print" pile for the book.

I wouldn't want to have to clean this up.
Dustee suggested to me to make a tab with the inkblots in it to make it easier if someone wanted to randomly doodle on a blot.  BRILLIANT!  Now if we can only figure out why the message from a god was to make the ladies expel all their fluids...
(P.S. to Dustee - I did not forget our agreement.)

Hit Dice: 8d8+16 (56hp)
Snickle Sox (Two words?  One word? ) is getting down with genetic splicing, and I wonder if his KAW KAW stems from something like this.   Also, when did little chicks (Peeps!) represent poison?!  I fear your world.

Just finishing off with two (from different people, I believe) more from that thread.  I have a plan now, as far as how many inkblots a week I will be doing.  The whole rotation thing.  Still, vote.

As always, send any submissions to and I will be sure to forward them to random people before sharing them here. 

Saturday, January 29

Headphones Needed

You are going to want to have a hand on the volume.  The lag made her all Benny Hill-like at times, so I left that part in for my pleasure.

Also, check out my fancy multi-colored sign!

Thursday, January 27

Inkblot Of The Day (Snowday)

I got rid of the fold line!  Of course, now the inkblot looks like a paint-by-number picture, but who knows?  Maybe that will help someone out.  Remember to stay in the lines.  If the "outline" method throws you off, feel free to make love to the original:

I have decided (until the voting is done) to wait a little for interpretations.  That's not to say I won't post in the meantime, or that you can't go off and draw on an older blot and send it in.
Please feel free to do so.  
So yeah, I am sure I can find some filler.  Maybe find more sucker..uh...subjects on Omegle.  Maybe some little facts, or more videos of delicious transitions.

I have at least two interpretations for tomorrow, so fire up your MSPaint (or GIMP or whatever) and make things >2 by sending your interpretations to

Wednesday, January 26

Interpretations From January 21

I'm thinking for Dustee's contribution, you should click to enlarge.  You cannot fully understand what is going on until you see the text in the center.
I was kind of cajoling her to submit something using MSPaint, instead of just responding with text (we have an agreement) but to be fair, her text responses were already pretty scary. 
So if you encounter her, just laugh nervously and say, "Hey, I like that the monster has those plugs in it's ears."  
Maybe then, she won't hurt you.


From SnickleSox: "OK, so I saw Rayman in your last inkblot. Only he had hands that were on the wrong side, tiny feet, and a magic hula dress made from straw!"
And then there was something about his mouse, although I wasn't sure he was talking about an interface device.
If you've been to his blog you'll know he has more than a passing familiarity with games, and aside from the hula dress, we can probably excuse his "vision" this time.
I might as well take this time to harass him about #4 in the BlogWav there.  Harass. Harass.

Look in to the sky!
Obey Allen's Dragon!  It's no "Kitten Riding A T-Rex That Is Wearing An Admiral's Hat Riding A Tricycle" but I guess I will let it slide this time.  At least he didn't feel compelled to draw genitalia (like some of our other volunteers.)

"Hitler's Last Speech"
Animated!  Egads!  Truly this is art.  The colors, the emotion,  the message, the...wait, what exactly are those lips (on the mouth, perv!) saying?  I wonder if Suciô Sanchez is trying to tell someone something?  Bah.
Hands down though, strangest interpretation ever.  I hope this wasn't something he just had sitting around somewhere.   I have to stop now, because I need to get that image off my screen before it is burned in to my retina.

More inkblots again starting tomorrow!  If it any time you feel like sending anything, feel free:

Friday, January 21

Inkblot Of The Day (Finally)

I have bad feelings about this one...
draw what you see on it
and mail it to

So, the Omegle thing is kind of freaky.  One could spend an hour trying to get someone to play a game, and in fact spend one whole hour shifting from one dedicated masturbator to another.  In between all that nonsense there are kids that are WAY TOO YOUNG to be operating their computers/webcams and shit without parental supervision along with the whole language barrier thing...

Fuck all this reading/writing shit...people want to see interpretations from the past or

Inkblots Submission I Got When I Was 
Desperately Trying To Solicit Interpretations 

Despite all that time that has passed, the inkblot pickin's were few and far between.  My organisational skills are not what they used to be, so don't expect an in-depth chronology:

You are robbing yourself if you don't Click To Enlarge

I haven't seen the likes of this since General Failure was in town.  Please note that GenFail is no longer, as he is in the state pen for illegal narcotics trafficking.  After you are done rubbing your eyes, take note!: This is Ben (no, not this one or this one) who for some reason does not operate a blog.  I suspect he is some online drifter who decided to stop hiding the bodies and start...seeing Elvis.  Hopefully he will not be put off by my mailing him with multiple email addresses, and return to us with more interpretations.

Gah!  Scary.  This is from NooG and it is one of the more unique placements of an inkblot.  I've only seen it once before (see below) and I was never quite certain if the people coming up with it are more or less crazy than the rest of you bastards.  Anyway, pretty damn cool.

Deja Vu

I don't think I put this up yet?!?  That's what happens when you follow someone else's blog too closely.  I have been following Suciô Sanchez's tutorials now and I am almost ready to replace him in the world of blogs.  Hopefully he won't read this and notice.  Hopefully he won't use the Claws of Hammurabi.

Friday, January 14

Thank You, Mr. Green Shirt!

This guy made my evening because:

1)  He broke me/bested me at my own game (not shown.)
2)  He's a good sport.
3)  His facial expressions are priceless.

So thank you, Mr. Green Shirt, and if somehow you end up seeing this, know that I wish I didn't end things so abruptly.

(Keep your hand on the volume.)

So I need some ideas for this Omegle business; if you have any thoughts on how to further mess with people, I am all ears.
Also, my apologies to any folk from Facebook that are going to get this notification twice.  (I really need some ideas!)

Sus Scrofa Domestica Urination

I realize that in dealing with other people's interpretations of things, there might be some odd phrases or terms that come out.  But "piss pig?"
Why the hell did that even lead here?  I'm not exactly up on tagging things properly, but I am pretty sure I would remember "piss pig."

I'm not sure what to think here.

As long as I am at it:

Damn you, Onion!
Anyway, let me know if you've had any odd search/keywords show up (if you run a blog.)

Thursday, January 13

You Are Forgiven

NSFW Audio?  There are so many things wrong here.  But I think I found out a new way to entertain myself.

Edit:  I have been spending my other bits of "computer time" learning how to manipulate my draw pad and taking GIMP tutorials over at Sucio Sanchez's place, starting from here.

I apologize for the delay in YOUR pareidolia.

Monday, January 10




Saturday, January 8

Episode Ten (Part 2 of 3)

Just curious to what other people saw in this blot, if you can ignore Buxton's weird emaciated woman with fallopian highlights.  

This blog's only real existence is in other people's interpretations.  Know that you are causing joy to a handful of people (this site has a few voyeurs, if you will...) on the occasional Tuesday night. 

If you can make it in two minutes, you will see the unique, yet perverted angle that some people can get out of their imaginations.

Thanks to Dalek/Josh, Buxton and Bav, and to the fine men and women that anonymously submit their interpretations without ever having any clue what becomes of them.

Friday, January 7

The Ominousness Of It All

And I thought *my* interpretations were odd.

I went to see the psychologist (henceforth referred to only as "The Doctor") yesterday for non-psychological things.  I realize pretty much no one will believe that.  Oh well.  Towards the end of our business I brought up the inkblots again, and he most likely will never be a "feature" of this blog, but he will remain a source of occasional tidbits.

I showed him three interpretations and asked him to pretend he was an average Joe with no Ph.D and to select which person he would least like to encounter in a dark alley, based only of the inkblot interpretation, with no knowledge of the people involved.  He selected the one above, saying "...this has a certain level of ominousness about it."

Turns out it was Buxton's!
Haha, freak!
She beat out General Failure, followed by Anonymous:
Click to...ah, forget about it.

I'm going to go ahead and say this image is why The Doctor doesn't want to be any part of what we are doing.

The first two are from Episode One, and the bottom one is from Episode Seven.  What?  You didn't know there were little videos?   Shame on you.

Please make sure to congratulate Buxton and let her know what you think of her interpretation and her selection as our Most Ominousness Volunteer Of The Year! 

I'm still holding out; hoping for some inkblot interpretations from yesterday and Wednesday.  So help a brother out and send your drawings to
I appreciate the submissions I have received so far.

Wednesday, January 5

Let Me Try This Again

I guess it helps if I posted the blot instead of just the video.  I had that Son of Sam thing going on with the freakin' cat.  Messed up my mojo.

Send some interpretations.  No art is too bad, no idea is too silly.  Mail 'em:

with this video.

Oh, I did receive interpretations from the original Red one, I'm just saving them for after this one to "prevent unwarranted visual suggestions."

Tuesday, January 4

Blue and Red

EDIT:  No sense in having the video up twice.  My bad.
See yesterday or tomorrow's entry for the scoop.

Monday, January 3

You are probably going to see this one again, as I am going to put more ink on it tonight.  The whole Photoshop mixing-and-matching was giving me a headache, so I will just say I am "remaining pure" with the whole ink thing.

Ever since the PayPal account verification thing* happened, I've been trying to think of a good prize to give out monthly for whatever-the-hell-floats-my-boat.  Some of you were suggesting slapping a book together out of (I'm assuming) the blots and their interpretations.  I was actually thinking of doing this for my own needs, and the only thing really holding me back was organization skills and a slight aversion to going to Office Max to get things printed out nicely.  (Might be worse than getting that book out from the library.)

Would you give me your address if I told you you won something?

*It kind of went under the radar, but a $10 donation to the International Association For Correctional and Forensic Psychology was made, and was going to be the standard prize until PayPal starting asking for my bank account.  Why this requires small text, I am not sure.

Just About Everyone Saw 
A Gas Mask Over The Weekend

I had an epiphany, and that was that I should really draw my interpretation before I even post the blot, because I get really influenced by what people say.  Particularly when Suciô Sanchez stops by with his interpretation AND his punny titles:
"Keep Your Eye On The Ba'al"

Suciô is also sending some traffic my way, so thanks for that, and my apologies for having to follow up on your interpretation with my feline fecal Fantasia:
See Yesterday For Title
I posted it a little earlier on Facebook.  Dalek, in his CONSTANTLY CRITICIZING MANNER, made his own observation. 
Not exactly sure I am protecting his identity there.  Still...MAGIC CAT.

Speaking of Facebook, I have to share this with you non-Facebook people (not sure if that is a good or bad thing.)  To protect her identity, I will not be mentioning Hanna's name:
Click To Enlarge

"Alright Philliam, it's like this. Your blog was obviously taken over by intergalactic Lady Morcrabru (Mork-ray-boo, bottom right) and her beloved pet, Meldew, (top). The only way to get it back was for one warrior- Meshaunut (Mesh-on-ut, bottom left,) from the planet Zigdabor 9 to rise up, and beat her back to her place as a lowly house waitress in Earth's Connecticut."

It's practically a Journey song already!  Anyway, I very much like it when people offer up things like this, so thank you Anonymous Hanna!
Would you like to see inkblots a mere several hours before they are on the blog?  Perhaps receive multiple and confusing repetitive blog post alerts?  I didn't think so, but there is always Facebook.  Otherwise, please send whatever floats your boat to

Sunday, January 2


I just spent 20 minutes meticulously coloring in a wizard-cat pooping on a yellow snail with wings.  Tune in tomorrow when I re-evaluate my life.

P.S. - This draw pad and it's handwriting analyses just called me a 'pud.'  :(