Thursday, January 27

Inkblot Of The Day (Snowday)

I got rid of the fold line!  Of course, now the inkblot looks like a paint-by-number picture, but who knows?  Maybe that will help someone out.  Remember to stay in the lines.  If the "outline" method throws you off, feel free to make love to the original:

I have decided (until the voting is done) to wait a little for interpretations.  That's not to say I won't post in the meantime, or that you can't go off and draw on an older blot and send it in.
Please feel free to do so.  
So yeah, I am sure I can find some filler.  Maybe find more sucker..uh...subjects on Omegle.  Maybe some little facts, or more videos of delicious transitions.

I have at least two interpretations for tomorrow, so fire up your MSPaint (or GIMP or whatever) and make things >2 by sending your interpretations to


  1. I see Darth Maul's reaction when receiving fellatio.

  2. reminds me of optimus prime's face

  3. It looks like my bed sheets...

  4. I see gay stuff. I'm not shooping that!

  5. I see a praying Mantis at an all you can eat buffet.

  6. if that's not a bull, then i don't know what is.

  7. reminds me of a transformer.

  8. Great idea for a blog...
    I see a predator screaming

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What do you see?