Friday, July 15

4.4, Rob Steal, and...uh..?

Ooops!  Unplanned absence was unplanned.  Odd things are afoot, but I assure you there will be no more pictures of trains or anything like that.  This blog is for inkblots, and people don't come here to read about my personal problems.  Before I gloss over that completely, let me just say I appreciate the emails asking what was up, and I apologize if I was abrupt and cryptic in my responses.  I'm just a little (probably unnecessarily) paranoid.

NOTE: Our friend Jack (who has been around since the early days) was in a car accident.  He stopped for a felled tree on the road and got smashed by a tow truck from behind.  He's relatively OK, but I figured I would harass him about 55% less to continue recording for Open To Interpretation 2, so that is on a bit of a pause for now.  
Wish him well!

So, moving right along (doog-a-doon doog-a-doon,) I'm just going to share these interpretations and try to get back in the swing of things.  I hope you enjoy being baffled and entertained by them.  If you are up to it, leave a quick Thank You to the kind folk that take the time to draw these things for us!

Guess what?  Click Any Image To Enlarge

It's all fun and games until the water reaches it's boiling point.
Courtesy of 4.4

"It's a dog bringing home some gifts for it's master this time kinda like
how cats bring mice into the house, instead of eating them." - 4.4
This is actually another version from a 2 Minute Interpretation that he did,
which we shall see in the future. - Phil

Hmm, I better just put a screen cap for this one:

No particular description from 4.4 on this one, but maybe this mad cat has
a fancy hat that needs ladies to attend to it.
And this is embarrassing...I don't know where this next one came from?
Who shall claim it?


  1. I missed you! :(

    The last one made me laugh. :D

  2. wow, dude got hit from behind by a tow truck? Glad he's alright. Ouch.

  3. glad to see you back. Hoping Jacks recovery goes well.

  4. Those are good especially the dog bringing gifts.........

  5. Things happen. Things happen everywhere. Glad you're back! And sorry to hear about Jack, that even hurts me.


    My favorite has to be the dog eating thing. It's out there.


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