Monday, August 1

Indecent Exposure (LP Test 2)

There will be an interpretation by Anonymous that has a penis in it.  Nothing new right?  Well, I don't want to go scaring off the handful of new people that have appeared over the past month, so this is your warning.

I'm also curious if it is something that YouTube would deem not appropriate for general consumption.  I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure Anonymous doesn't think so.  After all this, it will probably be quite anticlimactic for most of you.  Sorry.  I'm hoping that over the weeks I can make more Liquid Pareidolias and find more willing artists so I can string them together for a nice eyecandy combo.

Please leave your thoughts or opinions on the subject (or even off subject, why not?)


  1. I would have never, ever, in a million years, have seen that. I tried too. I went backwards about 3 times. Each time it would just baffle me. That's pretty amazing stuff right there.

    No seriously. I applaud it.

  2. one thing about a dead body... it never says no! lol. God I am terrible. lol.

  3. that. was. BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  4. I agree with the posters above and feel I only have to say one thing: An@l. What has been seen... An@l.


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