Monday, March 14

Art Vs. Interpretation

Unfinished?  Who knows.

It's kind of weird: I started a blog for very specific reasons.
(For Entertainment and Short-Term Distractions.)
Then I ended up having e-mail correspondence with other bloggers, and developed a small idea of what they might be like as individuals.  I think we all do this to a certain extent; a large portion of us probably have "online friendships" that evolved from the blogging community.

The problem is, over time, I tend to get submissions from people that I originally thought of as "normal," and after seeing their work I begin to fear how the correspondence shall pan out.

He sent text with that image explaining things, but I thought it might be more amusing to not share that part at all.  Just take a guess at what he did there, using a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is "I am not surprised by this interpretation, I bet most people will see this." and 5 is "I took the gunk from between your dead mother's toes and formed it in to a replica of Disney's Tinkerbell.  She will pay for your indecent thoughts.  She will pay dearly."

Oh, wow!  I didn't even touch upon the title of this post, which has something to do with how some people shy away from sending in their interpretations because they feel they can't draw that well.  While good artistic skills are always enjoyed here, they are not the primary objective.  
Your interpretations are.  If Rats can be a good sport and be the new example of Interpretation Over Art, then perhaps we will all benefit.  I mean, look at that drawing...what the hell...


  1. It's cool that you are getting in touch with your fans.

  2. Okay. I think I'll start sending some interpretations when I'm bored then. Not too regular, but I often have that extra time. Considered it once but was all, "eh, it wont look good."

    also, that thing looks like a rabbit with a flower on its head. 1.2

  3. I promise to put my hand to making an interpretation sketch the next one you put up. I have to admit, I just have fun looking at them, but then I got to thinking. For years when I tried my hand at art, it sucked. Then, one day, I was doing a psychic read and realized that when I'm doing a read things are very interesting and detailed and complex. I started thinking I might like to sketch out what I'm seeing to see if it strikes the person I'm reading. I take many components of their life and where they've lived and details of different places they frequent and they end up in one vision. So, I think that your blog is relevant for me. Perhaps it's like reading tea leaves and someone will recognize what I see in it as their own world. Hmm...

  4. I really should start sending in interpretations too, but I'm often too lazy.

  5. looks like rabbit agree with flower


    That's all I could see in the ceiling dots, so to people saying 'I can see a rabbit with a flower on it's head' that's because that's what I drew >:[

    Poorly obviously ;_;

  7. Ah, psilocybin. What would the collegiate world do without you?

  8. slightly about a 3


What do you see?