Wednesday, June 1

Sensory Overload (Part Six)

You know the drill.  Awesome art and insane imagination originating from the Oekaki forums and forming a framework for my affinity towards alliteration and inkblot interpretation.  Feeling bold?  Record yourself silly-ly saying those first two lines (try Vocaroo) and I promise I won't do anything silly or unholy with it.

So, yes, you know the drill.  For me, when the pareidolias kicks in, it's this type of sensory overload that helps me stop seeing faces in the shower curtains.

Original Blot

After running away from home, Princess Armalia
of The Rosa Kingdom meets two individuals. - Nadia

A fat ginger head. Ginger cuz freckles. - Anonymous

I'd apologize to any gingers, but it's not like I drew it and we all know gingers are pretty much genetic defects and can't read well anyway.
I don't know where that came from.  Sorry.  The next blot I was sure people were going to see some sort of aircraft.  The interpretations from Nadia and pp literally stunned me for a few moments:

Original Blot

A dog blasts forward on skis going through a pile of sticks and rocks. - Nadia

I just saw a dragon head, so I drew it. - pp
In the next one, there are two takes on one interpretation (Cirque du Soleil, eat your heart out) and I am almost positive it is our own Anonymous Artist.  Could be horribly wrong.  I'll find out.  It's followed up by pp's explosive LSD fit and then Nadia wraps it up with his brand of strangeness:

Original Blot

I'd buy a ticket based on this kind of flyer, I would.
(Dancers aren't small, they're further away. Perspective up in this bitch, yo)
- Anonymous

Take 2 (from above image) - Anonymous

I dunno. - pp
(I don't know if I want to know. - Phil)
(It's still awesome.)

Aliens on frogs, I guess.. - Nadia
You guess?!? If you're not sure, then how am I supposed
to figure out if those are boxing gloves hanging down? - Phil
It's boxing gloves and snowmen hanging
from those things in baby's cribs. - Nadia

Some might recognize this blot.  Some might not.  I can't wait to print out the interpretations here, because they are great, and they are not penises:

Original Blot
(You didn't think it was a penis, did you? - Phil)

No text. - Nadia

Qurupeco - Anonymous
(I had to look it up. - Phil)

So who am I kidding?  Now I am seeing more than just faces, on more than just shower curtains!  Once again, thanks to Anonymous (plural) and Nadia and pp.  You've been entertaining us for some time.

Show them some love people, show them some love.  It may be some sort of art exercise to them; perhaps a bit of fun.  Without them though, I'd have to do my own sensory overload, and I'm running out of curtain.


  1. Peoples' imaginations tickle my soul...

  2. Lol, nice interpretations. :D

  3. Those are good. In the first one I saw a little kid looking for a hug.

  4. Wait until you start seeing penis's in the curtain instead of faces...

  5. These sensory overloads amaze me and piss me off at the same time


  6. *Applause*

    Wow, those are all INSANEly good.

  7. could of sworn i saw a penis

  8. It's pretty awesome how I saw pp's dragon head blot but would have never gone into that much detail.

    Ginger comment was lol worthy. I have no ginger friends to apologize to, oh well.

    That last interpretation? Looks like alien bug things... I love it. I'd make it a wallpaper if it had more background.

  9. wow, that is some amazing art! wonderful!

  10. Whoa, Whoa....what's with the ginger shit, everybody knows it's strawberry blonde you bastards.


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