Friday, September 2

2 Minute Intepretation

Some of you may think that I have spent an amount of inkblot-time on a certain part of the male anatomy.

Some, in fact, would say I have a proclivity towards pestering people with penises I personally perpetrated to please my preoccupations.

That is not the case in this video, I swear.  I just like messing with Jack.

We were just getting adjusted and testing out the new Mikogo, and really before Jack had any idea how to use the shared imageboard feature he let me throw up an inkblot for him to get his challenge on.  His interpretation is fine, but the quick art is crude, and when I screw up (this was while recording during the curse) I seem to fall back on something familiar...

Also, I tried to leave out most of the horrible Russian accents that happened.  That is all on Jack's head.


  1. Oh, penises are always funny. It works.

  2. like the angel part!!!...nice blog dude following!

  3. Haha, I kind of want to see what that angel of death would have looked like with more time.

  4. I include penises in my abstract art all the time, so no judgment, bro.

    And I definitely dumbed that down because I like juxtapositions, and there's something badass about using the word "bro" in a comment. On a post that uses the word "proclivity," no less.

  5. Can't go wrong with dick jokes :P

  6. I'm a sucker for a good dick joke. Also, I can't help but giggle that my last sentence involved the words "sucker" and "dick." Teehee.


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