Monday, September 26

2 Minute Interpretation: Slendy

People getting used to the whiteboard's interface.
Yes, that is a Mr. Peanut with testicles instead of feet (a nut's nuts?) and
apparently she loves dat guy.
There is something odd about conversing online with people that you don't really know.

Well, OK, that's not too odd; it is 2011.  But you throw in a whiteboard and some inkblots...let's just say that the image above conveys the exact type of 'odd' I am trying to define here.

This video is Mrs. Slendy's third go after getting used to the whiteboard.  This video also contains my trademark skill and finesse that you are used to, including my masterful techniques of Intermittent Snippets of Conversation and my favorite, Record Spam While Using The Wrong Frame Size For Screensharing.

It could be worse, I could be represented as a red squiggly line like Jack, but instead I got to be the unicorn with the penis on it's chin.  Thanks Slendy!  Always interesting.

I'm always looking for complete strangers to do this.  Can't offer too much.  Maybe alleviate your boredom for a half-hour?  Email if you can spare the time and sanity.  Perhaps you can redefine 'odd' for us.


  1. Could you imagine 69 with a penis chin? I'd say you're lucky.

    I really thought that duck was gonna get chopped, too.

  2. @D4:
    Haha, genius! Pure genius!

  3. Bloody odd and weird and funny but I did say odd.

  4. The nut-footed Mr. Peanut kind of reminds me of Frosty the dildo-shaped snowman.

  5. Oh god I hate my voice so much.


  6. that is the most proper and fancy penis I have ever seen. lol.


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