Friday, February 11

Total Redemption (Preface)

Ok, I know I am in the middle of a multi-part Oekaki saga, but what the hell, eh?  I figured since I am keeping the blog name, I better explain myself.  And by "explain myself" I mean lifting someone else's words:

There is your redemption.  I can't say that others will not make fun of you (Angry Vegetarian *IS* responsible for some clown penis...) but I thought we'd see what any (and all) of the other users might think about someone's interpretations.
I am going to post one person's work, and based off of that work, I would like for you, in the comments, to assign a number from 1 to 5, where 1 means, "Meh, you're fine," to 5, which is "Holy godz, you are batshit insane."

Feel free to use one decimal point in the process.  (1.0 up to 5.0, with 2.5 being the absolute in between of sanity and insanity.)

We've done this on Skype (without too much success and/or coherence) in the past, but it would be a waste of a blog to not get the community's say on such a thing.  For example:

Snicklesox (one word, now I know) was fooli..err, kind enough to volunteer for this.  Over the past 7 or 8 days he has sent in three interpretations.  Without insinuating anything to cloud your judgement about this schizo, I will now present the images for your consideration...

"So, I introduce you to (my wife named him) George.
It's Frank's unsuccessful fat uncle. He is a bit more
evil, as the eyes proclaim, but he is constantly depressed
after losing his one true love. He also can not take
care of his teeth, and the evil inside him makes
them rot at a more orange pace." - Snicklesox 
Naked, maybe?
"Go die in a fire, Snicklesox"

Click to enlarge all images, then cast your vote in the comments, along with any personal observations you may have had.  1.0 = "Sunshine and lollipops!," 2.5 = "You are no more or less insane than the rest of us," and 5.0 = "Lobotomy Required."

Thanks again to Snicklesox, and as long as I am highlighting links, check out his collaborative project,  the BlogWav Podcast, which is quite a handy show to have playing in the background while checking out/working on blogs. 

Reminder to previous submitters!:  I have your stuff!  Don't think I forgot about you! 
Reminder to new submitters!:  Fear nothing, and send any interpretations of any blots (see Collection or any Inkblot Of The Day) to


  1. 5 ;P haha. I love the pictures on this blog!

  2. some weird interpretations there.

  3. 4 =] Loving your blog :)

    Out the three pic's i like the rabbit one (first one) the most :)

  4. You dont have 6 for people like me who are just Stupid!

  5. I like the sound of sunshine and rainbows.

  6. I would have said 4 but he mentions that he's married, so I'll deduct 2 for sexual tension.

  7. 1, 3, 2.
    Honestly, I can see the dragon hair, but the rest? Neh.

  8. Brilliant idea! I'd give him a 2.5 - I think there are much worse things to see in these pics than just fish and elders.

  9. 4.0
    Only an insane man would not give that fish a magic hat.

  10. Those images make me feel uneasy... OH NO I'M GOING TO BE OPERAT-AAAAAAHHHHHH

  11. lol got a good laugh out of the last image

  12. Classic. A fresh idea for a new blog.

  13. @Morphen - see our new current motto. I realize that doesn't extend in to "...and also read the associated text."

    I guess I should not chastise. This is an image-based blog, the text IS small (what I call "Sucio Syndrome") and I suspect that you saw the image and immediately had your thought, which you then needed to post immediately!

    Anyway, that is how I shall remember it. Any sand all comments are appreciated in their own way.

  14. For those three, I'd say 1.4, 3.2, and 4.8.

    The latter two remind me of some of my own, pulling all sorts of weird shit from out of the mind and putting them together where they don't belong.


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