Thursday, March 31

Temporary Troll Thursday

EDIT: Try the Google Transcriber on the video for added perplexity.

I appreciate the responses from last week about responding to/in the comment area.  Food for thought.  Ironically, I feel compelled to address that in it's own post tomorrow.

I'm zapping an old YouTube account, but I still want to keep some of my older videos (non-inkblot related) online, so I am just jamming them on the Inkblot YouTube account.  Plus, I know a large portion of you love trolling above all else.  So why not share them here?  Also I was down and out for a bit and am not prepared for anything else today.

This was back in 2009, and I knew this guy found the idea of my (at the time imaginary) son wanting the Necronomicon for his birthday rather humorous.  Maybe you will too.

Don't worry, back to inkblots tommorow, and yes, I realize that "Temporary Troll Tuesday" would have a better alliteration-style ring to it, but I returned today, not Tuesday.

Friday, March 25

I Heart Graphs

Hooray!  I was worried that D4 was not going to receive his prize in the mail, thus making me look like quite the fool.  Fortunately, he got it and was kind enough to snap a picture of it on his table before setting any drinks on it.  I swear this is a picture he sent in, despite having a table with the same exact wood color as the one I usually make the blots on.

What a handsome guy.

What?  Prize?  Yes.  More to come in April.  (That's what she said.)  I cannot bring myself to erase that last line.  If you are still here, perhaps you can answer the question that has been plaguing me:

(Converted in to a poll, over on the right there.)

Do you have a blog?  Do you respond to people in the comments or just wait to answer questions with your next post?  Do you assume that the questions were just asked in passing with no real need to answer?  My experience is that it is rare for people to go back and check, unless it was some burning personal or technical issue.

Speaking of blogs, Allan's numbers came in...(better than having your number come up, I guess)

Rounding off the crazies.

It turns out you might not be super-crazy, but as you can see, you are definitely on-the-charts crazy, as shown on this chart here:

Sweet and Delicious Online Chart Makers.

Thanks for being a good sport and sending your interpretation in.

If anyone else would like to have their mind rated on an arbitrary scale by a group of people with no experience in psychology, simply pick out a blot (or wait for an Inkblot Of The Day) from the Collection* and use your image-editor-of-choice to doodle on it, save it, and send it to

* just a friendly reminder to Click to Enlarge

Wednesday, March 23

Impressive. Strange, But Impressive.

Original Blot

Two Guys Use 3D Glasses In Their House For A Movie - Nadia

Don't you think so?  Thanks, Nadia.  You are an intrinsic part of this blog.

Monday, March 21

Total Redemption (Chapter Four)

"A semi-transvestite devil-man. Who's a little sad or afraid. Not sure which."

Original Blot

Allan sent this in about a week ago.  I follow a handful of artists' blogs because I enjoy watching the evolution of certain people's style.  Also (just like inkblots,) sometimes you see things that you would never expect to see.

Several people saw some sort of demon or devil; no one articulated anything about it's mood, OR it's potential sexual proclivities.  (Semi-transvestite?  Is that because of the eyelashes?)


Last...chapter saw Hannah getting a 3.1 for her particular malady the other day.  Yes, I double checked my maths.  The Angry Vegetarian is responsible!


Getting back to Allan:

What do you think?  A pretty straight forward drawing?  Or does the fact that his "demon" is betraying any emotion ratchet up the score?  Perhaps because his interpretation stems largely from the negative space of that blot you might be compelled to think differently.  Did you see the being?  Or did you see two snakes?

After leaving a comment and/or score, go check out +1 Internets, of which Allan is a part of.  Many thanks to you, sir, for sending in your interpretation.  We appreciate it.

Saturday, March 19

Sensory Overload (Part Four)

There is still a lot of lovely eye candy in that Oekaki thread.  I'm constantly afraid I am going to have some complete hardware failure and the thread will 404, and Picasa Album will get erased and my ink jars spontaneously ignite.

You never know.

BIG THANKS to everyone there that shared (and are still sharing) with us here.  I don't think too many of the anonymous contributors actually visit this place, but just in case, make sure they know we appreciate it.

Original Blot Specifically For The Oekaki Board
Ruffled Birds Look Over An Egg - Nadia
Evil Count Von Cat.
(At first it was the Pringles guy,
but then this took shape) - that1guyfromthat1time
Sexy Strongman Strikes A Pose

NOTE - Let me head some of you new folk off at the pass:  These are all drawings (interpretations) stemming from the first blot.  All except the first image, which was the original blot.  I just made the blot.  I did not do any of these.  I repeat, I did not draw any of these.

Note for the Note: That last line might have sounded like I was trying to separate myself from them.  Ha!  I only wish I had the imagination/skill (and most likely heavy medication) that these people have!

Please leave a comment and show some love for these people that took a little time out of their day to draw so we could take a little time out of our day to look at them.

Don't forget, CLICK TO ENLARGE!

Thursday, March 17

Get Blotto

Got a little funky with Photoshop.  Happy St. Patty's Day.

Tuesday, March 15

Total Redemption (Chapter Three)

I just wanted that image to be first.  That's all.  It's part of this:

Hannah, whose name I spelled wrong last time, drew this FOR SOMEONE ELSE.  I won't hold it against her though.  She DID send it to me.  It was just...afterwards...the "sloppy seconds" of the seedy inkblot-world.

Will you redeem her?  I will put up the original blot (some of you crazies might remember it from posts about Nazis or just from being crazy) right after putting her description for her interpretation:

"A fellow vaguely resembling John Lennon in a pilgrim hat with a green mustache, pink hair, and blue goggles on his forehead.  He is, for whatever reason, surrounded by yellow birds, tan crabs and blue spiders - fanning him with leaves."

"I'm going to call him Walter.  (He has an abusive wife at home because he hates what became of himself.  So, to piss her off and, partly because of a midlife crisis, he acts out by doing strange things, like dying his hair and finding smiling animals to befriend.  One son, [Malachi, 19] who resents him, mostly due to embarrassment, but also because [between you and me], Walter used to hit the bottle pretty hard if you know what I mean."

Now it all makes sense, Walter!

So leave a comment, and be sure to rate her interpretation on a 1 to 5 scale.
Remember, 1 is something like, "I like plush toys," and 5 is something like, "I leave plush toys as a calling card at all my crime scenes."
Not that you should be influenced by anything other than her interpretation, I am still going to link to her deviantART page(s) where there are some pleasantly disturbing pics of her.

This comes on the heel of Rats, who was kind enough to let me use him as a demonstration yesterday for Art vs. Interpretations and the eye-rubbing difficulty of staring at popcorn ceiling.

I don't think he was expecting me to leave out his text explaining what he drew, but most of you got it.  Apparently rabbits with flowers on their head can still get you Redeemed at a modest score of 3.2.  So thanks to his easy-going nature we can all slip him in this handy chart of crazy people:

Monday, March 14

Art Vs. Interpretation

Unfinished?  Who knows.

It's kind of weird: I started a blog for very specific reasons.
(For Entertainment and Short-Term Distractions.)
Then I ended up having e-mail correspondence with other bloggers, and developed a small idea of what they might be like as individuals.  I think we all do this to a certain extent; a large portion of us probably have "online friendships" that evolved from the blogging community.

The problem is, over time, I tend to get submissions from people that I originally thought of as "normal," and after seeing their work I begin to fear how the correspondence shall pan out.

He sent text with that image explaining things, but I thought it might be more amusing to not share that part at all.  Just take a guess at what he did there, using a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is "I am not surprised by this interpretation, I bet most people will see this." and 5 is "I took the gunk from between your dead mother's toes and formed it in to a replica of Disney's Tinkerbell.  She will pay for your indecent thoughts.  She will pay dearly."

Oh, wow!  I didn't even touch upon the title of this post, which has something to do with how some people shy away from sending in their interpretations because they feel they can't draw that well.  While good artistic skills are always enjoyed here, they are not the primary objective.  
Your interpretations are.  If Rats can be a good sport and be the new example of Interpretation Over Art, then perhaps we will all benefit.  I mean, look at that drawing...what the hell...

Friday, March 11

Inkblot Of The Day Redo

Just trying out something.  Feel free to comment.

Wednesday, March 9

Inkblot Video (not Gnarles Barkley!)

If you mention "inkblots" and "music video" in the same sentence, you might find one of the millions of people that can direct you to this song: Crazy.

Good stuff indeed.  I just thought I would point you to this person's video, which apparently was some sort of school assignment from 2007 and is more my kind of video: it's got that brainwashing vibe (and music) to it.

Tuesday, March 8

Popcorn Ceiling Of The Day

Don't worry, this is not a replacement for inkblots, but every once in awhile I get a bad case of the "pareidolias" and I thought maybe a small diversion from ink wouldn't be too bad.

One of my old nemeses, popcorn ceiling, seems to be prominent in a lot of medical waiting rooms.  At first it was a nice way to pass the time while waiting semi-naked for the doctor, but if one is particularly fevered, the images that pop out tend to be...weird.

I am sure the majority of people will not see anything, but if you have a few minutes, just stare.

As always, bonus points for drawing/outlining anything and sending it to

Friday, March 4

Contest Winner


No, you didn't sink by battleship, but you did win the contest.  Congrats, and I'll try to have it out on Monday.  I'll pop a more detailed message in your email over the weekend.

Thanks to everyone that participated.

Sorry for the lackluster drawing; it turns out my wife is a troll in her own way:

Wednesday, March 2

There Is No Correct Answer

A Miltank sits on a Herdiers back. - Nadia
When Blogger feeds a post in to the Facebook fan page, it goes with the first image.  What can I say?  I thought Nadia's interpretation was incredibly colorful and pornographic, despite his further words: "I saw one of those mustache dogs and a cat sitting on its back with it's back legs up, but made this instead."

We had a small text-exchange after that concerning what this might look like without a caption, but I am not sure how often he peruses this blog, and I'd hate to shoot myself in the foot when it comes to his awesome and frequent work.

Those other chaps and chapettes on the Oekaki forum are also full of surprises...but before I continue I have been told (by Mrs. Rorschach) that I should put the original blot up for side-by-side comparison, even if it was only yesterday that you saw it.

I bet Hermann never had his wife be so critical about
the placement of his inkblots.
I say, "Screw that, you can all scroll up and down to see the comparisons."

Not to be outdone by mere drawings, I must share MRanthrope's response, for it made me smile and realize how much I enjoy the user-interaction of this blog:

A few responses yesterday involved the negative space, AND our Lord Satan the King of Lies (my words, not yours.)  Apparently so did this Anon:

Demons be praised.
As long as we are being supernatural, let us not forget about aliens.  Alien cowboys.  Alien cowboys on cow-horses.

Alien-thing in boots riding a horse-thing. The grey is dust just
 because I can't see shit in the actual blot. - Anonymous

Thanks to everyone that responded and in particular to those of you that take the time to draw things out.  I'm sure I am not the only one that is entertained.

So the contest is over (15 entries, I am impressed!) and the drawing will be tonight, with the results displayed tomorrow.  Good luck!

EDIT:  Please forgive the giant garish Facebook box below, I already blew the page up (you should all go back up your stuff now) and restored it; now I just want to leave it alone for a little bit while I cry.  If I can't get it looking less obtrusive by the end of the week I will destroy it.  Feel free to use it though!

Tuesday, March 1

Inkblot Of The Day (Tuesday)

Between the contest and the Redemption and the Sensory Overload and the Omegle Trolling (I just have to accept that's what it is) I tend to forget that I enjoy making inkblots.  Not that I plan on stopping any of the above, I just need to get some fresh blots in.

Speaking of the Omegle business, I wanted to address something someone asked from the Trifecta post:

HillDog said...
Pretty awesome video, though somewhat douchey. You have a pretty awesome voice; Are you trained?
What were the "correct" answers? Just wondering?

For the record, I am not trained in vocalization or douchery in any way.  Apparently I am just lucky at both.  Anyway, the question about those blots...I don't know!  There are definitely common answers on a few, but generally I am just leading people up to the blank page (unless I feel I am losing them) so I can penalize them.

Perhaps after the contest (which ends tonight!) I will throw the images up here and we will all decide what is "right" and "wrong" or at the very least find out what some of the more common collective answers are.  Maybe I will legitimately query people on Omegle to see what they see...

While I do read all the comments, I tend to not respond in the comment section because I assume 99% of the people don't check back there for answers.  If you ever have any questions that I absolutely must answer, feel free to mail anything and everything to

Now, go stare at that blot and report back to us.