Tuesday, March 8

Popcorn Ceiling Of The Day

Don't worry, this is not a replacement for inkblots, but every once in awhile I get a bad case of the "pareidolias" and I thought maybe a small diversion from ink wouldn't be too bad.

One of my old nemeses, popcorn ceiling, seems to be prominent in a lot of medical waiting rooms.  At first it was a nice way to pass the time while waiting semi-naked for the doctor, but if one is particularly fevered, the images that pop out tend to be...weird.

I am sure the majority of people will not see anything, but if you have a few minutes, just stare.

As always, bonus points for drawing/outlining anything and sending it to st.inkblots@gmail.com


  1. I see a child sitting in a field of dandelions...laughing?

  2. I see a scary lizard D: I'll draw it up on paint now :D

    Oh, and so it;s now public record:
    "Well, as long as you are deleting it, I might as well confess to a few things: I eat expired cherries. Once, when I was 14 and in a diner, the power went out. I took the time to stealthily move from table to table and wipe my face with other people's napkins. I never seed. Yup, nothing can go wrong here!"


  3. Personally? I see two people on a tandem bike.

  4. i keep seeing different maps, but every time i try to focus they dissolve away, and after a few seconds they come back but are never the same.

  5. invert the colors and i see space.


What do you see?