Tuesday, March 15

Total Redemption (Chapter Three)

I just wanted that image to be first.  That's all.  It's part of this:

Hannah, whose name I spelled wrong last time, drew this FOR SOMEONE ELSE.  I won't hold it against her though.  She DID send it to me.  It was just...afterwards...the "sloppy seconds" of the seedy inkblot-world.

Will you redeem her?  I will put up the original blot (some of you crazies might remember it from posts about Nazis or just from being crazy) right after putting her description for her interpretation:

"A fellow vaguely resembling John Lennon in a pilgrim hat with a green mustache, pink hair, and blue goggles on his forehead.  He is, for whatever reason, surrounded by yellow birds, tan crabs and blue spiders - fanning him with leaves."

"I'm going to call him Walter.  (He has an abusive wife at home because he hates what became of himself.  So, to piss her off and, partly because of a midlife crisis, he acts out by doing strange things, like dying his hair and finding smiling animals to befriend.  One son, [Malachi, 19] who resents him, mostly due to embarrassment, but also because [between you and me], Walter used to hit the bottle pretty hard if you know what I mean."

Now it all makes sense, Walter!

So leave a comment, and be sure to rate her interpretation on a 1 to 5 scale.
Remember, 1 is something like, "I like plush toys," and 5 is something like, "I leave plush toys as a calling card at all my crime scenes."
Not that you should be influenced by anything other than her interpretation, I am still going to link to her deviantART page(s) where there are some pleasantly disturbing pics of her.

This comes on the heel of Rats, who was kind enough to let me use him as a demonstration yesterday for Art vs. Interpretations and the eye-rubbing difficulty of staring at popcorn ceiling.

I don't think he was expecting me to leave out his text explaining what he drew, but most of you got it.  Apparently rabbits with flowers on their head can still get you Redeemed at a modest score of 3.2.  So thanks to his easy-going nature we can all slip him in this handy chart of crazy people:


  1. Uhm. I would have given it a 1.8, but then I heard the description. I know how 2.5 is a bit over to the crazy side, but thats what I'm going with. Solid 2.5

  2. I give it a 4 and vote bull moose party down the rest of the ticket.

  3. I think your scale don't go up high enough for the likes of me, dude.

  4. Two people holding hands and holding a crab on the other hand. LOVELY.

  5. You know. It's not that crazy. Despite being off the tits crazy, you know. I kind of get it, though, so I shan't be going any higher than a 2!

  6. I think that borders on sane....2.5

  7. I find that very settling and cuddly, no batshit. I rate that a 1. Typing that makes me feel like I'm insulting it, but I'm not.

    It's weird that when I saw that blot I immediately saw (almost) all of the things I originally saw with it. Rabbits shitting, ovaries, and dildos. Not to credit my memory, I see dildos in about 80% of your blots. Pervert.


What do you see?