Sunday, February 20

Total Redemption (Chapter Two)

Erroneous Gives A #2

Suciô Sanchez has a lot going for him, but that could all change once this gets forwarded to the appropriate medical staff.  My thanks to him for not necessarily objecting to being part of this!   He is the new "score to beat" (or lose to?) with 3.4, which is .4 less sane than Snicklesox.  Eventually we will have enough scores to make a leader board.

Speaking of not necessarily objecting, we have Yakoi, who sent in this interpretation.  I had no fucking clue what it was.  When I mentioned this to her, she replied, "Phil, I have no idea what it is.  I saw a Siamese twin blow job thing going on...idk."
Will you Redeem her?


You be the judge.  I'll go over the scale one more time: 

1 to 5, with 1 being relatively sane, and 5 being chock full of nuts.  Allowance is there for one decimal point (but no score shall exceed 5).  Keep in mind that this means 2.5 is not "middle ground," but more so "I wear clown outfits three sizes too big and go to the mall to throw shoes at the elderly."

Many thanks to all participants; please check out their blogs, and please feel free to doodle on any blot in this blog (check out any Inkblot Of The Day, or go to the Collection page and MSPaint your little crazy heart out) and send it to me at
You might not be as crazy as you think!  (Doubtful, but I feel I should say something nice like that.)


  1. That is crazy. Point blank, stone cold crazy.

  2. 5 - absolutely 'bag of frogs' mad

  3. Someone is getting it from behind. lol. This one is awesome.

  4. 5-I see a purple rabbit being tag team by a half rat half mexican in a sombero

  5. 4 I see a twin headed pink bunny person :O

  6. I'm completely inexperienced in this whole inkblot thing, so i'll give it a 3. 3 seems like a good number =)

  7. 5. Crazy is as crazy posts on blogs.

  8. I reckon I deserve at least a 4 for this one...idk what the hell was going through my mind that <3

  9. I just accidentally stumbled onto your Youtube page (link is in your profile)... that video you did over Omegle with the green-shirt-guy was hilarious man... I don't know why you don't post those up here more often! And I'd give Suciô a 3... actually, a 3.3 because he photoshops people's heads onto gay Mormon porn stars (not even joking here)...

  10. I give it a four -- The color scheme's actually kind of soothing, but the pink rabbit, complete with mustache and human arm, brings on the strange by the truckload.

  11. I'm deeply honored by the rating. So fulfilling to be acknowledged by one's peers.

    I'm going to give Yakoi 4.0 for her interpretation with an additional 0.5 for facilitation. So, 4.5.

    Thanks to her prompt, I now see Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" being spit-roasted by two Wild Things.

  12. @NooG - Check the Video tab. Also, coincidentally, I just had several good runs of "Headphones Required" Omegle fun.
    I'll probably save them for the weekend.


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