Wednesday, April 20

Liquid Pareidolia

EDIT: If you are reading this before the new post today (Thursday), just disregard all the charity stuff for now.  Still setting things up before posting.  Thanks.

I may have slightly possibly scanned this improperly.

Working on some new ways of tickling your imagination.  Pareidolia is everywhere.  The ink does not always have to go on paper.

Thought it looked pretty cool.  In case you couldn't tell, that was something Nadia whipped up from that one frame, and I always steal music from Dalek.
So if I make a few of these and get a few artists to draw over a few frames, we could end up with some nice eyecandy.  Obviously I will keep you posted.

Quick Question:



  1. so neat I see blue luquid and it's awesome

  2. I like the video. Watched it when you first put it up on your channel.

    I'd definitely enjoy seeing more content like that.

  3. LOL that caught me off guard! I'll uh, take that as a green light then? I saw a vertical scene, with a woman up front being groped by someone on back, I think that's fair enough?

    Today's I see the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.

    And the liquid pareidolia is fascinating. I wouldn't object to more.

  4. I see a bunny rabbit. He looks so cuddly!

  5. wow, didn't see that horse in there at all.

  6. awesome picture and trippy video. great use of colors as well

  7. I see a bunny, but he's on an operating table with cables going into his brain, and surrounded by surgical equipment. oh, and he's wearing John Lennon glasses

  8. At 0:21 in the video: ptyrodactyl anyone?

  9. I used to these a lot in school. This one reminded me of hips. Loved guessing it.


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