Tuesday, April 19

Loose Ends

It occurred to me that when asking you to go back and Redeem Colin B in one post, I linked to a random picture that should not be construed as the C. B. himself.  I'm not entirely sure anyone noticed.  It was just some bad Ctrl-V'ing on my part.

He didn't get too many people in on his Redemption, but we must move on.  He got several scores in the comments, one from someone I harassed in Gmail (3.8), one from the Skype faction (4.5) and I even braved a sea of stroked penile flesh on Omegle to get one measly score (3) before I became despondent in the face (lap?) of mounting masturbaters.

So we have our first 4 on the charts:

To top it off, he sent in a submission from yesterday's inkblot:

I detect a theme.
So, thanks Colin B.  You have reached Secret Nugget Illuminati Level.

We'll also be seeing Redemption for LoneIslander, Angry Vegetarian, my wife, D4, and the re-Redemption of Rats (he got riped!) and other assorted motley freaks.  Possibly not in that order, though.

Am I forgetting someone?  Did you send something in and I did not respond?  Was it before or after Redemption was in effect?  My organazational skills are only now coming in to play, so please let me know at st.inkblots@gmail.com if I missed your submission or if you have a new one.


Sorry man, you're screwed.  Try not to look at the family dog too much.  Or your relatives.  Or the mirror!


  1. DEFINITELY seeing some x-rated material in today's blot. Don't think I should even describe it.

  2. I want to hear D4's interpretation. I immediately saw to cobras dancing.

  3. Looks like a velociraptor with two smoking magnums.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You noticed a link in reference to you and it turns out to be a picture of a dude's transformation in to a woman and you don't say anything?!?

  6. apples and grapes, so delicious! how come i don't see that?

  7. D4, post it man, I'm interested!

  8. i see a kid making snow angels.... hmmm

  9. first 4 on the chart eh? May God help us all!

  10. When i clicked the link it actually just said "4CHAN.ORG" in bold, but now that i know what it actually was...

    i probably wouldn't have said anything


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