Friday, April 13

Sensory Overload (Part Eleven)

As usual, quick thanks to the folk at /i/; I am just going to jump right in to it.  There is only one blot I am focusing on here:
Original Blot

All interpretations are anonymous and any text in the thread post was included in quotes at the bottom of the picture.  Click an image used to simply enlarge it, but they changed that.  Still, it is worth checking these out in their natural format.

"Oh uh, he has comically tiny arms."

"Big guy with necklace or something."

Devil bird thing eating somebody's
heart through their ribcage.

"Woo, that was fun"
by Hrimfaxi

"Creature with a boner in his pants and a creature
with boobs and a cloak are about to hug,
when they see something above them."

"Close enough"

"I saw someone maybe, leaning with bloody knees and
feet over a body or pile of blood or soil and
trying to scoop it up but having it crumble/
sift between their fingers."

"It's totally a dragon."

"I got bored half-way through"

No description (not really needed, is it?)

A bit more graphic version of the one above
titled Close Enough

"Saggy tits in a loose, summer blouse, right?

This is one of my favorite collections.  Hats off to all you folk.  I hope we can continue doing this without actually talking about it, because frankly I don't know who on /i/ bothers checking this blog out!  I'll be putting this on Facebook, 'cause I know some of you will want to share some of these awesome bits of art.