Tuesday, November 30

Inkblot Of The Day (Tuesday)

Add caption

I really think this looks like something in particular (although I had to roll back a bit to fully see it) and am going to keep this passworded text file here: http://www.filedropper.com/tueblot and if someone draws it, they get the password.  Not that there is anything in there.   Although that just gave me an idea...well, we'll see.

So there are minor additions being put on at this site, some more info in the pages, a tad info here,  tad over there.  Small chunks.  So check out (regularly!) the Information, Glossary/FAQ, and whatever pops up there. I'm open to suggestions for things.

Now let's take a look at two of yesterdays submissions.  On the one hand, we Have Colin B., who sent in this: 
Why that would be a clown with no torso who just so happens to
have his legs attached to his shoulders.
Oh, he has bear claws and is using a jackhammer.
The email specified that "HE'S NOT DRUNK!" in reference to the clown...it would not surprise me to find out Colin was wasted while doing this.  

Ok, so there is that clown, and then there is this one sent in by The Angry Vegetarian:
"I do think this is my best drawing so far.  However it is
unfortunate that it's a clown exposing himself. 
I think Buxton will like that.  She likes clowns that come on to her.  Sorry, mind wandered. 

So who would you let babysit your children?  No, not the clowns, I mean between Colin and his bear-claw operated jackhammer vision and A-Veg and his possibly repressed memory?  Obviously neither, BUT WHAT IF YOU HAD NO CHOICE?

Monday, November 29

Inkblot Of The Day (Monday)

Since running out of needles that I borrowed from the hospital, I thought maybe if I crumpled the paper up before blotting it would create a bunch of crevasses for the ink to flow around when I shook the paper before folding.  While it does not match the needle's ability to finely spread ink, it certainly had an impact.

From Friday we have Mr. Bouchard again...TWO video game interpretations in a row?  

Lin Kuei Inkblot?

Dalek serves up a Double Llama for us.  (It would make a good drink name.)  Never go to the zoo with this man.  P.S. - It startled me when I opened it full size:

Are you man enough to Click Image To Enlarge?

Favorite Text Answer:  "To be perfectly honest, the first thing I saw was two guys thrusting into each other and smacking their testicles together." 
You know it's going to be good when someone starts it off with, "To be perfectly honest..." and The Cockshiner (who has submitted images in the past) possibly is living up to his moniker.  If it makes you feel any better, I sort of saw it, but without outlining any...thing, we will never be sure.  :D

Thank you to everyone that sent something in and left a response, and I appreciate the patience with my blog-construction problems.  Oh yes, hippilazma, I received nothing in my mail, at st.inkblots@gmail.com, so don't think I was ignoring you!

Friday, November 26


Yeah, so as you can see I was messing around with the looks of things, right before not being around for a bit.  Yeesh.  So it may take several days to get back to a proper look.  Enjoy 'Default Black' for awhile. 

Thanks go out to Mr. Bouchard for sending in his interpretation from...Tuesday?  Yes, Tuesday's blot:

Most appreciated, sir.  I wonder if you saw both images at the same distance?  At the same time?  Aww, you even included your own comparison shots!  Excellent.

As always, if anyone has any interpretations they want to send in, or just email in general: st.inkblots@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 23

Inkblot Of The Day (Tuesday)

Try taking a step back on this one.
Yesterday's oddball blot brought out the oddballs.  Favorite text answer from DusteeI see three aliens, one carrying a human head.  Regular contributor Dan made use of the missing paper area to show his interpretation:

I see 3 different characters. First, I see Andariel from Diablo 2. She is punching a pineapple in the middle. Then, there is a Magcargo on the right side sitting by himself. He is lonely because no one wants to catch a Magcargo.

Dalek was just calling me out:

Challenge accepted.  This is probably the most artsy I got on any inkblot with my limited mouse and Paint skills:
Alternate Title Needed (or a name for the guy in the middle.)

Monday, November 22

Inkblot Of The Day (Monday + Sacrilegiousness)

Well, technically it is an inkblot.  I don't have too much of an explanation as to what I was doing.  I personally see a lot in it.  I'm afraid the next few posts will be a tad spartan as I try and continue setting up the Regulars pages and finish slapping Episode Nine around (and start recording Episode Ten: Return To Origins.  Nah, it will not have such a fancy title.  Well...)

A lot of people saw a religious figure on Friday.  Hell, I saw him, which is why I put it on the background of a wall of thorns.  Probably didn't need to do that.   From our regulars:

Colin B didn't say it was any deity, but I would be interested to know what name he would be given (not Colin, but penis-shoulders here:)

Please title me!
On the other end of the description-spectrum, Dalek was specific about his labeling:

Depressing AND bloody!

Thanks again to these two stalwart contributors.  When the time comes, I'll make sure you get the best treatment possible.

If anyone was offended by any of this, please let me know at st.inkblots@gmail.com so I can avoid you.

Saturday, November 20

Episode Nine (Part 1 of 2)

I'm just going to copy this straight from the YouTube description:

While the images are tame, you might not want to have the volume up too loud for the kiddies to hear.

Chelsea "Giggles At Guns" vs. General "I'll Be Around Whenever The Hell I Feel Like It" Failure.

With absolutely no offense to the volunteers (contestants and interpreters) I just got jaded in the middle of editing this due to minor technical issues but mostly because of the decision to go back to the non-game show version of things.

Music: Leslie - Urbanism: 

Ok, so I seem to be really screwing up the embedding there.  Might be better to watch it from it's native page.

  Anyway, I received several interpretations from yesterday's blot, which I am SO NOT explaining why I did what I did.  (It wasn't for Jesus.)  I'll put them up on Monday.  Feel free to send one if you missed the chance.

So I am saving all that jazz up for Monday, as I am going to be taking "weekends off."  Sort of.  I know ink-on-paper doesn't sound that involved to begin with, but you know...blogs.
I'm not saying there won't be any posts.  Just probably not as many and there will not be an Inkblot Of The Day for the weekends.  Sorry.

My thanks to everyone for the suggestions and support, and of course for letting all of us in to a little slice of your brain.  It's small, but fertile.  :D

Friday, November 19

Inkblot Of The Day (Friday)


Much laughter was had from the email submissions for yesterday's blot.  In order received:

1st) Dan. "I see an oliphant carrying 2 soldiers. They are high fiving cause they are victorious. The oliphant has war paint and a split trunk.
There are people on the ground in front that crapped themselves after dying by the machine guns mounted on the oliphant."   
2nd) Dalek.  It *IS* quite a cool warrior's mask.
3rd) Ziggeh.  Now with a proper link.  If you don't laugh at "unicoodles", then you are dead inside.
4th) Colin B.  Shoving his imagination aside (no small feat), he highlights a way that some of you drawing-challenged individuals might get your interpretations across. 

Thank you, people!

Deleted scene from LOTR
Self-Portrait?  Warrior Ancestors?
Somewhere, someone's childhood is ruined.
Sit Ubu, sit!

I'm going to be putting up pages of individual galleries of regulars here, so that their brain stuffs will forever be on digital record.  There might be goofy links and broken gadgets until I get that in order, so please be patient.  (And if you are a regular here, you probably ARE a patient!  AhahaHHHHAHhahaaasorry.)

Thursday, November 18

So Much Stuff

I have much to put here, but SOME PEOPLE (honest people) made me feel like I might have an excessively long post here and there.

Are you on Facebook?  Because there is an application by Cédric Bozzi for inkblots.  It's got 10 BEAUTIFUL and original Photoshop created blots for you to interpret and share with friends.  PLUS, it asks what you see in two very important ways, which I have been authorized to steal for use in the future.  I encourage you to check it out and have some fun with your Facebook friends because it will compare your answers to people you know.

After some shameless whoring for interpretations for yesterday's blot, we had a pretty good bunch sent in.  They are all like snowflakes: not only are they unique and different, but if you have to many at one time your body goes cold and your car won't start.
I think in order to use the space here better, I am going to list the submitters and comments (in order received) and then post the images. 
(A MASSIVE Thank You to all of you for taking the time to draw these out.)

1st) Ziggeh - Getting in to the Xmas spirit
2nd) Angry Vegetarian - If someone could accurately title this, you are the Master Title-Maker
3rd) Anonymous - "It's an explosion, duh!"
4th) Colin B - Giving A-Veg a run for his money in sheer volume of items seen in one blot
5th) Dalek - Eh, uh...I'll just have to paste the text from his email.
6th) Bav - She ALMOST drew a maypole scene (you can dance if you want to) but then there was that dog barfing
7th) Dan - Hmm, I'll have to paste his text too...

The most wonderful time of the year!

??? (Caption Needed)

Of course!

Note in email: "Sorry about all the arrows."

"It's some kind of Chinese demon summoning ritual.  There's the head
priest guy in the back and he's all "中国废话" and the two other guys and
holding hands and staffs to concentrate their energy and are all
"让我们牵手" and then there's fire to the sides of the head priest guy and
it's all "裂纹和怒吼" and then there's the offering bucket thing and it's
full of blood and stuff and it's all "沉默".

"I see some sort of celebration / cult ritual. Some little guy in the center is preaching to the Oktoberfest wearing women that like to hold hands. They are entering a cave or something. Or a cathedral."

I can't stress enough (for you people doing a quick glance) that these were from yesterday's blot, not today! 
Not every post will have a comparison, since I don't want to have doubles of my images cloggin' up the bloggin'.

I also should of started something a long time ago, and that is My Favorite Text Answer from the previous blot.  It goes to Uncle Nihilio for stating simply:  "Duck Tea Party"

And maybe for those that don't see anything on a particular blot, perhaps you could add a colorful caption to one of the wonders that other's send in?  (I'm looking at Dan's and A-Veg's pics when I say this...)


Wednesday, November 17

Inkblot Of The Day (Wednesday)

Almost went in the trash.  Hmm...
I tried adding a dash of H2O to the black ink bottle to see if I could get a few more blots out of it.  I also tried folding paper like I thought I was an accomplished origami master.  Rather abysmal.  I might have to jam a few together in Photoshop and see what happens.  They can't all be winners.  Or 2nd placers.  Or even contenders.

Protip: Don't put fresh ink-on-paper on the carpet.
On the bright side (because ink is dark, another dose of drawings done by the dynamic duo of Dalek and Dan (no relation to each other at all, despite the similarity of their interpretation):


Nice shades.  Wonder what he is yelling at?

Original in the center.
Do you have a cold or illness or otherwise feeling unwell?  
Does it have an effect on what you can see in the inkblots?  The Angry Vegetarian said he had difficulty seeing things the past few times because he wasn't up to par.  I just assumed his brain was concentrating on other things, but there have been a few entries in the past from other people that have stated similar things.  I am intrigued.

(P.S.@A-Veg: I am glad you are feeling "healthier."  I choose that word because after your description from yesterday, I'd hardly call your sense of being "better.")

EDIT:  He may be feeling better, but he still certainly needs help.  This is a quick "late" entry from (might as well be) regular A-Veg...

Click Image To Enlarge.  No really, you'll want to see the descriptions.
It is truly possible to start a religion from this one.  And by "religion" I mean "cult that worships randomness."
Many thanks to Dalek, Dan, and A-Veg, and of course thanks to you all that leave your interpretations in the comments.  Except for Croatian Spam Guy.

Tuesday, November 16

Inkblot Of The Day (Tuesday)

That's for today.  I get the feeling (from some of the comments) that certain users think the submitted stuff is for the blot of the current day.  Not the case.  Time travel and all of that.   

Dalek-mail is always fun, although I wouldn't want to go camping with him - he puts the wrong end of the marshmallow stick in the fire:

Side-By-Side for you lazy folk.
I suppose I should put up the other part of Episode One before putting up Episode Nine. If you haven't seen the first part of this, you are going to be confused.  I mean, more so than usual:

I miss drawing on the blots.  I spend time making them and getting wrapped up in what other people see, I tend to forget to exercise my own brain.

Monday, November 15

Inkblot Of The Day (Monday)

I'm going to start out with the Inkblot Of The Day.  When this pops up on Facebook it takes the first image and uses it as the thumbnail.  So there.

As I said in an an earlier post, the psychologist I spoke to had some professional reservations about being recorded talking about people's interpretations.  He wanted me to write up a quick outline of my intent, which I have done and will be dropping off at his offices later this evening.  I intent on directing him to this post today, so please help me convince him (with your loving comments) that you guys and gals would not take any recording that might occur as anything other than entertainment.

Yesterday I got a glimpse of the planet that Dan and his ducks will be moving to:

Now in globe form.

Dalek (link is a specific song, check it) surprised me panel-for-panel:

I was secretly hoping for something like this.

Before the fold.  Umm...

Do not insert hand in Om Nom Area.

Is this working without having a side-by-side comparison?  I mean all you have to do is look at yesterday's post.  Anyway, thanks to Dalek and Dan.  You are now officially "regulars" which is something that you should take medicine for.

On the tail end of finishing up Episode Nine, which will be the last of the quiz-style for a bit, as the majority of you (three) have stated that it is more entertaining to just listen to people make fun of each other.  Also my wife thinks the quiz is boring.  So...uh...yeah, here is the other half of Episode One:

Hmm, well maybe later.  I am not waiting around for YouTube.  Just tell us what you see, and why the Doctor should agree to a short recording.

Sunday, November 14

No Time Waiting For Ink To Dry

Kind of looks like a dragon to me.
But then I folded it.
Ruined it.  
It was one giant poo of a splotch of ink.
So I tried again.

Dealer folds.

I know this sounds weird, but this looks
familiar to me.

Saturday, November 13

Episode One (Part 1 of 2)

From yesterday's blot:

That's Dan, freaking me out.  I slapped it on the original and shifted it a tad to show where he got that:

I didn't put them right on top of each other, so you could get the spook factor like I did.  Thanks Dan!

Dalek...ah, Dalek, you freakish bastard.  HE IS THE REASON THERE IS NO INKBLOT FOR TODAY!  Before I get to that, his interpretation from yesterday (no YouTube link to help with this one!):

Suicidal monsters.  A first for this blog, as far as I know.  Thanks, Dalek.  I think.  :D

So yeah, in the midst of editing Episode Nine and he says he liked the original non-quiz show version of the Inkblot game.  I guess I want other people's opinions, so have a listen to the very first Episode.  No music, no scales, no options.  Just a group of people making fun of each other.  Hope you get a kick out of some of the interpretations; at least get some idea of where the 'regulars' were coming from.

For those of you that actually watch the vids, let me know if it is more entertaining to listen to people make fun of each other, or to have them pick from a set of weird answers.  That's assuming you found any of this entertaining at all!
As always, mail me at st.inkblots@gmail.com if you want to join in on the shenanigans.  Or for anything.

Oh yes, I wanted to mention that I am sorry if I haven't addressed some questions or comments in the past.  I suck like that.  I aim to change that part of things in the future.  But not on a Saturday night.

Friday, November 12

Inkblot Of The Day (Friday)

I'm in the process of collecting some data from your responses in October to see if there are any trends (other than pandas and butterflies.)  It's a bit more daunting then I thought!

Speaking of responses, there were quite a few from yesterday's blot.  As far as submissions go, here are two from our regulars:

Not a self-portrait, Dalek was just signing his name.  I hope.
Ok, ok...if it weren't for the video that he attached in the email, I would of thought he was completely nuts.  But since he did include a link, I can now confirm that he IS completely nuts.  Make your own call:

Nadia drew something, but from the text, I still can't quite figure it out.  He said, "First I was like face mask, but then I turned to bottle."
Uh...maybe a word or two didn't make it through there...damn interesting though:

A bottle of fuzzy Crown Royale?
Thanks guys, your work always brings a smile to my face and a jolt to a part of my brain that usually remains dormant.

Trying something a little different with colors again, since a few comments indicated colors are fun.  Does it make a difference if I change the image post-blot?  I don't have purple paper or orange ink.  Yet.