Saturday, November 13

Episode One (Part 1 of 2)

From yesterday's blot:

That's Dan, freaking me out.  I slapped it on the original and shifted it a tad to show where he got that:

I didn't put them right on top of each other, so you could get the spook factor like I did.  Thanks Dan!

Dalek...ah, Dalek, you freakish bastard.  HE IS THE REASON THERE IS NO INKBLOT FOR TODAY!  Before I get to that, his interpretation from yesterday (no YouTube link to help with this one!):

Suicidal monsters.  A first for this blog, as far as I know.  Thanks, Dalek.  I think.  :D

So yeah, in the midst of editing Episode Nine and he says he liked the original non-quiz show version of the Inkblot game.  I guess I want other people's opinions, so have a listen to the very first Episode.  No music, no scales, no options.  Just a group of people making fun of each other.  Hope you get a kick out of some of the interpretations; at least get some idea of where the 'regulars' were coming from.

For those of you that actually watch the vids, let me know if it is more entertaining to listen to people make fun of each other, or to have them pick from a set of weird answers.  That's assuming you found any of this entertaining at all!
As always, mail me at if you want to join in on the shenanigans.  Or for anything.

Oh yes, I wanted to mention that I am sorry if I haven't addressed some questions or comments in the past.  I suck like that.  I aim to change that part of things in the future.  But not on a Saturday night.


  1. Jeez, this images are getting stranger and stranger by the day. You guys are really funny, the vid was awesome. I think you should try both methods over time. Both people making fun and having weird answers are cool.

  2. Lol alright. Umm I personally prefer you guys just making fun of the pictures randomly, though the quiz style is neat too. It's always a good time making fun of other people and how their minds work. Sorry to see there is no blot today- However, the ones in the video seemed new to me. I can definitely say I did not see anything similar to what the people in the video saw :D

  3. making fun of people is funner

  4. rofl i find the commentary hilarious especially that guy using paint 2 write

  5. I like them both
    Maybe the first half quiz and the other half not? I DON'T KNOW :(

  6. LoL at Goofie interpretation, but God, I really love when that inkblot became a... free man?
    Oh, uh, deformed skeleton+penis? where? xD
    By the way, it is interesting, and mostly full of humor.
    Maybe you'll be a true reader of my last post.
    This is a taunt, I know you are one of em.

  7. looks like boobs to me

  8. wow those are some really well done pictures

  9. That first one kinda creeped me out haha but the rest, the rest made me think.


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