Friday, November 12

Inkblot Of The Day (Friday)

I'm in the process of collecting some data from your responses in October to see if there are any trends (other than pandas and butterflies.)  It's a bit more daunting then I thought!

Speaking of responses, there were quite a few from yesterday's blot.  As far as submissions go, here are two from our regulars:

Not a self-portrait, Dalek was just signing his name.  I hope.
Ok, ok...if it weren't for the video that he attached in the email, I would of thought he was completely nuts.  But since he did include a link, I can now confirm that he IS completely nuts.  Make your own call:

Nadia drew something, but from the text, I still can't quite figure it out.  He said, "First I was like face mask, but then I turned to bottle."
Uh...maybe a word or two didn't make it through there...damn interesting though:

A bottle of fuzzy Crown Royale?
Thanks guys, your work always brings a smile to my face and a jolt to a part of my brain that usually remains dormant.

Trying something a little different with colors again, since a few comments indicated colors are fun.  Does it make a difference if I change the image post-blot?  I don't have purple paper or orange ink.  Yet.


  1. Fairies hugging and kissing. Suddenly I'm unsure about my sexuality.

  2. i like the second one, can`t tell what it is

  3. LoL nice blog!

    Ok, I'm kiddin'. I can't modify it, but I see a big crab (big figure over all pic) which is hunting a land snail (down central figure with clear feelers on its head).

  4. it looks like Batman squatting to take a dump

  5. It looks like 2 beetles with birthday hats dancing in the clouds.

  6. I see an inkblot

    ............... :(

  7. I see a butternut reduction.

    Just kidding.

  8. I see a man in the middle, wearing a cloak or cape or something. He has eyes that are noticeable. Also, he is wearing jeans. He is surrounded by stars or eyes.

    Speaking of which, is it okay if I slowly mold the image into a scene the more I look at it, or should it just be my first reaction overall?

  9. Either/or. Why not both? It's not like I am submitting any information to government agencies.

  10. I see a man face in the second one

  11. He won't post it on his own, but Samuel says that he sees a mosquito. I don't even.

  12. That one by Nadia is amazing. I'd love to get that tattooed on me as a tramp stamp. Seriously.

    The blot for this I only see things in two areas. The bottom middle I see two cherubs with developmental problems kissing, and at the top in the middle I see an ET looking creature having anal sex with another. I know it sounds dirty, but that's honestly what I see. And when looking at it again I see two sphinx like shapes below them staring at each other. Oh! More! At the left and right top, I see Slimer from Ghostbusters.

    1. We've had a lot of satisfied customers in 2012; we plan to close out the new year by offering some really cool stuff! Ink Blot Masks.


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