Wednesday, June 8

Total Redemption: Chapter Eleven

Someone likes Mudkips

No, this blog isn't going bankrupt.  If you got here because your corporation is going under, I'm sorry to hear that.  Still, as you sit there smoking your last Partagas, you might consider reviewing this post while shredding those documents.  It might help you with your perspective on things.

Note To Actual Blog Readers: Certain entries are not Chapters, but 'inserts.' (See sidebar [it's on the side.])

Runewake2 is like the rest of us.  He does what is expected of him, puts on his 'mask of sanity' when needed, and is always sure to have a chainsaw and a 50 gallon drum of lye to help his guests feel comfortable.  He puts his pants on one leg at a time, except for those days when he forgets to remove the previous occupants legs.   He's the salt of the earth, bottled from the finest pillars in Sodom.  You know that scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Ferris dives in to the water to save Cameron?  There is absolutley nothing in that scene that has anything in common with runewake2.

Ok, ok.  Sorry.  I thought I would try to match some of his comment skills before putting up the rest of his images for you to Redeem him.  As is is my (current) policy, I am not pairing any of the drawings up with the original blots.

"Two Jelly Beans doing the Salsa!"
You did ask to see what I saw? It's too late to go back on that. 
A pity my computer is down or I could have added some cool effects 
or something. Also, this can be viewed upside down 
(or downside up/leftside right/rightside left etc). If you do it is a cat eating
 a yellow man standing on a picture of himself getting eaten on a picture 
of himself getting eaten on a picture of himself etc.
I included a dick just for you! Consider it a present. 
You can do whatever you want with it. 
I just ask that you share it if someone asks.
Dog wearing glasses plans to eat Humpty Dumpty and his cool suit.
Two rabbits shit themselves as dog appears before hopping away.
 Dog is bleeding from the last egg he ate which
 ripped his intestines out and left only the top half of his body
behind (razor egg shells, designed to prevent exactly that).
The smiley faces got rid of a few extra dots that I had afterwards.
Oh yeah, humpty dumpty is wearing a special golden amulet
thing that was super glued to his head.

Now here is a first: He made an interpretation based off part of the background of this blog.  Now THAT'S how you pareidolia!

It's the bi-polar bear in the upper right corner of your blogs background.
(Tip:  You gotta do a little mental rotating and such.)

Some of you might be new here, so I encourage you to look at The Scale, as it is our rating system for people's sanity as they send in their mind's eye.  The first response to this post should (hopefully) be my rating, which should give you an idea.  For you regulars, you know I normally ask you only to use the images as the criteria for the score you give, but I think I'll make an exception this time around.  Go nuts!

On the positive note: It's all fun and games until a polygon pokes your eye out.  Be Square: A Basic Gameplay Demo is something runesy2 (hmm...) is working on for a contest he had a little while back.  Please help him by checking things out and giving him some input.  I can verify that the Mediafire download is legit.

I always hated geometry.

I feel a large portion of Bloggers and blog readers are gamers, so it would behoove us to better our blogger brother's blossoming programming prowess as he progresses in his personal PC pursuits.  And it's only 2 megs and runs fine.  You also might want to check out this post of his if you own a GPS or have ever used Google Maps.

One final note unrelated to Runewalawala2: Rat's Redemption is still open and in need of another score or two, so help a brother out.

Now, don't be shy.  Let's see some numbers...


  1. I think the bi-polar bear pushed my rating up a notch. And not just because of the play on words.


  2. Is it sad that I really like that meowth/mudkipz one? Yeah, it is.

  3. "Note To Actual Blog Readers: Certain entries are not Chapters, but 'inserts.' (See sidebar [it's on the side.])" -- Sorry, man. I don't see any inserts in the sidebar. (Looks again...)... Nope. absolutely not there.

  4. bipolar bear looks scary : O

  5. I give it a 3.6. Genius mudkipz up there though.

    As for frostysother, I DO see them on the side. Maybe it's a web browser thing?

  6. Wat are pantz? On why would you only put them on one leg at a time? Explain this!

  7. i'm giving this questionable man a 4.5, and i still can't find the panda

    i see the balls, but nothing else


  8. After much Research I have found out what these pantz are. Apparently they are naked women (did anyone else know this, cuz I didn't) or these things that are also called shoes. I am not sure how I would put a naked woman on both legs at once so your phrase (putting pantz on one leg at a time) seems kind of silly. Of course I do my women one leg at a time! What other way is their?

    An alternate meaning that I have discovered seems to be Kewl Guy on the Block. Am I supposed to but two of them on at once? I am not comprehending this nonsense!

  9. lol pokemon rorschach would be very confusing... "what do you see..." "i see pokemon..." "... crap" xD

  10. Forget your research because:

    "it is a cat eating
    a yellow man standing on a picture of himself"

    That takes some mental effort, now that I think about it. To see someone standing on a picture of themselves is complex as it is, not even factoring the carnivorousness cat.

    Also: NUMBERS, PEOPLE! Your opinion counts. Not only does it count, but it can recite the alphabet. Only through your ratings can this poor soul be Redeemed.

  11. I withdraw my previous comment. Your inserts are standing out if I close one eye and cross the other. I gotta give this guy a 2.2. You need crazier ppl, dude.

  12. This is pretty cool, nice one.


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