Friday, December 16

Not A New Revelation

A juggler whose routine was ruined by the
appearance of two bee-demons in love.

I can't draw.  But we knew this.  Thanks again for sharing the blots, Toby.

Wednesday, December 14

D.B. Revisited

Again, in total disregard of influencing your personal interpretation:
I see two winged demons about to share a kiss over a fat juggler.

You remember D.B.?  Here is a refresher:  This is a link.  It will take you to a page from this blog from June.

Wow, that wasn't that long ago and I have no recollection what I was trying to do there, video-wise.  I do remember thinking Toby (let's be nice) was a snarky little bastard, the kind of punk that I wish I could commit violence to just to demonstrate to the younger generations that they need to take random inkblot tests more seriously.

See that inkblot up there?  HE MADE THAT.  And get this:  HE DIDN'T MAKE IT FOR ME.  It was for some class or credit, I believe.  But he was nice enough to share, as he promised, and that one is my favorite.  Here are the other two:

Unfortunate cropping.  Blame Facebook.

This one...hurts...somehow.

Well, hell.  If he was nice enough to share, the least I could do is draw my interpretation (not right now, but tonight. Really!) on one. I'm not entirely sure why it took me over a year to realize this, but I shall make this offer to you: If you make an inkblot (put your initials on the corner somewhere. And don't snag one from Google images! I'm sort of familiar with like, 33% of them!) I will attempt to draw on it. Kind of the opposite of my goal here, but "tit for tat," as they say in Tittytatta.

So before I ask you what you see on Toby's Blots, let me just remind you of THE OFFICIAL ART CONTEST going on, and highlight that out of all the interpretations I have receiv...I DON'T HAVE ANY ENTRIES YET!  (*SOB*)

Are you a gamer?  Do you know gamers that are also good artists?  Can you share this link with people that might like to win an 12-Month Xbox Live gift card?

Alright.  Now, what do you see in Toby's Blots?  I'll share my interpretation tomorrow.

Friday, December 9

Official Art Contest Post

One of the many blots you will be seeing should you choose
to enter this Art Contest.

That's right, another contest!  This one is simple: It's an Art Contest.  Pick a blot.  Get creative and draw on it.  Email it to me.  Maybe win an awesome prize.  That's pretty much it.  I have to tell you right now, it's for USA residents only, because of the prize:

Yes, it's from some time ago.  (See Contest Tab)
Still valid!  $60 value!

This is why it I have restricted this particular contest to the country:

Click to Enlarge.  All this talk of redeeming...

As you can see, it's a tad convoluted and probably just best if we kept it in the purchase area to avoid any problems.  Next contest will be international, I swear!

I feel like I should elaborate some more, but I think "art contest" is a pretty simple concept.  We here at this blog enjoy creative and artistic interpretations (as seen in the Sensory Overloads on the sidebar) and you will be juddged, either via a panel (of esteemed...colleagues?) or through this blog by the reader's votes.  If I get a lot of submissions (fingers crossed) then I might post them as I receive them in a sort of King Of The Mountain type way.  It will probably be a combination of all three.

Remember, it's about art and creativity.  Now I need these bits in here:

1) XBox confimed to me that if the card was purchased in the USA, it might not work if redeemed outside the USA.  Sorry.  Just wanted you to see this again.

2) The submissions become mine.  I won't beat around the bush there.  If you send me a submission, you are essentially saying, "Here, this is yours, I am giving it to you to do as you please."
If it makes you feel any better, I will most likely just compile them (if I get enough entries) in to a calendar-style book to give away as a prize.

3) I reserve the right to disqualify any entry for whatever reason I see fit.  I can't imagine what would make me do that, but I am reserving that right.

4) I am the final say on the winner, just in case anything goes south.

5) You must use my blots.  Do not re-size them or flip them around.  You are only exempt from this if you draw on paper and scan the entry.  (We never get those, sadly.)

6) All entries must be received by December 31st, 2011, 11:59pm EST

EDIT: (DEC 14) You can put in more than one entry.  Just remember, it's about art, not bulk...

IMPORTANT!:  I also reserve the right to cancel the contest due to lack of participation!  I'm not saying I will, but if I only get two entries, and they are both General Failure-style "text & arrow" interpretations, then I ain't givin' out the card!  Art!  Art I say!

Remember, you can use any blot from the Collection.

Feel free to use any of the blots that I have made.  If you use one of the zillions of other blots out there, I will certainly show people, but I will not have it in the contest.  See the Collection for most of my blots.  Also, there will be more blots showing up throughout the month, if you are one of those slackers.

And I do pay out!  Ask any of the readers whose addresses I have because I sent them misspelled prizes.  Or visit this page.

All questions concerning the contest should be left in the comments.

If you know any artists, please direct them to this page!  We need to see some interpretations again here people, and the gift ain't too shabby either.  Once again, my apologies to my overseas time. Next time.

Oh, wow.  Maybe I should include where you should send your entries:

Good luck!

Wednesday, December 7

You Stay On Your Side Of The Room

I finished going through all my old posts so that I could have a listing by date of all the Interpretations This Blog Has Received, not counting game shows, charity stuff, Sensory Overloads or Total Redemptions.  Goddamnit, why is "redemptions" considered a spelling error?  I am referring to more than one redemption.  Redemptions.

Uh, so yeah, the Interpretations page.  You will see the pattern as I swayed from strictly blog posts and images and started to get a little goofy with the video stuff.  Speaking of which, I need to fix that tab, with the way things are now...

The Way Things Are Now

As some of you know, I graduated from showing shoddy computer generated inkblots to friends to making my own inkblots to show to strangers.  It seems logical that somewhere in the next step there would be puppetry, right?

"Blot" is the official name of the dog administering inkblot tests.  Things kind of went a different direction with that, causing a bit of disruption for one of my most loved hobbies here, and I had to kick him and his little fox-friend out.  They now live here:  The Slapdash Society

That's not to say there won't be more videos involving inkblots, I just don't see that happening too soon.  Perhaps after the contest.  Yes!  Contests!  More details tomorrow, but it's basically an art contest with one of the prizes being that 12-month Xbox Live Game Card that no one seems to want when they win it.

So, thems the beans.  I know a lot of blogging involves reciprocal blog-reading, and for that I apologize.  To the people whose blogs I like to visit simply because I like what you have there:  I have some catching up to do.