Wednesday, December 14

D.B. Revisited

Again, in total disregard of influencing your personal interpretation:
I see two winged demons about to share a kiss over a fat juggler.

You remember D.B.?  Here is a refresher:  This is a link.  It will take you to a page from this blog from June.

Wow, that wasn't that long ago and I have no recollection what I was trying to do there, video-wise.  I do remember thinking Toby (let's be nice) was a snarky little bastard, the kind of punk that I wish I could commit violence to just to demonstrate to the younger generations that they need to take random inkblot tests more seriously.

See that inkblot up there?  HE MADE THAT.  And get this:  HE DIDN'T MAKE IT FOR ME.  It was for some class or credit, I believe.  But he was nice enough to share, as he promised, and that one is my favorite.  Here are the other two:

Unfortunate cropping.  Blame Facebook.

This one...hurts...somehow.

Well, hell.  If he was nice enough to share, the least I could do is draw my interpretation (not right now, but tonight. Really!) on one. I'm not entirely sure why it took me over a year to realize this, but I shall make this offer to you: If you make an inkblot (put your initials on the corner somewhere. And don't snag one from Google images! I'm sort of familiar with like, 33% of them!) I will attempt to draw on it. Kind of the opposite of my goal here, but "tit for tat," as they say in Tittytatta.

So before I ask you what you see on Toby's Blots, let me just remind you of THE OFFICIAL ART CONTEST going on, and highlight that out of all the interpretations I have receiv...I DON'T HAVE ANY ENTRIES YET!  (*SOB*)

Are you a gamer?  Do you know gamers that are also good artists?  Can you share this link with people that might like to win an 12-Month Xbox Live gift card?

Alright.  Now, what do you see in Toby's Blots?  I'll share my interpretation tomorrow.


  1. It's weird, as soon as colors like red and blue are introduced, all I can see are clown faces... :\

  2. I see two people in a sort of jumping , dancing motion about a bat shaped like the star of david.

  3. First: Yeah, tiny winged demons about to kiss.
    Second: I see nothing. /pokerface
    Third: Two people getting shot through their heads simultaneously D:

  4. Bat, like the animal.

    So I assume you'd draw over it no matter when it is. If there's a deadline, there's just no way. I mean, I need ink. How will I just stumble upon ink?

    If I ever DO though, I'll totally send it.

  5. Interesting post.

  6. In the top one I see two crash test dummies in an exploding car. The middle one is a couple of guys deep-sea fishing. The last one is a face shot of a geriatric Predator.

  7. The last one looks like a blood soaked Panda at night.....sick of bamboo maybe?

  8. it looks like that time of the month...

  9. The last one kinda looks like two poodles playing with lots of strawberry jam.


What do you see?