Tuesday, January 24

Total Redemption: Insert - The Process

I seem to have lost any descriptive file name, but I
think we can all agree that this is pretty crazy.

This person is crazy.  What's that, you say?  "How can I clean the inside of my windshield without leaving streaks or particles?"  By drawing out your thought process:

See?  Spotless.  Our one and only anonymous submitter for the contest gets the shaft.  I was rather hoping for three or more people to have a contest, and I stand by my stipulations presented earlier.

However, you (the Anonymous Submitter or 'AS') were kind enough to send in three entries.  What a perfect amount to achieve Redemption!  It's the least we can do for you.  I say "we," but I am not too sure who is still paying attention to things around here, but I must share your (AS) work.  And have people rate your sanity.

If you (the reader) are an old hand at dealing out Sanity Scores, then I apologize for the rigid voting system that takes away your precious decimals!  Feel free to comment on any/all of AS's submissions. Otherwise, just go to the voting widget on the right and compact your opinion in to one number.

Here are the other two:

Beetlelove with explosion or tidal wave?

Self-Portrait?  Doc Brown from Back To The Future
with his brains bursting forth?

I wish I had the text.  If there was any.  I am starting to doubt it now.
OK, so go and vote, and tell all your friends about Batman, so they will vote.  I guess I can safely say, as an honest-to-myself-blogger, that this post might be here for awhile.

My thanks to AS.  You are most certainly a good sport and I hope to still see a drawing or two from you over time!